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VaporNation.com - Your Online Vaporizer SuperStore

Discussion in 'Supporting Retailers' started by VaporNation, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. jaywalker

    jaywalker Active Member

    Good for you blazedd. I ordered on 7/4, and still processing. I order stuff online all the time but I have to say it is pretty rare to see processing/handling takes 2+ days... I hope they ship my order soon.
  2. Concupiscient

    Concupiscient Well-Known Member

    I agree, shipping isn't a concern, neither is quality.
    I caught the tail end of their SUMMER sale, and purchased.
    Wanting accessories I discovered their 4th of July sale and, since the site (before the rigged system wording) guarantees a low price guarantee within 30 days thought I'd go for a refund of the effected purchase.
    Phew !!
  3. mayanhippy

    mayanhippy Permaculture regenerative LivingSoil

    I ordered a herbalizer on the 2nd. Nd it shipped on the 6th. Getting it later 2day. Vapornation.com is awesome.will definitely be using them again.I Just Dont understand why they dont carry the MiniVap portable vaporizer @VaporNation any reason? ?
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  4. Concupiscient

    Concupiscient Well-Known Member

    Hi, @mayanhippy - Am learning about herbie too - wanna share together on their topic?
    If its concentrate focused would like to start a separate thread 'cause herbie is a trailblazing device. Just uncertain about maxing it with certain material(s).:cheers:
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  5. hitsfrpmthevape

    hitsfrpmthevape New Member

    I ordered my Haze V3 from them on BlackFriday/CM 15, All was perfect. Ordered a HerbalAire H3 from them 2/3 weeks ago for an incredible price :o, is on my friends house waiting for me to use it (soon, lol). Recently I ordered a VapMan and a MFLB and a couple of extras for a great price plus the code from here helped me a lot (tnx FC!), I hope everything go smooth as my other 2 transactions. But so far, I am a very satisfied costumer from them.
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  6. Philreal187

    Philreal187 Well-Known Member

    @VaporNation Thanks for the 4/20 giveaway, I had fun enter every way possible and it paid off!! I was having a slow day at work not making money and i got the email that I was one of the winners!!! :buzz:

    My day was much brighter from that moment on.

    I didn't put much thought into which vape I wanted bc I assumed it wasn't a choice, but I was wrong, they asked me which ones I would like! I guess first come first serve kinda deal. I jumped on the vapor cup oddly enough (second thought I should have went cfv..) I just felt this vape hasn't had a proper review on fc and needed some love haha. I have been interested in the vapor cup as a stealth solo. I can't wait to play around with this vape and try to answer questions that many fc members have had with the vapor cup.

    Maybe its a novelty vape maybe its a hidden gem, maybe its my new favorite cup!! Who knows what to expect with so little information out on this vape. I don't make video's but will do my best to report on fc my opinions and experience with the vapor cup!!

    I really appreciate @VaporNation for the generosity of the giveaway and outstanding customer service they provide to the vape community!!!

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  7. VaporNation

    VaporNation Vaporizer Superstore Retailer

    Los Angeles, California
  8. VaporNation

    VaporNation Vaporizer Superstore Retailer

    Los Angeles, California
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  9. Andreaerdna

    Andreaerdna If God is the answer, then the question is wrong

    Sorry to say ot but it is very inaccurate

    You said as cons of conduction

    Unbalanced Heating
    - I would like to point out that vapcap is conduction and it is the best in balanced heat in terms of abv color without stirring
    Solo is less balanced (less uniform heat than Vc but still very balanced)
    Enano or heat island or even sbjr needs stirring to avoid hot spots in the middle (this is true at different extent to any convection vape I read about)

    And convection pros

    Low Combustion Risk
    - Asks milana or zion users or any powerfull convection device (SBricks)

    Full Vaporization - Since convection units heat your marijuana or vaping concentrates evenly by filling the heating chamber with hot air, you don’t have to worry about rattling your vaporizer when only the material closest to the heating element vaporizes. That’s a problem reserved for users of conduction vaporizers.

    -- have you really tested stirring in a convection vaporiser?

    Advanced Temperature Settings - Convection vaporizers enable you to pinpoint your vape temperature depending on the material you’ve chosen, since herbs, waxes, and oils have different ideal temperatures. You can also adjust the temperature while you’re vaping. If you’re getting dry hits, you can take it down a notch. If you’re experiencing skimpy rips, you can turn up the heat.

    ---This is also untrue, in convection vapes air ambient temperature plays a huge role making this statement hard to defend

    I mean it is all about the device itself

    There are good conduction and bad convection and being dihcotomic (conduction bad convection good) is kind archaic

    If for you amongs best conduction there is a source orb and airvape but not a vapcap or a solo then I am confused

    Same to see a pulsar or a boundless between 5best convection and not seeing a minivap, or a log

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