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    Harder than what? So far it seems to draw far easier compared to my old the Iolite..
    or do I need to break it in, and experience some clogging of the screens/vents, hence I should expect it will get harder?
  2. Well-Known Member Retailer

    I've been using vaporizers for 7 years now, I started a business in vaporizers because I realized smoking was bad news and wanted an alternative. I am AGAINST smoking and have more experience vaping than you can imagine. I've used Volcanos, every model of Vapir, Arizer products, Herbal Aire, Vriptech, Iolite etc...

    We are not a "vapir" company (or any specific brand for that matter), they have failed in the past (Oxygen 1.0 was a fail, 2.0 was good). Even the great Arizer who currently has amazing units (Extreme Q / V-Tower) had a few issues back in the day.

    We're a serious company who runs on customers being happy, you can't do that selling fail products.
    Anyway, you have a non seller posted now so I guess you just ignore what I wrote and read his.
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    We wrote: "The draw is definitely a bit harder but once you are used to that and it starts going, there is plenty of vapor production."

    Skystate wrote: "Harder than what? So far it seems to draw far easier compared to my old the Iolite..
    or do I need to break it in, and experience some clogging of the screens/vents, hence I should expect it will get harder?"

    Harder than a good desktop like a Herbal Aire or Extreme Q.
    Easier than the iolite for sure, that's a hard draw unit.

    Basically, the NO2 is a closed system meaning there is very little air to help you inhale, its all your lung power. For someone who is used to that, its an easy draw but for someone used to the ultra smooth easy draw of the Extreme Q, it can be tougher.

    We had certain patients at the TY expo with serious lung issues that didn't have the power but the vast majority had no issue.

    You gotta talk about cons even if they are minor and compared to a kick ass desktop, the NO2 does make you work a bit harder for it.

    For standard people with good lungs, its a really non issue though.
  4. Well-Known Member Retailer

    Lwien: So you won't give any credit to my review or a new member? That's a bit offensive don't you think, based on a lot of the posts I've read, FC veteran doesn't necessarily mean good poster.

    I personally think the new poster put in a serious effort overall and definitely tried his best.
    Just because he likes the taste of his already partially vaped stuff doesn't change anything.
    Some people like the taste of SMOKE (gross), the point is each to their own.

    I have no affiliation with the new poster, we only got a few units initially and sold out at the TY Expo. If I do send a client here long term to post a good review, I'll make sure he says he bought it from us so you guys know that the poster got it from us. I'm definitely an up and up type of guy so that's cool with me.
  5. Lo

    Lo Combustion free since '09

    Okay, I like to stay out of drama but.... I'm steppin' in the puddle!

    Hi and welcome to FC! I hope you'll give us a fair shot. Our guard dogs jump at guests sometimes but we are trying to get them trained.

    We've had more than a couple dishonest vendors have shills post and some of our regulars might be a little hasty on the draw there in my opinion.

    Mind you when I hear the name Vapir I worry because my first vape was one and turned me off vaping for quite some time. I do however think each new vape and vendor should be given the opportunity to make (or break) their reputation on the forums on their own without being poked with a stick.

    Many people lurk and I believe FC reviews are very valuable to folks seeking vapes or vape advice.

    Maybe once you get to know some of the regulars you'll feel better about hanging about. I hope everyone can take a step back and do that 'play nice' thing for a bit....pretty please?

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    Fair enough lo, i like your post (my cats name is lo btw- stands for little one) :)

    I respect there are a lot of dealers that only care about one thing - selling units.
    Our goal is to sell units people will be happy with so they tell friends and family, big difference.

    I agree 100% that Vapir has dropped the ball in the past, they always seemed to need revisions to get it right.

    Vapir One prototype - good direct flow unit, i loved it, this unit was never released
    Vapir One 1.0 - gave it a powerful fan for bag but underpowered heater, overall the unit was WEAK
    Vapir One 2.0 - finally put a kick ass heater in it, unit started to get better
    Vapir One 3.0 - lots of good upgrades but computer was flaky
    Vapir One 4.0 - rock solid unit
    Vapir One 5.0 - final upgrades, good vaporizer

    So if you bought a Vapir One 1.0 for example, you weren't happy.
    If you bought a 4.0 or 5.0, you'd be happy with it.

    We do think the NO2 1.0 is good right out of the gate, about time they got it right the first time.

