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Verdamper vaporizer

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by spikyvape, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Progress

    Progress 'Socratic Existentialist, MD'

    Fuck Combustion
    I'd reply, but I cant even begin to figure out what the fuck you are saying in those last 2 posts. :hmm:

    I will assume that your silly claim about being able to buy 2 DeVerdampers and a heat gun for the price of a Volcano, is just made up (as you have not provided any links to support it and I have found many that show that the DeVerdamper is just slightly less than the Volcano).


    You can see the size of the bowl in any of the videos online, but (as far as your other questions) you can fit almost a gram into the bowl which should fill the chamber with vapor about 30 times with good herbs.

  2. the electrician

    the electrician Well-Known Member


    interesting information though, settles that one
  3. THC

    THC Daft Vapour

    UK - Cloud 10
    Mark = Old owner Of your affiliate (a co that you have an advertising agreement with on your site) Everybody Does It -Edit has transferred ownership to a FASHION designer (bespoke) (Joe Blogs) also you have the prices posted already vapeworld for volcano, EDIT verdamper, I have absolutely no intreats in lying about it m8 lol
    please by swan vesper matches if you want IT WAS JUST AN OBSERVATION I had and have no intention - and as far as I am aware i haven't mislead anyone. Va Bah is Italian which means ok and also whatever - the rest was in English mr angry vah bah?
  4. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    Thc...the format of your posts is so bad that i don't even bother reading them.

    And what's with the two lines of nearly unintelligible text for a sig?
  5. THC

    THC Daft Vapour

    UK - Cloud 10
    its just a sig i would explain if you don't understand but I can't be bothered;)
  6. Progress

    Progress 'Socratic Existentialist, MD'

    Fuck Combustion
    THC and I got to talk in the chat room, and resolved this.

    It turns out that the DeVerdamper is significantly less than the Volcano (but not so cheap that you could get 2 DV's and a heat gun for the price of one Cano).

    The DeVerdamper is a bit pricey, but worth it if you are mainly interested in the biggest hitter around (IMO, of course).
  7. crx_racing89

    crx_racing89 Well-Known Member

    hi there, i'm new to this forum, just registered to ask about this de verdamper i'm reading about. i live in the united states and am aware of the adapter plug and votage adapter that is needed. i'm just curious if anyone here can tell me where to find one that will work for me. id appreciate it thanks. EMAIL... crx_racing89@hotmail.com
  8. Progress

    Progress 'Socratic Existentialist, MD'

    Fuck Combustion

    The plug for the US comes with the unit, and I have never seen anyone add a dimmer switch to it (nor do I think they offer one for it).

    You can e-mail Everett (the maker) at his website, and ask if he has any recommendations (please try to direct him to this site and this thread as well :brow: ).

    I have asked, but he insists that it is unnecessary and won't ever burn the material (IMO it won't burn, but it is still very nice to have temperature control).

    If you do find something that works as temperature (voltage) control, please do share it with us here at FC. :brow:
  9. rhygin

    rhygin OneVapeToBindAllCombustion

    Dunno if this helps you guys but the heating element is powered by 12V .

    Here are the original specs given in the manual.
    Halogen-light-transformer 12V, minimal 60VA
    Direct-currenttransformator 12-14V,minimal 5A
    Just got mine today.

    But has anyone attached a diffuser to one of these babies yet
  10. Progress

    Progress 'Socratic Existentialist, MD'

    Fuck Combustion

    Thanks for the info
    Are those the specs on the back of the transformer?
    Congrats! :tup:
    Yes, and it is actually discussed in this very thread. :p

    This is one possible option for impacting the voltage going into a unit, but I am not sure how well this would work with the DV or even how safe it would be.
  11. rhygin

    rhygin OneVapeToBindAllCombustion

    I meant a downstem with diffusor function.
    What would help - if someone could tell me where i can get a gong adapter male to male.
    Then I could use standard glass
  12. spikyvape

    spikyvape Well-Known Member


    Donno where you are from but you can contact Ehle.de the can supply you with a custom

    This is for a male tot malo gong connector.

    The diffusor donno but must be no problem for him ;)

    I know Ehle isn't as arrogant as Roor, Roor doesn't even reply on questions like that.

    If Ehle don't wanna make it let me know ;)
  13. kingcrimson

    kingcrimson Well-Known Member

    I barely come around here anymore, but I recently got a custom inline/t style diffuser down-tube for my deluxe verdamper. It's changed the experience of using it 100 fold, and such a seemingly minor change. :ko: Made me fall in love with my favorite device all over again.



