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vaporizing salvia

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by Acolyte of Zinglon, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Wolf46

    Wolf46 Vapor War Team Cap

    Il bel paese
    i tried many times the mushrooms, so i understand what a mindblowing trip is!
    i really dont understand why you say to me that the salvia isn't use for fun...i like the mindblowing effect of this plant, and for me is not just a meditation plant, if you use correctly in small dose and with conscience is really a happy and fun gift of tha nature!
    but again, i understand your being caution with this plant, is really powerfull!
  2. justcametomind

    justcametomind IT'S TIME!

    Hi friend,
    I have just tried to vape salvia but with no result. Hope it will work with your vaporizer.
    Other members said it take palce at higher temperatures than the usual materials you'd vape so many vaporizers don't do the job.
  3. Symbolik

    Symbolik Member

    I was bored one day and had some left over salvia so I went in my bathroom grabbed my bubbler and packed that shit.. I took a couple big rips and then set it down (don't ever forget to set your piece down! or else youll be fucked) The first things that happened was that the walls in front of me were blown away and there was this black void in front of me.. with start and everything, like a portal to some random space in the universe then these creepy hands started to come from below my floor( still out in the void) and started to rip out the tiles from my floor... I started to look around and there was colors everywhere. and then all the tiles magically floated back into place and then the wall zoomed back in front of me and the trip was over... it was pretty nuts haha
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  4. Buildozer

    Buildozer Baked & Fried

    i have never done 80x but i have done 21x and it was enough for reality to dissapear w/ my eyes open. lasted probably ten mins.. i hit 1/4 gram out of a 2ft bong, probably 8-9 years ago now.. i have done it probably like ten times total.. also i notice some extracts are bull shit.. got a 41x more than once that didn't do shit. DMT is the way to go if you really like to get something out of the trip.. IMO salvia is a weird drug for that. to each their own though.. but if you like salvia you will love D. Salvia feels so dirty to me. i feel all dumb after too.. i hate it.
    i find that D totally killed my mushrooms and acid trips when taken before or near the peak.. i would only do D on the tail end of the come down after that.. i have known others to have the exact opposite effects.. its are a really awesome mix at first but once it wears off the main trip is very much not impressive in comparison.
  5. Symbolik

    Symbolik Member

    ^ I agree. Salvia is something ive done a few times but never really want to do again. Gooms and LSD are far beter imo. all the sometimes towards the end of the trip I just want it to end
  6. laugingsodreamy12

    laugingsodreamy12 Member

    I did salvia maybe 7 times in my life i remember along time ago i bought like 2 grams or something i did it 4 times and gave it to my friend i was like im done fuck this lol. this is coming from a pretty hippy dude (in mind not style/behavior) used to do lots of LSD and shrooms and mescaline and love all these even though i dont do those anymore, and i HATED the feeling of salvia wel not hated but it isnt very enjoyable and its funny cuase out of all my friends they said i was the chillest on it, i would just chill alot of people would freak lol.

    and the salvia i always did was 80x, once it was something weaker but most it was 80x. although vaping it would be interesting. but meh never liked salvia enough.
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  7. Anonymouse

    Anonymouse Sith I care

    Fort Wenty, Australia
    Anyone tried extract on a nail? Seems like it would work very well; plenty of heat and all?
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  8. Karuna

    Karuna Member

    @Symolik, wow that must have been a crazy trip. I've read a lot descriptions of salvia d. trips and I must admit that I have second thoughts about taking it. Heavy shit. :)
  9. SD_haze

    SD_haze MMJ Vaporist

    San Diego, CA
    My mind just exploded :goat:

    (Didn't do it...just the very thought of it O_o)
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  10. Anonymouse

    Anonymouse Sith I care

    Fort Wenty, Australia
    I would try it (in the name of science, of course), but you just can't get the extract here anymore. :(
  11. Mellowmoods420

    Mellowmoods420 New Member

    Agreed... .It's been a long time since I've tried Salvia. May want to give it a shot in a vape since it hit so harsh. Stopped smoking it because it tasted horrible.
  12. Lo

    Lo Combustion free since '09

    lol.. In my experience vaping allows the true taste of an herb to shine through vs. smoking it. If it tastes terrible smoking (besides the smoke taste) I would assume the terrible taste will shine through even more when vaping it.

