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Vaping and Memory Loss

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by Aphex Twin, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Aphex Twin

    Aphex Twin Member

    I've been getting used to vaping over the last month or so, as part of my attempt to rid myself of my nicotine addiction. It's going well and I'm fine-tuning my methods to get the most from it.

    The differences in the buzz are well documented on here. Personally I really like the fact that vaping gets you more high and less stoned.

    One thing I have noticed is this: I can hardly remember the night before when I've had a fairly heavy session. It isn't an alcoholic-style blackout, but it isn't far away. I sometimes struggle to remember what I watched on the TV or what I ate (sometimes that can be an enormous amount!). I always had the classic short-term memory loss when smoking, but it seems much more significant when vaping.
  2. Hippie Dickie

    Hippie Dickie The Herbal Cube Manufacturer

    where the Cube rules!
    welcome to old age ... or, you aren't trying hard enough to make it memorable ... most TV that i see is just eye wash.
  3. His_Highness

    His_Highness In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

    Stop complaining...you can watch the same episode of WestWorld and enjoy it like the first time, every time ;)

    Seriously....I know what you mean. I think it depends on whether I'm in entertainment mode or serious mode. I can recall if I was doing or listening to something 'serious'.
  4. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

  5. TeeJay1952

    TeeJay1952 Well-Known Member

    I have memory loss. Grandma and Uncle on Mom's side had it to complete blankness eventually. They (as far as I know) were not users. I am a 5 decade abuser. The question is : "What caused what?" and "What can or should be done about it?"

    I tell folks who listen that I am not brain dead because I use. I use because I am brain dead and it makes it tolerable.
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  6. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    What was the question? I forgot?

    Seriously though I've noticed no difference in memory capability between smoking and vaping. It all depends on what had my attention during my high. If the TV was on but I was actually reading fuckcombustion.com posts at the time then sure I have little recall on the details of the TV show but I've never had black spots vaping cannabis.
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  7. NizzyJones

    NizzyJones Well-Known Member

  8. darbarikanada

    darbarikanada Well-Known Member

    in a rather strange twist on this subject, the strain called 'old toby' was created by a guy who wanted to treat his memory loss (which wasn't - as far as I know - due to pot use). I've only tried it a couple times, but it was unusually clear-headed - the high seemed to be all 'body', no 'head'. odd stuff.

    I've also heard 'budtenders' claim that the hazes are more likely to make one spacey. I can't say my 'research' is definitive, but there does seem to be some truth to it.

    then there's 'dagga', otherwise known as 'south african tripping grass' due to its similarity to psychedelics; at low doses, things just feel strange.

    maybe different strains have different impacts on memory.
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  9. BD9

    BD9 Well-Known Member

    The Devil's Lettuce Patch
    Hi @Aphex Twin,

    You mentioned "After heavy sessions". How heavy? Are you also consuming alcohol or other things while vaping?
    I'm on the other end, I remember everything vividly but I'm not having heavy sessions either.
    Have you experienced memory loss when you vape less?

    The Old Toby strain @darbarikanada mentioned sounds interesting. If you can find it, maybe give it a try.

    From Leafly:

    Old Toby was developed by grower Matthew Gordon to help curb short term memory loss while offering exceptional anti-inflammatory effects. With a terpene profile rich in limonene and pinene, Old Toby uplifts the mind and blankets the body in a trainquility that is medicinal without being sedating. The genetic lineage of Old Toby is hard to pin down due to the nearly decade-long breeding process Gordon undertook developing the strain. As fans may already know, this is the pipe-weed Gandalf enjoyed in J.R.R. Tolkien’s book, The Hobbit.
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  10. vapirtoo

    vapirtoo Well-Known Member

    Is it memory loss or memory selection?
    I can remember the size of an 50 year old hobbie engine ( .049 cox ), but if I do not make a mental note and picture of where I parked the car , I'm fucked.
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  11. TeeJay1952

    TeeJay1952 Well-Known Member

    My son wanted a car voucher so he asked me my Local. You know the one I worked at for 30 years, was member of and actively attended meetings at. Had to Google it.
  12. Aphex Twin

    Aphex Twin Member

    The "memory loss" I'm referring to is when I've had a lot to vape, maybe 6-7 loads of my portable. It is worse if I've had alcohol. I've smoked for decades, so am used to the general short-term memory loss on the actual night, and this seems to be a bit worse when I'm vaping. "I've forgotten what I was going to say", type of stuff. But moreso, the next day I sometimes have to struggle to remember what film I watched or what we talked about.