    Next step: ash-catchers/intercoolers for the vapor imidiately post bowl, and pre-mouth tube respectively. :brow: Oh yeah, and custom pot w. obscenely fat latty handle and sick reversals, etc. Just give me a little time. :cool: gotta love being friends w/a glass blower.

    oh ya and
    rhygin or anyone else - lemme know if you're in need of custom fittings - I'd be happy to facilitate such a necessary upgrade. Or just use a male/male like you mentioned.
  14. rhygin

    rhygin OneVapeToBindAllCombustion

    Hi Kingcrimson,

    I see you've got the verdamper with the jar.
    I have got the large verdamper deluxe model.
    With this one I've now put lots of glass marbles in it. These now work like a diffusor :-)

    But still with this model there is a lot of Air in the system you need to get rid of before the hit really starts.
    So you've got to inhale until you see vapour filling the complete verdamper, then exhale (mostly air very slight taste of vapor). Then start inhaling again to get the vapor. The problem is the exhaling part - causes the temperature to decrease so the vapor doesn't have the same density throughout the hit.

    So I'm now looking for a male-male adapter so that I can connect the verdamper vapor-bowl to standard glass. Haven't yet been able to find one. Do you think you could get one? How much would it cost?
    By the way I live in Germany.

    Cheers mate
  15. decaptain

    decaptain Well-Known Member

    Hi, I just registered....
    What other modifications did you do on the Verdamper? I was think to find some kind of resincatcher, but the ashcatchers are all angled, at least the ones I could find...
    BTW, this looks very nice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_N-GM2k_BBU Someone who uses a Sheldon Black bubbler with daBuddha vaporizer, pretty neat!
    Also, is there a difference when vaporizing the deluxe and the basic version (except the obvious different looks)?
  16. S1N3

    S1N3 Tarzan @ KloudSociety

    Question I just received this as a gift... my wife wanted to top my VHW and Volcano and boy did she ever. However I am super paranoid to plug this in with a mere Euro to US adapter. I googled Verdamper USA and an article mentions the need for this item: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0022TSC5C

    Can someone with this lovely piece offer some advice?
    As a precaution Ive asked the wife to email the company directly but if someone on here can confirm the need for a converter I can order it ASAP.

    Thanks for your help everyone
  17. S1N3

    S1N3 Tarzan @ KloudSociety

    Well to answer my own question since I received no help from the board. I took the Transformer to a friend who is an electrician who was astounded by the range of input between 90-220 and the Hertz is within US range.

    Long story short if you bought a Verdamper in 2011 and live in the United States all that is required is a EU to US adapter which can be purchased at the 99 cent store.

    Another PRO TIP: They did not send you two inhaling glass attachments, one of them is the downstem :lol:
    Also, the Cap of a 1 Gallon Arizona fits the top of the heating element like a glove. Adding some extra degrees for those who like it milky (any slightly less healthy).

    Their customer support... I asked the question on the power converter last Thursday and they have still not responded. :2c: Dear Evert - My wife just spent over 600$ on one of your limited supply handmade items. A One day response time was expected, 6 days later no response. (Edit, the comment below pointed out the site is under new Management)

    I would recommend the VHW over this due to convenience, cost, and replacement in the event of breakage.

    The real question now, do I sell my 3 month old Heat Wand w/ Gong Stem for a 14 gauge pipe?
    And how to make a custom coffee table with circle cutout and color changing LED whilst still maintaining a look of class?
  18. Last i heard Evert was pretty sick,so that might explain the longer wait.
    The website has been moved and is under new management btw (De Verdamper.nl).
    I know this person and can attest for his good caracter.
    I suspect the question hasn't reached them or they are both out with the flue or something would be my guess.
    Also this has never been and still isn't exactly an big business,one person runs it all,please remember this. ;)

    I missed this,but i wouldn't have had an answer about the adapter either i'm afraid.
    But for another good tip,the metal cup of a tealight fits snugly over your bowl(dust etc.-protection).
    Read this and although an old post i just had to respond.
    I fill my bowl about half to three quarters of the way and this is considerably more than 1 gram... :brow:
    (which is more like 2.5 to 3 grams :cool:)
    How many hits you get of that depends a lot on how you hit it. ;)
    Another thing that caught my attention :
    Sounds like you might be losing some good vapour,the first 2 hits i take give me almost no visible vapour,but are the most treasured of them all. ;)

    Greetings from a Verdamper addict. :)
  19. wtf848

    wtf848 Member

    if you have read this far and you feel like you are drunk, dont worry, i cant understand half of whats been said so far either. and now that im done complaining, i suspect somebody answered my question with pictures of a custom glass setup using the verdamper, but i cant see those pictures to be sure, so this is my question:

    if i order this (heating element only, for 175 ? $225)


    can i use it with a regular 18mm glass bong with a 45 downstem, or with an 18mm glass bubbler with a vertical downstem? i want to know about each
  20. Cloud_Surfer

    Cloud_Surfer Medicinaal Dampen

    Short answer? No.

