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Volcano Cooler

Discussion in 'Vapor Related Equipment' started by ButterMan, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. ButterMan

    ButterMan Active Member

    Hello I'm new here so take it easy on me :) I've got a volcano and really like the results I'm getting but I would prefer to cool down the vapor from the bag. I've got a bong that I filled with ice and water and it cooled the vapor down but it killed my lungs. I'm old and can't take bong hits anymore :( Is there a way to cool down the vapor from the bag using a bubbler or such device. If so what's the best one and where do I buy it? Thanks all! Peace
  2. StickyShisha

    StickyShisha Well-Known Member

    you're looking for something like this, (random Google picture of water pipe adapter)

    but i find that cold hurts and warm water adds more soothing moisture to the hit
  3. ButterMan

    ButterMan Active Member

    Cool that's good to know about cold hurting. I will try the warm water thing- I'm looking to ditch the bong tho- are there any small chamber bubbler things that will let me draw off the bag like normal instead of a bong type hit? Thanks!
  4. beach bum

    beach bum Member

    under a palm tree...
    Not sure of the connection needed, but what about a vapor tamer/glycerine filled cooler from 7th Floor (makers of LSV, SSV, DBV)? That way you get chilled vapor without a bong/water.

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