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Vaping Flowers Vs. Dabs which is healthier for you?

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by HippieHitman, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    I'd prefer to not use theoretical terms such as evolution when discussing science, as I find loaded words like those quickly skew conversation.

    Adaptation is the biological term. Selective breeding is a very... human-like form of isolating genes. Ironically similar to courtship? :love:

    LOL, nice to see you use my same decarboxlation reference you disagreed with in another thread!

    Although if you look around you might notice, we aren't just any, regular, mammalian species, in fact our history and origin is entirely unknown! Are we even of this planet? And is cannabis?

    NOBODY KNOWS! :whip:
    Field leading anthropologists, archaeologists, and other experts still cannot explain the root cause of civilization. I find that fascinating!

    Keep in mind that taste and other sensual perception greatly varies between species! The domesticated dog for example having entirely different abilities than us, despite some shared "mammalian" classifications. They have quite poor vision, comparatively, but incredible olfactory abilities. Some mammals are even adapted to live in the sea! Or fly! Or lay eggs!

    Many carnivores for example, lack the taste receptors to actually taste the sweet fruit in your example. But other mammals do! My point being that these sensations and effects are not the same from species to species as your analogy suggests. Similar to how capsaicin in chili peppers works to fend off many mammals by producing an uncomfortable, irritable heat, but birds do not have this taste receptor, and thus are not effected.

  2. EverythingsHazy

    EverythingsHazy Well-Known Member

    What’s wrong with the word “evolution”? Regardless if you use “evolution” or “adaptation”, the process is the same. No species changes on purpose, but rather through beneficial, random mutations.

    What did I disagree with you about in regards to decarboxylation?

    What do you mean when you say our origin is unknown? We’re decendants of primates, and there are fossils of our early ancestors. It’s not like every other animal on the planet evolved from blue-green bacteria, and humans just so happen to have been dropped off by some alien race. Perhaps, those blue-green bacteria were dropped off by a meteorite or something, but individual species surely weren’t.
  3. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    well hopefully we do not see gigantic flying alien vaporizer ships coming to this planet to vape the human life forms... I'm sure humans would vape well in an alien vape ship right? maybe they've been breeding human stock on available planets getting us fat and lazy to then put us in the vape! "Man Strain" with lots of bioactives LOL
  4. GreenCheese

    GreenCheese New Member

    Dabs are just too strong for me, and I feel like I am either still high the next day, or didn't get enough sleep.

    Though I think rosin press dabs are safer, because no plant gunk gets in your lungs just pure medicine.

    I think in the near future they will make vapes that micro dose dabs, so you get the best dose for the best high
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  5. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    These devices have been out for years. Prefilled carts, temperature controlled waxpens, electronic nails. They are all capable of micro dosing.

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