    You want an honest dealer, you found one, you can tell that by our posts.
    We're actually normally a little too honest, that can get us in trouble. :)

    Happy to play nice, I like forums provided the trolls are at home sleeping - lol

    Thanks for that post, appreciate it.
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    THIS :lol:

    If they get too jumpy there's always neutering *holds up clippers*
  8. lwien

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    Arcadia, California
    :uhoh: :uhoh: :o
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    That's funny (neuter).
    Nice that you guys lightened the thread up. :)

    I have the dimensions for you guys:
    8.5" High
    2.25" Wide at the top
    1.75" Wide at the part you hold
    0.6 pounds with battery (0.227 KG)

    Considering the features and the built in battery, those are definitely reasonable dimensions.
  10. skystate

    skystate Well-Known Member

    After plugging battery in for all night. Took off and vaped twice. 1. I liked the battery power level display, if you look closely in the window for seeing where the power level is. After two vapes, the bar is 1/3 down.

    I will let it run the distance, and see how long I get it to work before a recharge, [unless ( I shouldn't for max long term usage?]

    Re the draw issue, I put my mouth over the unit without the top on, and noticed the restricted draw. Not a terrible deal, but with the top on, there is an easier flow of air, compared to the Iolite. This is until it gets a bit coated on the top screen. Then it draws slow and on the level of the Iolite when it was getting a bit coated on its top screen.

    I will say again, from my minute experience so far, I again got a cloud on my first exhale, which continues to surprise me. As in, I usually exhale, and see how good the cloud is normally, and if it is a good thick one, I do not exhale fully, making myself breath in and hold my breath some more. In at least two cases, the exhale amount on 192C re-vaped material had the twinge of original taste, tickle and cloud which made me say to myself.. hold onto this one a little longer!

    But I think the fresh stuff will be in it by tomorrow. And I expect not to report any more much about the hit quality.

    One question a poster asked was if the temp really drops while hitting. You can watch the digital screen easily. .. and tho i haven't looked in a mirror. yet, I do glance quickly at the gage, which is quick to change, and see it (the temp) hardly drops a degree, if at all. by the time I finish and look down at the display. The temp does move around in what must be a little half degree fluxation.

    The heating with no pin, has shown to be a non-issue. The whole entire bowl of material is completely browned throughout. I want to compare that to the wider bowl of the Iolite, which seemed to need a little stir to maximize the bowl.

    I do like this sized bowl, since I often would fill a fraction of the Iolite bowl. This one size seems to be about right for one, or maybe two (with fresh- we will see!) people.

    Sorry to confuse issues for those serious vapers that are laughing at my limited experiments because I only have a report on ABV material. I am laughing at myself to boot!

    One note.. I need to double check.
    I did notice that when plugged in the unit heated to 192C in actually more like 30 seconds, as had stated with accuracy. I had the INITIAL rush of euphoria, where I guess 30 seconds was feeling all of three seconds!.. Please accept my correction.

    Lastlly, I am pretty sure that as i waited for the battery to heat up the unit on the second round, the heat up time went beyond the 30 seconds. Meaning, with battery, it may be a slower heat time. Probably a natural occurrence with the average battery user. ? I'm not complaining.. just being fair here. I was excited to see if it was 30 seconds with the battery.. and I think it was on the first run on battery. But second one may have slowed down to a minute, maybe two. I will time it on the third heat up.

    And will report back promptly! maybe even aroumd midnight tonight!

    And thanks for lightening up the page with that humor!
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    Nice retort skyscape.

    Lwien...Where are your COOKIES??!!
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    Arcadia, California
    The dog ate 'em. :ninja:
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    Hey good posts and your experience shows in saying that the vapir 5.0 finally is an ok unit.
    I use mine with friends and they all love it. The tecnique of pulling out the cassette in between hits when using the whip really saves the herbs :brow: . Welcome and I hope to see more posts from you.
  14. sneezyjesus

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    Then I'm comin for your vapes, that zephyr looks shaweet :ninja:
  15. lwien

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    Arcadia, California
    ^^ The LAST thing you want is a nutless ion protector running amok in the halls of FC. Not a pretty sight. :borg:

    But to get back to the Vapir, I may have come off a bit harsh, but in all honesty, I'm still kind of suspect about all this. I'd really like to see a review or two from some of the regulars here and until I do, the jury is still out, at least for me.
  16. Skunkypete

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    Over the rainbow
    Good luck with that , most regulars here know better then to get a crapir. Funny thing , my first vape was an o2 from Broke within 2 weeks of getting it. replaced it and everything but still those 2 weeks waiting for the replacement to get here was hell. That's when I decided to get something more durable (read analog) so i'd never be in that situation again. Now I have more vapes then i can shake my fist at I'm covered but I'll always remember my first vape. It left a bad taste in my mouth...

