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Vaporizing VS Combustion and pain

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by FUnhouse, May 19, 2014.

  1. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    I could not find another thread with this discussion. So I am sorry if the is a re-post

    I would like to know what experiences chronic pain suffers have had when switching to vaping ?
    Do you find it more effective at controlling your pain ?

    I have chronic pain issues (low Back , neck and now my knees fun!)
    I spent years trying to manage it with pain killers that were basically useless and caused many more problems than they fixed .
    I have been using MMJ for a long time now and it helps control my pain much more than any pill I took .

    I have been wanting to switch to vaporizing for a long time now , I have had a few unsuccessful tries because of some inadequate devices .
    I have been studying here on FC and am about ready to buy my next vape .
    So Whats your experience .
    It the vape treating you better than the bong?
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  2. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard


    IMHO, a good combination of the right product and vaporizer are needed to address chronic pain. The vape should be able to get to a temp high enough to extract the upper cannabinoids (pain relief, anti inflamatory, relaxant properties) without combusting.

    I need this type of relief when I get an epic attack of the spins (see account in Menier's thread for details).

    So, to this end, I am able to find relief with the Arizer product line, EQ and Solo. Both hit the higher ranges pretty well and with the mod in my signature, allows the EQ tower to extract even higher temp goodies.

    I had great luck in pain relief with a 50/50 combo of Dream Queen and Mango Kush. Other strains that do well for me were OG Kush, Kali Mist, & Blue Cheese.

    Hope this helps! If you come up with strains or Mixes that work well, please circle back and let us know about it! Always looking for another winning combo or strain!
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  3. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info .
    i see to do well with a few strains Skywalker ,Platinum etc But I find you cant go buy strain name alone . At least out here in LA it varies form on shop to the next .

    But actually my question was more general . Do you get mere or better relief from smoking or Vapeing .
    And I know that this will be different for everyone . Just looking for general experiences .
    Thanks !
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  4. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard

    @FUnhouse, ah, understood.

    To that end, I definitely recall the difference between combusting and vaping. When combusting, the effects were far heavier in a couch locking way. Vaping was definitely a "clearer" effect, but no less effective for me and absolutely more productive.

    Vaping at high temps will get you the closest effect in relation to combusting, but without much of the toxins produced.

    Hope that helps!
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  5. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    Thanks @DDave Good Information !
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    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    I know it's sort of unpopular these days but I get the most pain relief from mid-grade seedy MJ vaped at higher temps 395- 420F.

    All these new tasty high thc strains are really nice for getting a giant buzz or relief from nausea but don't do a better job for muscle, joint or CNS damage for me. Just a heads up on what works for me, since it seems everyone wants high grade expensive buds and neglect the benefits available in plain old lower grade street bud.

    Try it before you discount the relief you can receive from Bud that's gone to seed, you'll be surprised !!
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  7. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    I actually find the same thing ...Sort of I am still smoking at this point ( trying to decide on a vape see this therad http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/a...concentrate-vape-pen.14038/page-2#post-599165)

    I usually don't buy top shelf strains I try to stick to what has worked in the past .
    I Don,t see a lot of seedy MJ anymore though I'm actually surprised when I find a seed prob. only happened 3 times in the last few years!
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  8. cityslang

    cityslang A taste on the tongue

    I don't think you can actually get all the CBD from vaping otherwise ABV would not be used for sleeping/pain relief. I gave what visually looked like 15-20g of ABV it weighed in at approx 6g and he made 0.6g of BHO out of it and made two joints out of it. Both him and a stoned friend smoked them and in the most unscientific test said it didn't feel like they got high off it but relaxed them. So that 0.6g didn't get released by vaping.
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  9. Enchantre

    Enchantre A short, pithy statement

    WA USA
    I have now tried both, and I think the effects are different.

    If I must touch open flame to my precious meds {shudder}, I experience a much faster relief from pain, which then wears off much faster, like in 30 minutes.

    Using a vaporizer, I get a softer, more gradual pain relief over a few minutes, but it lasts about three times as long - and if I re-medicate before it wears off, I can stay at a very constant relief state for several hours.

    I have, on very rare occasions, used a flame for that initial relief (when the spasm or pain is very acute), then immediately vaporized to have some pain relief after the first 20 mins or so.

    Gaaaaakkkkk! just thinking of the taste of burnt. yuck.
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  10. ataxian

    ataxian California


    I love burning a joint however my wife and family have never tried cannabis so they won't acept this way of medicating. Now that I vaporize for acceptance. I love it. The flavor is so much better than burning.
    The effect's last longer and the range of medication is more complete. I vaporise at low temperatures during the day when I have a project I'm working on.
    At night I crank up the temperature and sleep like a baby.

    Like you I quit all drugs.
    The side effects were killing me.
    Cannabis vaporized has been a "GOD SENT"!

    What vaporizer you get depends on what best fits your needs.
    Well grown Cannabis Flowers is more important than Top or Mid Shelf names.

