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VapoShop - Europe's #1 Vaporizer Store

Discussion in 'Supporting Retailers' started by VapoShop, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Kozzmozz

    Kozzmozz Infinite realities, infinite possibilities

    I contacted Vaporiser Berlin and they where able to do it as they had the special tool as well.
    Yet shipment would be high and I wished to compare with the offer Vaposhop might have.

    Sending to Switserland is indeed a final option.
    Thank for the input.
  2. VapoShop

    VapoShop Well-Known Member Retailer

    Thanks @vapmanjoe for jumping in there..

    @Kozzmozz can you email customer service with photos of exactly which part is loose and we can have a look at it, I cant promise anything because of aforementioned tools etc. but we can at least double check.

    Please mention that you were sent to them via FC forum question.

    I hope it is a simple solution.
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  3. Dear vaposhop,

    If you royally screw up an order placed by a loyal customer, go the extra mile and make it right.

    Don't hide behind procedure and try to play the fool.

    After years of doing business with Vaposhop, there had to be a time where I'd really get to know their customer service.

    "The VapoShop team is fully dedicated to providing exceptional products and service at every step of the way. We don’t believe in misleading customers with over-hyped marketing and understand the value of each and every customer."

    Nah, not really.
    These guys and girls don't offer quality customer service, or at least, not to me. They seem to barely read my e-mails, follow a dumb customer service script, ignore questions they don't have answers to and plain and simple treated me badly.

    Their customer service went from great to good to OK, and with my last order, their service is just plain dumb, slow and unreliable.
    I've been a happy customer since 2016 and placed more than a few orders, but after my recent experience I'm certainly gonna look for another decent vaporizer shop in Europe.


    This all started with the recall of the Tera.
    I bought the first Tera on release and when it was RMA's because of the recall, they never sent me a message to confirm they received it. I even called them a few times and when selecting option 1 for Dutch, they still connect you to someone who doesn't speak Dutch and kinda speaks English. The first customer agent I spoke pretty bad English and calmly said to me she didn't even know how to operate their systems and couldn't find my RMA. She even laughed a few times, like it didn't even matter to her.
    A few more days went by, I called again, still no update. After about a week or so the RMA resurfaced and I got my money back after some delay. Shit happens every once in a while, so I let it slide.

    When I got the Teflon Tera and found out there was Teflon in it, I RMA'd it again. This time I got an update from the shipping company that the package arrived at Vaposhop. A day and a half went by but still no update from Vapo. When I called them, Isa told me they take about 2 to 3 weeks(!!!!) to process RMA parcels, but could confirm the RMA arrived at their depot.
    Why not send an automated e-mail when the parcel arrives and gets checked in? A bunch of Dutch webshops can do this and have been for years, why can't you? Keeping customers in the dark during RMA's is never a bright idea.
    And again, 2 to 3 weeks?! How do you justify that when raving on and on about the suberb customer service you're offering?

    During that call with Isa, I mentioned I really wanted a refurb Mighty in return. She said that if wanted to have the Mighty with me before the weekend, It'd be faster if I just ordered the refurb Mighty and wait for the Tera refund, because apparently what I wanted was way too complex. How can Europe's #1 vaporizer shop be so inflexible in 2018?

    So on Wednesday, I ordered the Mighty and put in my work address as shipping address. Everything seemed OK. The next morning I got a message in English (why not in Dutch? come on people, customer relations isn't that hard) that my shipping address isn't eligible for delivery. Something about that they don't ship to pick-up points or whatever. Ok, but I entered my work address. So I called again, talked to Isa again, she confirmed Vaposhop was at fault, I changed the delivery address to my home address and asked if I could add Next Day delivery for €12,50 extra, because I really wanted the Mighty before the weekend. Isa put me on hold for a bit, but returned with good news, the Mighty would be shipped to my home address and it'd be with Next Day delivery, free of charge! Nice!