    I've never tried it after hearing a few stories from friends who have tried it. I'll stick to herb thanks ;)
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  13. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    Boooooooooooah :D ! Careful with vaporizing Salvia extract dudes... I am probably the most experienced ethnobotanical psychonaut i'll ever meet.. in person.. and had numerous trips on salvia,dmt, and stuff.. I've even smoked 100x Salvia extract... But damn me.. vaporizing Salvia 40x which was gifted to me from a friend... got me into hyperspace.. So much darker and crazier than dmt.. I will describe my trip so one can take precaution with both dosage and expectations..
    I took somewhere between 0.05-0.1 of the extract and put it in my UD bowl (which is actually a vapocane-s top lol.. ) I use a naked UD core without the wooden body ,which bottom is nailed to a simple piece of wood.
    I can bumb voltage as much as i want without damaging anything.. I swear this beast can take up to 17 V with no problem.. but at that temp combustion appears for sure.. cause the element is glowing red hot..
    I set it a 15.7 V which gives me very dark color abv to MJ so it is not crazy high ,still in the vaporization field.
    I put the bowl to a bong downstem and inhaled directly without water filtration cause i don't wanted to loose any compounds .
    +0:00 I take a deeps slow breath. Taste is mega bitter.. I am getting giggles on halfway of my inhalation.. fuck it works... I hold like forever and decide that i am still ok and take Another lungful.. woah.. even more vapor and taste... I make one more .. and put stuff aside.. so i don't brake shit or burn myself... .
    +0:04 I felt this familiar feeling which i can describe as 100000 needles pierceing your body.. like a spiritual accupuncture.. It is very powerful and bursts all my senses.. most people get afraid but i enjoy its might.. It likes freeing me of my body and lets the mind fly to another dimension..
    +0:05 I felt sucked by the wall , i feel cold dark feeling like some is sucking the life out of me (hxah i like that too.. i feel like it is filtering my soul so it can be ready for the incoming.. ) Suddenly really slices like pizza triangles leaving only 1/4 of reality on the left((where i can observe my gf preparing dinner while it was happening.. ) untouched by the effects.. lol...So i will talk now about the other 3/4 .. The sliced up really former one big pizza slice from all the triangles.. and it started rotating and molding other pizza slices (other realities i guess) and formed a sectored circles (like one they are rotating in the TV game shows)..
    +XXX I accepted this as a new reality and ours was just a part of it... and when it started molding i started to offend those power cause they werent taking my girlfriend with me leaving her in the 1/4 of the screen where nothing unusual was happening..
    My gf says i stood up and began arguing with imaginary folks xhaha : You bastards.. , Is it so.. ? Go get my gf or else .. U psychedelic cunts and i am master of all , i am the psychedelic superman.. xahxah Guess my ego got out of control... i am not that crazy on the outside.... She says that at the end i lied back and closed my eyes..
    +xxx I remember the wheel rotating first slowly than furious and outzooming so i can see its like a clockwork of wheels molding reality slices... and speeding up each other with their circulation..
    +30 mins I got full concious but my body was still there... like i experienced piecing of the atmosphere to outer space with tons of turbulation.. i needed another +10 mins to get full sober..

    So all in all it was very fun.. But if it was someone other than me... i can't even imagine the damage that a one can do to himself if he wents into bad trip cause he got scared...
    This is a true psychedelic rollercoaster so be carefull... 0.05-0.1 vaporizing from 40x proves to be an insane dose of salvoring.. I've not effects like these even from smoking 0.2 100x extract...
    If i were someone unfamiliar to salvia i would 100% stick to the leaf and laugh my ass off.. There are things that normal people are not ready to see.
    I've had another friend trying it.. who is a horror movie fan.. and almost ejaculated of satisfaction when the trip ended.. He was like 30 mins out.. he thought that what happend first happend last... He thought that hes was out for like 1-2 mins or smth :D ...Anyway claims to be the best horror production he ever watched :D..
    For me the claim that salvoring needs smoking with torch flame --- lol----to vaporize is false.. Even the boiling points are not 100% accutate.. they can be lower ;0
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2014
  14. unsigned_char72

    unsigned_char72 Well-Known Member

    Salvia plain leaves (1x) can be successfully vaporized in a DBV (Da Buddha). The trick is:
    1) exhale completely to empty lungs
    2) sloooowly inhale from the wand
    3) hold in the lungs as long as possible
    do that twice and you'll teleported in salviaspace
  15. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada
    I messed around with Salvia in my youth, super potent and not to be taken lightly!
    If you do it by yourself make sure there is enough "fall area" around you that is safe!

    Last time i hit 30X extract in a bong and it was insane!!
    One big hit, put bong down, take two steps and the next thing i remember was this intense magic carpet ride that felt like it lasted forever but was only a few minutes!!
    Woke up lying face down on an Arabic carpet that was very colourful, the colours of my trips carpet strangely enough... Missed hitting the corner of the wall by inches!
    Some perspective here, 6'3" of me being felled like a tree!! TIMBER!!!

    And then the intense paranoia that quickly comes on and you find yourself hiding under the covers for fear of the unknown.

    If done correctly this substance can be a life changing experience, for the good or bad.

    I agree totally with @Abysmal Vapor "This is a true psychedelic rollercoaster so be careful"
    For me Salvia was stronger than the most acid i ever took in one dose, many little squares...

    Start with leaf and slowly work up to the extracts if it takes your fancy!

    Just BE CAREFUL!!
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