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Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by Volcano South, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Used2use

    Used2use Landrace racer

    i use instead of the oilpad a standard screen on top - to cut it into right size (from 30 to 28mm) lay it on the oil pad and cut around it
  2. phattpiggie

    phattpiggie Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    I got asked to try out some MP's for the solid valve, 'mushrooms' was the remit.

    The first one turned in Brazilian Tulipwood ended up a bit phallic but it was only ever a trial run.
    The 2nd and 3rd are Conway Stewart Classic Green Italian Acrylic.

    All 3 have SS condensers in them.

    They'll get sent out next week and I'm looking forward to a bit of feedback.

    Click to play YouTube Video
  3. MileHighHuman

    MileHighHuman Well-Known Member

    Do users prefer the dosing capsules or using the concentrate pad instead for micro loads?
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  4. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    I like the pad for smaller load. Something about that wide area being hit by the wide airflow.
    The capsules seem to go faster.... perhaps the restricted airflow makes the area of herb hotter.
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  5. blackstone

    blackstone Well-Known Member

    What I prefer after trying many methods, is to use the regular, non reduced EV bowl, with no pad or capsule.
    Set the unit to a good mid temp. say, between 190c and 195c. (I like 192c after some welcome guidance from @Vitolo )
    Then you just put a tiny pinch in (or larger pinch, you'll get the feel) each time you blow a bag, and repeat over and over without emptying the chamber at all.

    You could stop and turn off the unit after any number of bags, and resume later.

    When the bowl is about over half full of light browned material, I grind that and put it back in covered by either liquid pad or cotton to prevent ABV dust blowing through the upper screen, and blow a final bag at 210c.

    You can keep the remains and re-vape at 223c-230c to your taste later, or put to other uses or discard.

    If your doing this, and also getting reclaim from your bags and chamber top,
    it's hard to imagine that you could vaporize any more efficiently with any device!
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  6. CanadianFlowers

    CanadianFlowers Vapor Enthusiast

    New Brunswick Canada
    Hello! My classic volcano is coming close to the 3 year warranty mark.

    Would I be able to 'upgrade' to a digit if I send it in?
  7. Vaporcussion

    Vaporcussion Well-Known Member

    Hello all,

    EV Bag Question: The original difference between SV and EV bags was that with EV you had a set length, and SV you could cut to any length. About a year ago I read somewhere that (with some adapter?) you can now make your own bags with EV. Is that true?

    I bought the chamber reducer for EV and did not like it. Had to put the temp higher just to get a decent bag. And all that additional metal in the bowl! Tried it without the capsules, and it made a mess.
    Went back to original and love it!
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  8. Used2use

    Used2use Landrace racer

    well, there is a new EV bag that is official designed for making new bags, here
    - but there are a lot of tutorials to make your own bags with standard EV bags they can be re used several times, maybe search the thread...

    you will ned a 15mm liquid pad (same as mighty/crafty) for the reducer to hold the load in place, or use the capsules, additional letting the reducer pre soak with heat on the cano helps
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  9. Vaporcussion

    Vaporcussion Well-Known Member

    Thank you @Used2use!
    So yes, this was exactly what I read about, but never found it at the S&B store. Now I know why! Your link is to the Euro store, so I wonder why it was never made available in US? I'm going to write to S&B about it...

    I noticed the need for a higher temp when using reducer/capsules; I didn't think about keeping the same temp, and letting it sit longer before air, makes sense. And I use my pads with my Mighty all the time, just didn't think to try them with a bare load in the reducer, so thanks for all that. FC just fuckin' rocks!
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  10. Larrytargeteye

    Larrytargeteye New Member

    How on earth are people getting gettinf more than 1 bag from .1 load(in the solid valve)?my bags are about 2 foot long and theres no way i can get more than 1 bag from that much material!its barely enough to gey me high even when i turn my volcano right up to full power.im confused as i dont think i habr a very hi tolerance.
  11. Aimless Ryan

    Aimless Ryan Came to read about grinders; fucked combustion

    Central Ohio
    If I did that I would expect one good bag and another one or two wispy bags. (I generally use about a 2' bag.)
  12. Ein14Here

    Ein14Here Tolerance break atm

    Bay Area
    I can get 3 turkey bags with 1 chamber of solid valve, with my .20 gram load for two people. The 1st bag taste great, the 2nd is decent and third taste mostly mixture of air.
  13. Larrytargeteye

    Larrytargeteye New Member

    Well ive got to be honest,i had only tried using .1 in my solid valve in my earlier days of experimenting amd maybe then my tolerance was higher than now bacuse i tried extracting .1 again in one go at 226 at i was easily at a 7-8 on the highness metre last nigjt after just one bag,i think im happy with my volcanos efficiency at .1 per hit even if there are morr efficient vapes out there
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  14. Used2use

    Used2use Landrace racer

    well efficiency is relative - a vapcap with 0.1 gives 4-5 cycles, not really more draws than a bag. Another thing is the cano extracts the goodies with far less oxidation of the plant matter, it will never give u dark brown abv. If u run a 2. and 3. bag with 0.1 it is pretty whispy and almost invisible vapor but that doesn't mean there is nothing in it - another approach would be to run only 1 bag with 0.1 and collect the abv of a few bowls to run it later in a larger amount...

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