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Vapour Genie. Great but very hot and dry. Looking for an alternative.

Discussion in 'ABV' started by handmadematt, Jan 26, 2014.

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  1. handmadematt

    handmadematt New Member

    Hi guys.
    I've browsed this forum in the past but I thought that I'd sign up today.
    We've been using a vapour genie for about four months now. I'd never go back to combustion!

    It's great but as people will know, it can be a bit hit and miss. Combustion occurs sometimes if you're not paying attention.

    However, we do find it very hot and dry because the mouth peice is so close to the heating chamber I guess. Or is this just part of the territory of vapourising? I use it most days and sometimes feel like it irritates my throat and lungs a bit.

    I'm looking to get a new portable vape. Something that runs off butane.
    One with a built in torch flame or catalytic heating element maybe.
    I want convection vapourising.
    I've been looking at the Iolite but have also seen very cheap units like the "Sneak-a-Vape" that's on eBay UK (I'm in the UK.)

    I'm wondering on the general opinions around here and if anyone can steer me towards any other products that I've not yet found.
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  2. as

    as Well-Known Member

    The best lighter basses vape would be the lotus vape which is mostly a convection vape that uses a jet lighter to heat a metal plate so you get no butane in you vapor UNlike the vg
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  3. djonkoman

    djonkoman Well-Known Member

    I had the same when I used my VG daily(it was my first vaporizer).

    now I have an UD that I can connect to a bong, and so avoid the hotness and dryness.
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  4. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    Get the Lotus, it's exactly what you need. I had a Genie and the Lotus is light years ahead in taste and extraction.

    Plus you don't inhale butane exhaust which is very hot on the throat. My advice is to get the Lotus Kit, only 20€ more, and you get a lighter and the water piece adapter which allows you to use a sherlock adapter or a bong for some milky smooth hits.

    Check verdampftnochmal as it's an EU vendor of the Lotus.
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  5. Egzoset

    Egzoset Vaporist of Borg

    Salutations HandMadeMatt,

    That's for sure, but an adage says practice makes perfect...

    The 1st part about heat on the lips is true, but the dryness one is an illusion:

    We appear to be on a same boat except i've made corrections which solved the throat irritation issue. I figure you'd have been better to pick the long neck model...

    Probably Lotus i guess.

    Custom fire means the vaporizer is useless if it goes defective. [​IMG]

    Don't we all do! Except me because i'd rather have a well balanced mix...

    If that's what you must insist over hen i'd suggest searching for DragonVap, hoping not to fall on a Pocket Vape Clone, aka Vagabond, etc.

    If you didn't see 210+ models past/present/future then it's likely you've missed a spot or two...


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    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    The Lotus or Vapman would serve you well as torch powered vaporizers. I still really like the WISPR or WISPR2 by iolite, made in the UK. My wispr has never let me down in over two years.

    Peace and Welcome to FC.
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