    Having said that , the friend I gave it too loves it. I think my problem , besides the red gunk/taste , is that it's not meant for heavy use. If you only vape once in a while it's probably fine. But still there are better ways to spend that amount of money on a portable IMO.
  17. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    That's why I suggested that they comp a few here for reviews. In light of all the past negative reviews of Vapir product, I think it would be a good investment, and the cost could be chalked against the marketing budget. It's something that other vape manufacturers have done here with great success and I think would be a great idea for any manufacturer that is introducing a new vape, for FC really does hold quite a bit of weight within the on-line vape community. A stamp of approval here does hold quite a bit of weight. I know that is just a distributor for their product, but maybe they could pitch this idea to them. From a business standpoint, I think it would make a lot of sense, particularly if they believe that this vape is up to the task.
  18. Skunkypete

    Skunkypete Escape Artist

    Over the rainbow
    If there's one thing i can't fault vapir about it's their marketing budget. The placement in Maxim shown in the first post of the thread is but one example and i'm sure it didn't come free. It's the primary reason they are still in business , it's certainly not because of the quality of their product lol.

    I think you just like getting free stuff. ;)
  19. stinkmeaner

    stinkmeaner Well-Known Member

    I always find it funny when a new product is launched and new members just casually stroll through here and give a review and answer a few questions then you never hear from them again. I am not saying that this is the case here but I would certainly think people should have their reserves about this product until someone that has been here longer reviews the product, even some of the resellers/distributers have given what seems to be honest reviews in the past.
  20. skystate

    skystate Well-Known Member

    Put it to the battery test today.. (and treating it with kid gloves on one hand, hoping to do my part to fight against any breakage issues)

    But started it up around 10 am on a full night battery charge.
    used it for a total of 7 vapes through the day (all with ABV so prob about 7 draws each session)

    A earlier question about the change in degrees while drawing. It flashes a actual temp of about 2 degrees lower and by the time you quit the draw, it bounces back to actual temp you wanted within a second. It hovers a little above and at your desired temp. the temp while Drawing, for most of the time is steady at desired temp. Just at the end, it logically shows a drop.. not more than two degrees C

    So yeah, It finally ran out of its own electrical batter powered juice on the 7th session (but still satisfied me before it went to sleep) .. and I figured HA! " I won" .. it quit before I did!.:/

    (However, it DID get the last laugh before the night was over..see below)

    So I had expected it to quit, but was impressed with the all day stealth ability range / confirmation.
    The Time was 8:30 pm. when it was out. And I just had to plug it back in for more experiments.

    (But it was the ninth session of the day, while plugged in, that won the DAY 2 challenge)

    BTW I made note of how long to heat up to 192C on battery only, 3.5 minutes each time.
    Like I said, I plugged it in for an 8th session in the day.. and it was up to speed in 30 seconds.

    Took a drive with it charging and after about 1 hour of charge.. the battery was on bar one (of 4 bars -i think- when charged full.) Meaning one hour charge is prob enough charge for one vape session

    But then, came my ninth session. And somewhere in that moment, I realized I owe someone an apology.
    ABV session DOES NOT compare to a fresh session.
    We knew this.. but I didn't know how good a session could be with a portable until this experience.

    The fresh was in. at that stage, and I took my first hit.. and I was floored.
    THAT was a massively good taste, that I never had with Iolite.
    And more importantly to me, I could tell, it was not going to stop for a while. (Iolite gave me some similar experience for the first 2 draws.. and went downhill after that . And this was only finally letting up after about 7 draws.

    I was needing to wave the white flag of surrender after 7 of these draws. This was a caliber of vape that my newby vapemind was not aware of.

    I mean I really went as long as I could. But I finally had to turn the Vapir off. It beat me fair and square. And I can't wait for it to spank me again in the morning!

    And it could have prob kicked my arse some more if I could have taken it.

    And here is a real cool point.. for me comparing the Iolite to this Vapir No2.
    I set the Vapir temp on this fresh material.. at just at 180C , *thanks to the suggestion of

    I Thought. "Lets not push this along so quickly. If I could start at 180C and enjoy it,
    then maybe I can revape it at 185. and again at 190 if I want to try to stretch something."

    I think though. after comparing the fresh material to the ABV in the unit.. I may never go beyond 190C
    I am trying to say that I was having a stealth vape experience which was non existent with Iolite stealth vape experience ... and is probably comparable to those experiences of you who use the non portable vapes.. which I have not. So if this is what it means to vape.. you could sell one to everyone.

