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ViVANT VAULT mini-Mini wax/oil vaporizer

Discussion in 'E-cig Based Portables' started by Jojo_Vivant, Mar 19, 2019.


Do you prefer disposable oil cartridges/pods or refillable one?

  1. Disposable

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  2. Refiilable

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  1. Jojo_Vivant

    Jojo_Vivant Company Rep

    Costa Mesa
    VAULT mini
    Based on ViVANT VAULT, this is a more sleek, discreet design device for dabbers, THC/CBD oil users, the whole product including atomizer is a palm-sized gadget, and it adapts all your needs of vaping concentrates and oils.

    Product Features:

    Stealth Body

    The VAULT Mini with palm size
    has a thinner and lighter design
    than VAULT before.
    Take it along in pocket or bag
    and hide in your hand easily.
    Magnetic Connection
    Hide your pod discreetly inside the
    body of the VAULT mini with the
    included a magnetic connector.
    Button Free Operation
    Smooth to the touch with no buttons. Easy to
    operate, just insert the cartridge and vape.

    Product Specifications:
    Battery Capacity:520mAh
    Atomizers: Oil,Wax

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