    Friday morning I got a text from colleagues at work, asking about a large parcel that got shipped to work, addressed to me. Vaposhop fucked up again and sent it to the wrong address. That took me about an hour to pick up and return home, something I didn't plan for on an already busy day.
    When I arrived home, the unit looked brand new but the included power supply did nothing. It was a dud. After looking around for a bit, my modem router's power supply could work and it did.
    But now I have to choose between internet and charging the Mighty. Fucked up. I even mentioned this specifically, but they don't care.

    From Vapo's site:

    Refurbished: Our refurbished items are verified to work properly and include all parts and accessories (original or comparable substitutes). Each refurbished product is fully tested and put through a thorough cleaning process and inspection. All refurbished products sold by VapoShop also include a 1 year warranty.

    This is bullshit. It was Vaposhops responsibility to check the power supply and they didn't. When asked about it, they ignore it.

    On May 7th I sent an e-mail about:
    1. shipping fuck-up
    2. Work address flagged as pick-up or whatever
    3. inability to help customers with swapping RMA for a new product and shipping it out fast (you already got my Tera back, I want something else and pay extra, why are you making this difficult?)
    4. faulty Mighty power supply
    5. A discount code that was promised about a month ago

    3 days later(!), on Hemelvaartsdag, I got a reply with just a skinny discount code.
    Nothing about the points I mentioned and more surprisingly, nothing about the Mighty power supply. And asking if I was happy with their solution.
    They just ignored the power supply problem. This is Europe's #1 Vaporizer shop we're talking about, who prides themselves with being fully dedicated to providing exceptional products and service, but can't seem to read proper.
    I had to reply that I was unhappy with their solution, had to explicitly mention the broken Mighty power supply again and asked why they didn't get back on the other issues.
    Few hours later they sent me a RMA link so I could send the Mighty power supply back to them for testing purposes, and again not a word about the other issues.
    They're pretty good at dodging questions, I'll give'm that.

    They really seem like drones.. they just blindly follow a script and can give two shits about customer relations. So unsettling to see this..

    So after all that they still expect me to ship the Mighty power supply, wait another cool 2 to 3 weeks, pray to the 420 gods and hope I'll receive a new power supply before end of the month.

    VAPOSHOP! What is going?
    Please, please convince me that this was somehow a glitch in the matrix and our love can be restored again

    ps. I've re-written this a few times to lighten the tone, and English is not my native language, so bear with me
    Last edited: May 14, 2018
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  4. VapoShop

    VapoShop Well-Known Member Retailer

    "VAPOSHOP! What is going?
    Please, please convince me that this was somehow a glitch in the matrix and our love can be restored again

    ps. I've re-written this a few times to lighten the tone, and English is not my native language, so bear with me" (not a proper quote I know)


    Well for starters thanks for lightening up the tone, I do understand how in the moment your anger can drive the use of language.

    I would really like to deal with this today for you and solve these issues, admittedly the Tera issues caught everyone off guard and has caused some inconvenience for customers and for that we are sorry.

    As for the incorrect package delivery address etc..

    @CustomizedClouds could you please DM me your email address to use and the full order number so that I can have this dealt with today.

    We are truly sorry that you feel let down by our Customer Service because we pride ourselves on offering the most support to our clients. I am sure we can make this right for you.
  5. 24 hours ago I sent you the DM with the details you asked for. Zero response.
  6. Dutch-Mic

    Dutch-Mic Well-Known Member

    @VapoShop a Dynavap question: Dynavap offers titanium condensers. Will you also sell them? If so, then I'll wait for it :tup:
  7. It's now been 48 hours since my DM and still no response. Please.. wake up.
  8. Hello, anybody still awake at Vaposhop?
    It's now been a week since I DM'd you the info you asked about and I've still heard nothing from you, except the "we'll get back to you" last Thursday.
    You keep saying you want to make it right, but you're doing nothing. This is getting laughably bad.
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