    I started to learn to hate smoked sessions.. especially after comparing them to the Iolite. The difference in taste and the irritation of smoke vs vape is no comparison to me. But the Vapir no 2, has proven to be powerful enough to satisfy my real craving.. and I thought I was done with combustion with the iolite. even tho it gave me trouble.

    this vapir is the answer for me.. as long as it now holds up.

    More later.
    Will do a couple pics if wanted too.
  21. skystate

    skystate Well-Known Member

    I'm going to add a couple more observations.

    the twist top to the unit, feels like it shifts to lock in a snug way, as opposed to a clunky, or erratic way, it makes me want to say it is a smooth connection. the top comes on and off with ease, and does not threaten to burn you by having some hot part exposed.

    The reason I am mentioning this, is because I realized how easy it is to twist off the top in the heat of a session and even tap it, to get anything off if the screen which may be inhibiting airflow. With the Iolite, If you took the top off, I think you always needed to keep all the material in the top bowl too, which keeps you from cleaning the top screen in any way for more airflow. This Vapir no2.. if airflow is questionable, just twist off the top and tap it or brush the screen with something that won't melt of touching a hot spot, and twist back on with no need to worry about getting it connected back together. On some occasions with the Iolite, I would take off the top in mid session, to stir material and scrape the screen for more possible airflow, but it didn't give me direct access to clear the screen, and it was a lot of exposed metal that did occasionally burn me, AND the top would sometimes be a little picky about how it would fit back together.

    So I appreciate the smooth lock and unlock action of the Vapir no2 top, and access to just the screen face which can easily be cleaned off if needed in mid session.

    The ability to turn it on and off is also so nice. Compared to the Iolite which keeps burning butane for a few more cycles after turning to off (which also kept me from putting it away since it seems not smart to immediately enclose it while still burning, I know that with the Vapir no 2 that you hit the switch and it is starting to cool immediately. I put my hand around the hottest part of the unit to see if it could be enclosed as soon as turning off, and am still debating it. The heat on the outside, (to the touch of a hand) is muted to the point of feeling like something you might enjoy touching as a hand warmer on a cold day. I think I sensed it was just on the verge of hotness to the touch which made me pay attention but did not cross a threshold which actually required me to pull it off the touch. I think the Iolite was not as friendly to the touch after a longer session was coming to a close.

    The ideal, which I will soon test for, is to turn it on, and vape a few hits, and turn it conserve material. And then when ready an hour later for more, turn it back on, and see if a session can be broken into segments which don't require getting VAKED so much in each session.

    In My last session yesterday, after seven draws on the Vapir no2 with fresh material in it, I was laughing at how vaked I was. Picture me sitting in my car in a parking lot, actually waiting an hour or two before feeling ready to drive safely. One or two of those seven hits could have been spread out over several hours if I can indeed, flip it on and off. which I think I can. The question is about what the system requires for cleaning (or not) because of heating and cooling the material several times without emptying and cleaning after each use. Does it impair good work of the system to let stuff sit and then reheat it? We shall see.

    For the record, there is NO WAY, I could have vaped 7 sessions throughout the day using fresh material in Vapri no2. I think each session with fresh material in it, could last me several hours, especially if using the on off button, and thereby result in my needing to refill it no more than 3-4 times through the day.

    The difference in the quality of fresh material taste, and the longevity of the bowl, and the difference of the buzz between the fresh and the ABV is NOT comparable.. as I had felt it was.

    The thought keeps going through my mind. I dropped X fresh material into the Iolite, and got it cooked at 190C and a good vape experience for two to three fresh tasting draws. I drop the same into the Vapir no2 at 180C and feel that not only the first few draws are obviously more powerful than the best Iolite draws, but that in Vapir no2, it keeps coming, like I said until about draw number seven in a session. And by that time, I found myself in deep water -over my head in a Buzz that made me have to chill for an hour or two. After seven draws with the Iolite, I would be at the edge of the deep water, but could still function.

    Out of frustration a few times with the Iolite, I had to revert to combustion intake just because I had no mre time or patience to see if it would light after 5-20 minutes of "clicking".. This Vapir no 2 is giving me the feeling like I am truly able to throw out my combustion tools.

    However, I hear the one gent here who advised to have several vape backups,like in case the Vapir No2 does have some malfunction.

    But right now, I am treating the unit like it is gold. Trying not to even bump it, so that I get it to show me how long it can last without malfunctions. If it doesn't develop a problem. I think I am going to be able to report that this is a much better product than the Iolite, for you to spend your 250 bucks on.

