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Vaporbrothers 2.5

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by vaporbrothers, Jul 5, 2015.

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    In case anyone missed the post on the VB2 thread, new research out on high temp dabs has shown that many toxic compounds are released at vaporization surface temps of 700F or higher. Since The VB2.5 operates at these higher temperatures and won't do true low-temp dabs, it is unfortunately producing toxic compounds. Be safe out there!

    Here's a link to the full study on dabbing temps if anyone's interested.

    The 403C data point below would be 757F...close to what @Vitolo measured his VB2 low dish temp to be. At 322C (612F) there were no detectable levels of methacrolein. 455C is 850F which is normal high operating temp for VB2. 526C is 978F which is the range I was taking my VB2.5 hits for so many months.


    "The dabbing experiments in the current study produced benzene—a known carcinogen—at levels many times higher than the ambient air, the researchers noted. It also produced high levels of methacrolein, a chemical similar to acrolein, another carcinogen.

    “‘The results of these studies clearly indicate that dabbing, although considered a form of vaporization, may, in fact, deliver significant amounts of toxic degradation products,’ the authors concluded. ‘The difficulty users find in controlling the nail temperature put users at risk of exposing themselves to not only methacrolein but also benzene. Additionally, the heavy focus on terpenes as additives seen as of late in the cannabis industry is of great concern due to the oxidative liability of these compounds when heated."
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