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Vaporizers In Popular Culture - Movies, Television, Celebrities

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by vtac, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. SD_haze

    SD_haze MMJ Vaporist

    San Diego, CA
    I guess I've only heard of Katt Williams & Joe Rogan talking about it positively.
  2. Peloton

    Peloton Vapes Hard

    I know this has been posted around here before, but it's too good to miss :lol:

    Click to play YouTube Video
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  3. Qbit

    Qbit cannabanana

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  4. caseball2051

    caseball2051 Well-Known Member

    action bronson raps about turkey volcano bags regularly
  5. that herb guy

    that herb guy Well-Known Member

    I can't believe nobody's said Doug Benson yet lmao. Superhigh Me, anyone?
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  6. X24

    X24 Well-Known Member

    And he pushes oil pens pretty hard.
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  7. Vape-Nation

    Vape-Nation Well-Known Member

    Well I've been keeping a page of funny videos, mostly my favorite stand-up comedians and so far this is what I've got: http://www.vape-nation.com/funny-videos/

    Totally love Doug Benson and saw him live recently in San Francisco; very fun and funny times!
  8. aesthyrian

    aesthyrian Blaaaaah

    Colorado Springs
    Many metal bands use the Silver Surfer vape due to their endorsement program. Makes sense, most bands get high, and most people who get high listen to music, so you cover all markets.


    The vocalist for Veil of Maya had a huge SSV sticker on his microphone when I last saw them live and he had a huge grin on his face when I pointed it out.
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  9. potbrother

    potbrother New Member

    Why famous people? Anyone vaporize will live much longer than smoke. Simple fact, common knowledge.

    mod note: Why famous? Because it's the topic.
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  10. Vape-Nation

    Vape-Nation Well-Known Member

    Very true. Just curious about people you might look up to or that might offer an interesting quote about vapes.
  11. max

    max Out to lunch

    While I appreciate the sentiment, it's not a fact. To say that anyone and everyone who vapes will live much longer than anyone who smokes is pure speculation, and there's virtually no evidence to support it. There's no evidence that smoking mj causes cancer or any other terminal disease, as tobacco smoking does. Vapor is certainly easier on the lungs (I can attest to the difference-huge for me), and smoke and smoke byproducts aren't healthy to inhale, but there's little to no scientific evidence to support a statement about longevity, with smoke vs. vapor.
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  12. havealight101

    havealight101 Norski

    Action raps about anything food related, so this don't surprise me. Action is good shit!
  13. caseball2051

    caseball2051 Well-Known Member

    hes a chef i think.

    good to see some other fans here. i havent listned to rare chandeliers yet, have you?
  14. Deadhead101

    Deadhead101 I am the Vapor King--I can do anything

    In the HBO series, Bored to Death, the character of Ted Danson, George, uses an Iolite. There's a funny scene where George is stoned and tries to hit the antenna of a walkie-talkie, mistaking it for an Iolite. Also, a Volcano is used in an episode.
  15. AdmiralAlpacha

    AdmiralAlpacha Well-Known Member

    Rappers Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, and Berner occasionally mention them and a couple music videos include the volcano. Also in the movie Mac and Devin they have a volcano and I believe an iolite. Also I know Chip tha Ripper mentions a volcano in the song 'Cactus'.

    Thats off the top of my head, I'm sure I will probably think of more later, if I do ill come back to post them :p
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  16. tig420

    tig420 Well-Known Member

    woody harrelson was on howard stern and said he fucked combustion and just vapes now
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  17. mvapes

    mvapes Scratchin' Glass! Accessory Maker

    A sandy garage!
    Willie Nelson of Course - he talks about his No2 all the time!
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  18. Vape-Nation

    Vape-Nation Well-Known Member

    Oh cool! I love Ted Danson, will definitely have to check this show out. Thanks for this great little insight!
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  19. Deadhead101

    Deadhead101 I am the Vapor King--I can do anything

    Definitely watch this show. I finished watching through it for a second time. It's only one season, unfortunately. The three main characters are performed by actors Jason Schwartzman, Zack Galifinakis, and Ted Danson. Patton Oswald is in several episodes too.
  20. Deadhead101

    Deadhead101 I am the Vapor King--I can do anything

    This is the Iolite scene from Bored to Death:
    Click to play YouTube Video
  21. There wasn't a single episode which didn't feature cannabis,i loved it.:)
    Click to play YouTube Video

    Don't know if this works for everyone,but i still like the fact Evert got a 'famous' Dutch talkshowhost(you might have heard of him involving a Snoop Dogg incident,giving his uncensored and unsalted opinion on Bill O'Reilly,youtube it if you're interested) to take not 1 but even 2 quite big rips(start around 18.00) on our national television.:tup:
    (so sorry about the forced upon you-commercial in the beginning,couldn't find this on youtube i'm afraid.)
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  22. JSteez4205

    JSteez4205 aka Gordon NugzB

    I have. Not as good as Blue Chips IMO...no a bad listen though.

    Edit: wiz khalifa uses trippy sticks and other oil pens I know. Action has his own signature G-pen out now too...
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  23. vaporbrothers

    vaporbrothers Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    We have a long list cuz we've been around, but probably shouldn't mention people who aren't too open about it. everybody's friend is a celebrity here in LA so it was not too hard to sit them down and get them vaporized so they would preach the word to their folks. here's a start.. hope it doesn't ruffle a feather:

    woody harrelson- his partners started vapor brothers with me and put up some of the funds to build the first vaporizers in '99

    alisia silverstone- shit i didn't ask her. she is hot. hope it's ok.

    beastie boys- several vaps purchased

    fishbone- yes.

    dionne warrick's family

    black eyed peas

    kevin nealon

    kottonmouth kings/bobby b. - first learned from us. called us the vapor kings :) :)

    cypress hill - heavy into all vaporizers, esp the heat guns that came before us

    x games skaters- many of them.. the winners. shouldn't say who.

    la lakers, several guys- the year they missed practice a lot, forgot their keys and lost.

    flea & jason ratboy collins- highest wave surfing champ & pioneer of aerial surfing, respectively

    greg ginn- black flag. big supporter.

    Hank williams III- inventor of Hellbilly

    The dude from the Big Labowsky

    Jack Herer- was hilariously into it. many hotel sessions with him.

    birdy num num- couple members

    peter criss from Kiss - haha

    mike metsker- dirt bike godfather of freestyle

    Ram dass- "be here now", vaporized.

    Snoop dog & Don Juan - yessss.

    the muffs- punk band, awesome

    wavy gravy

    Wutang clan- several of them.

    steff & bengie gold of the dub tones- i think they were the ones who taught us how to properly load a whip by sucking up the herb

    one of the lawyers in the DeLorean (car) case - forgot his name(?) died a few years ago. told us the case was a total sham

    so many more i wish i could add.... some super controversial figures as well.

    everybody vaporizes. :)
  24. shephurd

    shephurd I Am Watching The Stars

    Curren$y vapes on occasion besides the joints :spliff:
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  25. scottio19

    scottio19 scotty

    Bay Area, California
    Baby Bash reps the Volcano

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