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Discussion in 'Supporting Retailers' started by VaporNation, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. KidFated.

    KidFated. Watch your pawking metaws.

    15%off since before new years ;)
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  2. VaporNation

    VaporNation Vaporizer Superstore Retailer

    Los Angeles, California
  3. KidFated.

    KidFated. Watch your pawking metaws.

    I dont have any social media besides FC.
  4. GenYHippie

    GenYHippie Well-Known Member

    Southern California
    Currious what does the extended warranty on the MFLB's mean? I thought they had a lifetime?
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  5. KidFated.

    KidFated. Watch your pawking metaws.

    Why oh why would they ship ups? :shrug:
  6. swieder711

    swieder711 Member

    I had a good experience with Vapor Nation during a recent transaction. After my initial research I ordered the PnP. The order went in last Friday. After researching the PnP over the weekend by Monday morning I decided it was not the right product for me. I emailed and called VN to cancel my order. Initially the were going to charge me a cancellation fee. After speaking with Kyle, he took care of me and provided a full refund.

    I told Kyle that I would share my story on FC.com. Thanks to VN and Kyle for good customer service.
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  7. rob feature

    rob feature New Member

    I feel I should post about my recent (& ongoing) experience with vapornation as this is where I learned of the retailer.

    I've had a bad experience with vapornation and feel the need to share.

    I bought an EZ-Change Whip Kit from them back on June 8 & still don't have all the parts. The kit arrived on June 12, but was missing some things. You can see in the photograph that the regular whip tip has been covered with whiteout.


    There's some inconsistency in the screens as well, but I'm letting that go as I don't care for the ceramic screens. The vapornation website appears to be selling the entire kit but what came to me was missing parts. The part I'm concerned most about is the regular tip.

    I contacted vapornation immediately and they told me they'd get to sending me one. I was offered an alternative remedy which was to be points worth $5 to be spent only at vapornation. As the tip is available to me for $10, I refused and offered the alternative of returning that much to my card so I could just go get myself one. My request was refused and the rep told me they'd get one to me ASAP and they would contact me later in the day with an ETA. The contact never came so I contacted customer service again. I was told they would have to contact Vapor Brothers directly and I would have my part in one week. As that time frame came & went I contacted them again. I was told that they still needed to contact the manufacturer and I should have my part in 5-7 days.

    5-7 days passed so I contacted them again. I was again told that they still needed to contact Vapor Brothers and that nothing could be done at the time. I asked again for the $10 to be returned to my card and was refused.

    I think I have been patient here. I have been given 3 timelines by vapornation regarding solutions and none has been met. Instead I've been told repeatedly for 15 days that they need to contact the manufacturer. To the best of my knowledge, absolutely nothing has been done despite several of my attempts over more than 2 weeks.

    I've been a little hesitant to post about this as there's no shortage of guys complaining about things on the internet. However I make many internet purchases weekly and have for over a decade with hardly any complaint of an online merchant. However this has been such a notable exception that I'd feel irresponsible keeping this to myself. It would have been so easy for this merchant to correct the situation by returning the funds to my account and turning this to a good review.

    SSVUN~YAH You Must Unlearn, What You Have Learned...

    # Town
    Thanks VN, I got my LSV heater cover and it fits great, nice and snug but spun on firm and easy! Lowest price around, shipped nice and quick, less than 5 days from order date. I think my LSV works better now than the first day I received it...
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2014
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  9. JayF

    JayF New Member

    Im brand new to VaporNation, bought a Arizer Solo with the price match option...What lured me in was your July 4th promo because you had a cool ass 20percent discount going on, 2 1/2 days and 20 phone calls and emails later, my order is still processing and no assistance has been provided and i cant get a full refund because according to yur site have to cancel within 24hrs, but theres no info on HOW TO CANCEL ORDERS! All in all im pissed, hopefully i get a response here
  10. 420time

    420time Well-Known Member

    its the 4th of july weekend........ calm down, mostly itll be shipped monday.
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  11. JayF

    JayF New Member

    Jus a little frustrated with them saying 24 hr assistance and having none at all and im iffy cause ive never ordered from here (been warned about the special promo type vape sites n all) then my money being accepted and not knowing if my order had processed thro.. im jus saying
  12. dompang

    dompang Member

    Another note of caution regarding this vendor.

    I saw the glowing reviews on page one of this thread and assumed this is one of the best stores.