    Soon I will be taking it on some outdoor ventures and report how it travels while not in use, compared to the Iolite. And that is one thing I am looking forward to since the iolite was so small, it travelled very well. This Vapir no 2 is going to have to fit nicely somewhere in my outdoor gear, in order to be carried with the same no-hassle-storage-while-on-the-move of the Iolite. But in exchange for starting on demand and providing much better hits for longer periods, I think I can figure out a way to adapt to the extra 3-4 inches that the Vapir no 2 has in length. Who knows, I might find a natural nook or cranny in my outdoor gear (mainly a fanny pack I wear, and some deep pockets on my shorts) which house the Vapir no2 at rest with ease!

    We shall see.

    Let me know if you have other questions or tests or observations you are curious about.
  22. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    Baking cookies. They should be ready pretty soon. :/
  23. skystate

    skystate Well-Known Member

    I would say, you are right, except that since this is SO new a product, AND since you VETS have been so burned by almost all the early Vapir products before, then the ONLY person who is going to get the damn thing and report on it, is apt to only be a new (if not casual) member who is so new that he'/she is still searching for a good portable unit, and is somehow more willing to take the chance (with less preconceived notions in mind).

    Even I would not have been in such a position if the Iolite had not consistently pained me with its failures. AND to boot, I would probably also not be the "new member" reporting on Vapir no2, if the store I bought the iolite from had not bucked up and exchanged this Vapir no 2 for my problematic Iolite. And wouldn't be the case if I had not FELT it was a possible solution. Believe me I did not take "casually" all of your collected negative comments about past vapir products when I ventured to tell the store owner that i would be willing to exchange. Wondering if maybe i ust gave up my Iolite for some potential peice of garbage that I would regret even more for some reasons you posed as probable or potential.

    So I hope that my efforts to report here will be considered as helpful beyond just being labled a "new member (who is) just casually stroll(ing) through here and giv(ing) a review and answer(ing) a few questions then you never hear from them again."

    If you think I am just "casually strolling through here," then I'd like to see what you define as the opposite. I am coming here after 1st dedicating myself to unraveling the mysteries of the Iolite through time, effort, patience, and reading 100 pages of research on FC forum. Only to come to the conclusion that, I had become one pissed off iolite customer, and that there must be something better than the Iolite.

    Lo and behold, in my own small mind, I gathered up the intelligence to start to research for something electric. And lo and behold, the local store had their very first Vapri no 2 ELECTRIC! unit in the cabiniet for me to start pondering over, and eventually it led me to probe this forum. Again there was nothing casual in my reading of all your comments and criticisms.. and reading between the lines where YOU vets may be unduly influencing without real tests. But unlike the case of the Iolite.. NONE of you had ANY actual EXPERIENCE with the new Vapir no2. which was a bit frustrating.

    So i figured I would do the forum the service, if I could get my hands on one in exchange. I did, and i am, and so here we stand. I think I have helped the curious with questions which they need to have answered between the Iolite and the Vapir no2. And I am trying to assume that many readers, will not even have the same starting issues with the Iolite, so i am also trying to reference any other perceivable observations.. BUt some WILL (or do) have the same starting issues with the Iolite. And if you don't even want to take the chance, then I think i am providing needed info on a much better product. Especially regarding the lighting. The extra vape clouds of the Vapir, compared to the Iolite is my personal surprise.. which may or may not be a valid "objective" report. But I think I if you put the vapir no2 in people's mouth, and then put the iolite in their mouth, side by side. .. the Vapir no 2 would win 100% based on vape experience.

    What's left to report, imo, is if this vapir no2 gets finicky on me, or fails.. and I will report it. faster than you can say FC. Until then..I assume I have given many the confidence needed to get well beyond all of your veteran comments which harshly relate to past vapir products.

    I'm glad i wasn't already so jaded as to pass this product over, as almost every one of you seemed ready to do and were ready to tell others to do.

    In retort, what is another electric portable on te market that you think I should be comparing this too? Obviously, you can't ever sell me on a butane filled Iolite over this Vapir no2.
  24. Wolface

    Wolface Well-Known Member

    This should be an interesting thread to watch. So far it is looking pretty good to me but more reviews by many more people over the next few months will be a better indicator of durability. I would like to see a shootout between the Supreme and the NO2! I like the fact that the NO2 is dead silent when using unlike some other portables.
  25. moodswing

    moodswing low tolerance is underrated

    408 | Bay Area | Cali
    great set of observations skystate! as someone who's been waiting for proper unbiased reviews on this product, i appreciate it. so far you've convinced me its better than the iolite. that was slick how you were able to trade in your io btw. i'd be interested in your thoughts after a month or two of use.

    i think i'm gonna start looking for someone to sell my iolite to :lol:

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