    Find your sweet spot!

    I found mine!
  11. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    Thanks again . That is exactly what I am going for . good to know ! cant wait not to have the burnt taste!

    That's interesting I will have to do some research on that . Ill let you know what I find .

    Glad to hear you found the "sweet spot"
    Theses experiences that are being posted are definitely pushing me to make my decision on a vape ASAP .
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  12. ataxian

    ataxian California

    Don't want to sound like a cannabis snob however I hate the taste of ABV.

    For me it's gross!
  13. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    I hear people getting good results making Edibles with ABV ?
    Wonder if it actually does anything ?
  14. imasinner

    imasinner Suit up

    Earth (until I conquer it)
    Yes, indeed!

    I am currently nursing a broken toe and a dislocated thumb. I took some ABV edibles this morning and they are treating me quite nicely... :smug:

    I highly recommend experimenting with some ABV. I throw it into a coffee grinder and I can mix it into some tasty treats (My favorite is to sprinkle some on pizza).

    You should check out the edibles section of FC for some much more creative ideas, though, ha. :lol:
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  15. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    Thanks I will check it out as soon as I have some ABV !
    Hope the recovery process goes well .
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  16. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    left coast
    I made 2 big milkshakes with ABV ( 1 cup ABV put in coffee grinder)cooked for 2 min in the microwave with coconut/cashew butter. After ground it was 1/2 cup ABV. Melted some chocolate 1/2 gallon icecream, whole milk. It was enough for 4 milkshakes. We drank half (put it in the freezer) after two hours we finished it, because we didn't notice anything. :evil: It tasted good too.:D

    Couch lock big time after 2 more hours. We took a 3 hour nap. Still felt too medicated. I needed to work the next day and still felt medicated. It lasted over 24 hours. Don't listen when folks tell you that you can't get medicated with ABV. Not a good feeling. You need to get the portions figured out.
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  17. gangababa

    gangababa Well-Known Member

    center of the jagat
  18. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    I finally started vapeing last week !
    I am finding that I am getting a little better pain control vapeing wax as opposed to smoking flower/hash/wax.
    Interestingly I feel like I get less high ,or actually I just feel more clear headed , and that is a good thing.
    Although vapeing is making me less sleepy , good for the most part but I have trouble getting to sleep at night and smoking flowers has helped that .

    So I have been vapeing until just before I go to bed and then smoking a bowl or two.
    Has anyone else experienced anything like this .
    I am also wondering if I would have a similar experience vapeing flower .
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  19. RUDE BOY

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    I find it easier to sleep if I stop vaping a couple of hours before trying to sleep, If you need to vape close to bedtime I recommend a lower THC strain and high temperatures.
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  20. ataxian

    ataxian California

    I started with concentrates then moved to flowers.
    The flowers are more medicating for some reason for me?
    I quit medicating just before bed time.
    About 2 hours before I take my nutritional supplements and drink water.
    I have been sleeping well.
    Learning every day!

    Before 90% Concentrates
    Now 90% Flowers
  21. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    So I think I was not clear enough and maybe I don't even know anymore , but I mainly smoke/vape because of pain . The pain in my back makes it very hard to lay in bed for too long most of the time.
    I only smoke/vape in the evenings and until I goto sleep . Smoking usually makes me tired a welcome byproduct that helps me stay asleep .
    Since I started vaping last week I feel I get a little more pain relief but I don't get tired like when I smoke So I have been smoking just before I got to bed .But I still have not been sleeping that well .
    I know the lack of sleep could be form other factors .But this is one thing that has changed lately so I am starting there .
    What I'm wondering is , Is it vaping or the concentrate ( I am sticking to all Indica and only vapeing concentrate ) .
    And I am wondering if I would have a different effect Vaping flowers.?
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  22. ataxian

    ataxian California

    Were all different.

    Are good for insomnia.

    See what works for you?
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  23. RUDE BOY

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    Yes, I for one don't care for concentrates for anything but getting a buzz on the weekend. I find them to intense and powerful. I also know a few people who now have to use a very large amount of bud due to raised tolerance.

    Stick to the real deal as god made it to get medical benefits IMHO.
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  24. cityslang

    cityslang A taste on the tongue

    I tend to pretty much do the same smoke a pure one in the evening as I too find it helps me to sleep especially if it's shortly before I go to sleep.

    I find the lotus is Ok before bed if I have an indica strain but that's not always as easy done due to availability of indica strains in the UK but this is changing a bit I just wish I had unlimited access to Skywalker OG And Critical Mass I'd sleep well every night.
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  25. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    Are some of my favorites and I get Yoda sometimes when its around . haven't seen Earth but I will look for it
    That is interesting to because it affects everyone different and the consistency of the strains if questionable .

    I am starting to think that . I don't get to intense and powerful but I probably have a high tolerance .
    Do you notice any big difference between smoking and vaping herb?

    Skywalker another of my favorites Hope you get a steady supply soon!
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