    That is clearly not entirely accurate.

    A week ago, I finally decided to jump the gun and order the Herbalizer. I also ordered the Elevape Smart at the same time, and the total came to over 1,000.00 USD.
    I live overseas and I immediately got an email requesting me send a picture of my credit card and photo id.
    I did that and got charged.
    Received an email saying that the Elevape Smart was out of stock and that they should get a shipment in the coming Wednesday. I was immediately annoyed.
    I ordered from this place because the website says the items are IN STOCK. There are plenty of stores out of stock one way or another that I can order from all day long.
    But I don't.
    Well, Wedneday was only 2-3 days away. Note: This was communicated to me after they charged me and now have my credit card number and a photo of my passport.
    Wednesday came and gone, nothing.
    I emailed them, nothing
    Yesterday, I emailed again and said I have to cancel the card charge if they don't respond.
    Now, they say the Herbalizer, which I paid for (that means "bought", right?), is now out of stock (meaning they sold to someone else, right?). The Elevape Smart is in stock, however.
    No shipping date update, no offer to refund or expedite my order, nothing.

    However, they did offer the helpful statement that if there is a charge back, they will be unable to ship.

    I expected a little professionalism (which is aplenty even on ebay and Amazon stores where I bought most of my vaporizers), especially given the value of my order.

    Watch out! This store does not seem to be a very serious business.
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  13. grokit

    grokit power cosmic

    the north
    Vapor nation could improve their policies regarding this kind of issue, and their follow up as well. I have experienced the same with these guys a couple of times, with much smaller orders than yours. Too bad because they seem okay otherwise and I like their website.

    I have also been ordering from one of their competitors, and they have the same issue but handle it totally differently. When I order an item that this other vendor doesn't have, they immediately credit the amount back to my account, then they call to inform me that it's on the way and they will let me know when it arrives in case I still want it.

    Both vendors are aggressive with perks like free shipping and discount codes. I have ordered from both places multiple times, and this behavior remains constant between these two. I won't disclose the name of the other vendor here out of courtesy to this thread.
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  14. nanobanano

    nanobanano New Member

    I purchased my extreme q from vapor nation at a great price. The service was great. I'll buy from vapor nation again
  15. dompang

    dompang Member

    I have not figured out how to update or edit my original post, so I am posting a reply.

    After complaining about my order to Vapor Nation and asking to cancel if things don't ship within specified time frames (or I will cancel my CC order anyway), they appeared to have put someone else on the case.

    The results then became very consistent with the positive remarks previously posted. I got timely updates and speedy handling/shipping.

    Overall, I would recommend this store and buy from them again. Perhaps my expectations were set too high to begin with, but to be fair, I have had worse experiences elsewhere before.

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  16. max

    max Bingo Coordinator Staff Member

    You only have 6 hrs. to edit a post.

    Glad you got your problem resolved. Even the best organizations can slip up. It's how they handle the fix that matters.

    When you have a company that's been getting good reviews for years, you shouldn't assume that your not so good experience is the norm.
  17. StormyPinkness

    StormyPinkness Rhymenocerous

    Just wanted to say I ordered from these guys and they were great. Cheapest place I saw the vape I wanted and that was before the 20% off coupon. The order took a bit longer than I'm used to to ship, but I knew that going in. Ended up getting the vape with the wrong cart sent to me, customer service took care of it though. They were 100% helpful and 100% friendly the whole time, no long delays in emails or the return process. So took a bit of time to get my product, but I'm not worried at all about shopping there in the future now.
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  18. LSVPA21

    LSVPA21 New Member

    Wanted to poke in and give my review on my recent order. Within an hour of placing my order for the LSV I was called and notified that the Silver was out of stock, however, they were awesome enough to give me a free upgrade to another color of my choosing! My only concern was that order processing took 3-4 days where I know there are competitors where that happens the same day. Overall I am very pleased with the entire experience and I look forward to using my points to buy some accessories :).

    Best price, Prompt color upgrade to fix problem, reward points, great product selection.

    Slow order processing, items may be out of stock when you order, ship with UPS.

    Overall- Great place to order from especially with the FC promotional code.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2014
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  19. grokit

    grokit power cosmic

    the north
    So what color did you end up going with?
  20. Burn

    Burn Well-Known Member

    :worms: FYI, Halloween Sale 20% off storewide until 11/4/14 :worms: (code: halloween)
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