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Vapor Brothers Hydrator VS $40 pipesdaddy.com Vapor Glass Bubbler

Discussion in 'Glass' started by Tweak, May 14, 2012.

  1. vaporbrothers

    vaporbrothers Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    10% off Hydrators & related glassware. Your money goes a lot farther with the real stuff.

    This is for all FC members who read this. Click through to get additional 10% off (the already discounted) Vapor Hydrators & related glassware. The -10% will appear in your cart. That makes our mini hydrator (and my favorite) $80.99 with free shipping. Yay.

    I know the china copy is still half the price but we know from experience it WON'T go half the distance. We ordered one ourselves to see how thin the glass was and the thing arrived broken. My inbox has a bunch of messages from people who wasted their money on the knockoff and wish they saved it for the real thing. I highly recommend you be safer and avoid people who rip you off!

    Expires 1/31/13

    ~Linus V.


    Vaporbrothers MINI Hydrator with fixed mouthpiece, fixed 14mm dewaar downstem and many small firepolished slits... purrrrs. USA made heavywall glass (50x3.5mm) with no bubbles, no cracks, no clouds, high quality brand name glass (Schott)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A pict of our newer High Performance Hydrator here. Made from Extra Heavywall Glass (50x5mm). Features a removable 14-19mm showerhead downstem. Downstem is a standard 3.5" length so you can replace it with ours or with fancy downstems from other high quality glassmakers.
  2. BigDaddyVapor

    BigDaddyVapor @BigDogJunction

    Hey now... Lay off The Infamous $40 Vapor Brothers Hydrator Knock-Off! :p Still pristine as the day I got it. Haven't seen it available, since after it got posted in the cheap glass thread.

    Though its sold its share of genuine Hydrators to, I bet. I've always recommended the genuine article. Pure dumb luck, that I happened to get a clean/solid built one.
    Tweek and natural farmer like this.
  3. arrr

    arrr Well-Known Member

    Anyone tried this bub with the SOLO? I just got a SOLO and i may be purchasing some glass soon.
  4. timmahsan

    timmahsan treEnt

    The infamous bubbler works very well with a solo. I use the PVHES GonG adapter. Great hits and a great high (plant matter dependent ;))
  5. S1N3

    S1N3 Tarzan @ KloudSociety


    Any chance you will be offering another FC discount (Summer Sale)?

    Recently purchased a Lotus vape and I think its time I retired the Little Sista for a bubbler. I'm on the fence right now and saving even a little bit would sway me in the VB direction. As it stands the http://www.pipesdaddy.com/product-p/vp-0022.htm is in stock and very appealing (Regardless of the known flaws).

    Thanks to this thread for generating the interest in your hydrator: http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/cheap-high-quality-bubbler.5255/page-77#post-426674
    vaporbrothers likes this.
  6. Yoshimattsu

    Yoshimattsu Well-Known Member

    I posted this in the "Cheap High Quality Glass Bubbler" thread, but it looks like it would be useful here too, thanks S1N3 for bringing my attention to this thread also, I really wanna help spread the word on how fantastic this Hydrator is!!:nod:

  7. VaporWarehouse

    VaporWarehouse Well-Known Member Retailer

    Some of you may have already seen this and hopefully those of you that recently purchased one got the updated version of the Vaporbrothers Mini Hydrator. The down stem is now a non-removable shower head with 7 diffusion slits instead of 5.

    I sampled the revised hydrator last week at Champs and it delivers a sweet cool hit. Not that it needed to be improved but this slight revision was a nice treat.

    Tweak, Peloton and Yoshimattsu like this.
  8. vaporbrothers

    vaporbrothers Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    thank you. I put picts of the upgrade over here. http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/cheap-high-quality-bubbler.5255/page-78#post-430948

    we created your fc discount today to answer this post ;) $10 was the most we could squeeze. coupon code MINIFC
    Tweak, S1N3 and Yoshimattsu like this.

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