    The base of the heating element is not an 18mm GonG connection. I believe it's 24mm (this thing looks massive compared to 14 and 18mm connections!). Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could clarify.
  21. S1N3

    S1N3 Tarzan @ KloudSociety

    To answer your question: No this will not work. The Verdamper heating element (has a male connection) and sits inside the "head piece" http://www.de-verdamper.com/prestashop/product.php?id_product=48 (the head piece is Female to Female). Next, if you are following that the head piece would insert into the "downtube" http://www.de-verdamper.com/prestashop/product.php?id_product=45 I personally think the mason jar design is horrible but that is the basics for the "traveler" model. The Deluxe model (small or large): has everything connected via frosted glass whereas the traveler version uses corking :uhoh:

    On to your IDEA! It is a great one and before I owned the Verdamper I had the same plan :D
    What you need is a Vriptech Heat Wand (VHW): http://www.vriptech.com/home.htm

    Cost of a System w/ your own Glass (taken from my bill):
    VHW Vaporization Heat Wand 60W 120V ( American plug) 1 $199.99 $199.99
    VCBS_14_4mm Vaporization Chamber Bowl Shorty w/14.4mm ground joint "GonG" lower bowl stem 1 $59.99 $59.99
    Total = $274.42

    *Personal opinion to use the 14 over the 18 connection to concentrate the air flow, allowing herbs to receive more heat.

    Pros: Nice milk clouds, prevent separation anxiety from your glass.
    Cons: After a day you will likely become a pro, but your friends will never master this thing. That in mind its FRAGILE and I broke the glass heating encasement the first day.

    The Verdamper is essentially the same thing with some noticeable improvements vs the VHW:
    -The temperature is always set right.
    -There is no accidental dropping of the heating element since it sits atop the piece.
    -It comes with its own stand.
    -It is perfect for novices, save the HUGE rips you get.

    Cons: The heatup time is about the same as the VHW, 10 minutes.

    The Final Verdict: :2c:
    Price - VHW
    Denseity of Clouds - Verdamper
    Ease of Use - Verdamper
    Ease of Replacement Parts - VHW

    EDIT: I had wrote a few months back about their customer service. I replied back informing them of what I thought to be the solution. Regardless if the customer(me) needed help or not... on a 600$+ purchase I would have expected these guys to have the courtesy to reply. They have not replied and doubtfully they ever will. :/ Beware on your purchase and know the best knowledge base on this product is this forum. As I mentioned above this was a GIFT and for that I love it to death. But on principle, I will always recommend the VHW regardless of the VHW's frailty. ;)
  22. De Verdamper

    De Verdamper Hans de Verdamper Manufacturer

    High vaporists and verdampers,
    i am de shopowner of the official verdampershop,
    The former owner of the shop was a %#@& who has given Evert lots of problems,
    on our website we try to solve all the problems , as you can read,

    I must be honoust, i am a bit to waisted to give answer to the different questions:/
    But the adapter thing is an important one.
    For the usa and canada De verdampers are shipped with an
    110-240 volts version
    50-60 hertz
    12 volt,5,42A
    outputpower max 65 W.
    So you only need an adapterplug eu>usa

    about the temperature:
    every heating element is measured by weight, voltage and temperature.
    It would be much easier if De Verdamper could burn also.
    But that is the absolute limit.:o

    It is true what is said about the first "invisible"vapours,
    keep them in!!!!
    The last month you see that there written more about terpene and flavanoid and all that other intresting moleculs, besides the cannabinoids.
    Partly these moleculs you vape on a low temperature,
    and they make your nose tickle and open your cavitys.

    i hope i can put some positive input in this topic,

    greetz De Verdamper
  23. Cloud_Surfer

    Cloud_Surfer Medicinaal Dampen

    I'm curious about the exact size of the ground glass connection between the heating element and the head/bowl piece (it's significantly larger than an 18.8mm connection!). I'm also curious about the measurements of the downstem and its connection to the beaker. De Verdamper + diffused downstem = :brow:

    I have the big 2000ml Verdamper if that makes any difference.

    [edited typo]
  24. Gasguzzler

    Gasguzzler Member

    Hi cool thread haven't upluged my Verdamper off for comin on for 3 years now:) great vape use it with tubing (about15'!)and a bong which alows me to use it anywere in the room with no risk of accident and for more control of air flow and of corse bigger cooler hits. I would love to find a glass blower in the UK to make some diffused down stems etc as pictured above but there just arnt any! Stick with diffuser beads I guess also they would not work in my delux and only in my basics, maybe a diffusing cap for the end? I might try that now!
  25. S1N3

    S1N3 Tarzan @ KloudSociety

    So i was vaped when all of a sudden... :myday: Idea FFWD: 35 Seconds

    Click to play YouTube Video

    ...ok bad idea
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