    If I vape less it's less of an issue. It isn't a problem particularly, just something I've noticed which may just be an effect of the purer, more THC-oriented high.
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  13. Stevenski

    Stevenski Enter the Dragon

    'straya mate
    My issues seem to be the next day even after relatively light sessions but I think it may be exacerbated by having to analyze & create new process frameworks rather than following preexisting ones.
  14. Fat Freddy

    Fat Freddy FUCK CANCER TOO !

    My short-term memory is really poor, and so is my short-term memory!

  15. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    My phone is the thing that annoys me...

    The amount of times I take it out of my pocket, unlock it, then sit staring at it for while why I try to figure out why my phone is in my hand...

    The I give up and lock it.... Then I remember I why I unlocked it...
    This can be a vicious circle.....

    This only happens when I'm high....
    This reassures me that my brain is not melting....
  16. NoochieVape

    NoochieVape www.imminentdawning.com Manufacturer

    Too funny :lol:

    I just get add and try to multitask too much, resulting in forgetting what I was just doing.

    I once put a bagel in the oven, charred it because I forgot about it, put another in and promptly forgot about that one as well, charring it black.
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  17. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    Well, I guess this is one way to deal with the munchies... :doh:
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  18. Izan

    Izan Well-Known Member

    Old vaper Pro tip:
    preheat oven. insert product of choice,close door, TURN OFF OVEN.

    It will bake as you vake...when you remember...it's done.

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  19. TeeJay1952

    TeeJay1952 Well-Known Member

    I either tie my belt from bathrobe to oven so I don't wander off or use phone timer to alert ever 4 minutes till I turn oven off.
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  20. NizzyJones

    NizzyJones Well-Known Member

    Oh god, that reminded me of the time I was wayyy too high and I started making something. Forgot about it. Started making something else. Made a snack while waiting for Thing2. Remembered Thing1 and ate EVERYTHING. So bad. :lol:
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  21. sokesleezy

    sokesleezy Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, I do think there is credence to this study. My question is, how can it be counteracted?
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  22. cannabis.pro

    cannabis.pro OpenCannabis Advocate Accessory Maker

    From a lecture I had at UVM this past spring, source:
    Karen M. Lounsbury, PhD
    Professor of Pharmacology

    Cannabis Intoxication:
Enjoyable Experiences
    • Dizziness or lightheadedness
    • Relaxed calm and a feeling of being “disconnected”
    • Altered Perceptions
    • Awareness of the senses and of music may be increased
    • Distorted sense of time
    • Slowed reaction time
    • Decreased attention, sedation
    • Giggles and euphoria
    • Appetite increases
    Transient Negative Experiences
    • Mild to severe anxiety, paranoia
    • Feeling tense or agitated
    • Confusion and memory loss
    • Clumsiness
    • Headache
    • Hangover-dry mouth, dry eyes, fatigue, cognitive impairment, memory loss
  23. panasonic

    panasonic Well-Known Member

  24. m0sh

    m0sh Singer Song Writer Stoner

    Hey dude, IMO, it has nothing to do with vaping.
    Perhaps you're not used to being so medicated, because smoking makes you much less high and more stoned as you said...its ok to forget last night, happens to all but it could be when drinking as well..
    All in all, short term memory loss can be achieved, but long term? NO WAY.
  25. MoltenTiger

    MoltenTiger Well-Known Member

    Down down under
    I have found morning after haze to be nearly entirely lifted by the synergistic combination of L-theanine and caffeine (60mg, I'll have to find out the quantity of L-theanine, but the main point is the caffeine intake is quite low).
    A really awesome combo everyone should try, foggy or not. Unregulated, cheap and widely available, even on eBay. There is nearly no crash when the effects wear off (they just fade away to normality), and personally I found it to be a noticeable alteration in multiple beneficial ways, from general clarity, to heightened focus to less general fatigue and less anxiety.
    It won't bring back memories (their disappearance is likely strain related as discussed above, a direct implication of external CB1/CB2 receptor interaction). But it might help an overall life balance, which could lead to better memory use?

    PS the Old Toby strain sounds so awesome. I am fed up with the backward market in my country, it nearly defeats the benefits in some ways. The combinations of terpenes and cannabinoids are incredible, a lot of knowledge to be unlocked there.

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