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Vape THC Content vs. Drug Test

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by chickenpotpie, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. chickenpotpie

    chickenpotpie Well-Known Member

    As the subject suggests, I'm curious if vaping with my Extreme Q would effect the standard models of THC detox.

    For Example, it is said that after varying levels of smoking, THC metabolites can be detected within your system from 3-90 days. However, Vaping has a much higher concentration of THC, correct? So would that skew those standard models?

    Point is.. I have a drug test for a hospital internship coming up. I'm doing the cold turkey to pass on the first run, however, I'm not going to be there everyday nor every week. Maybe once every two weeks.

    So, I could definitely do the "once a week deal" and let the THC go out of my system within 3-7 days that is alloted from the smoking detox model, yet I'm not sure if vaping applies differently. Because what if I want to get totally vaked? I tend to vape so much I perceive myself as a salamander, which I would assume leaves behind alot more THC metabolites in the system than ripping the hell out of bongs, bowls, etc.

    Does anyone know of a vaporizing scale for THC detox / if it's roughly the same? Essentially I'm asking if anyone has an idea of how much time would it take for THC metabolites to leave a body system after vakin once week as opposed to smoking once a week.

    Thanks for the input

  2. Nycdeisel

    Nycdeisel Well-Known Member

    Are you sure that you would even need to take more then one test?
  3. tdavie

    tdavie Unconscious Objector

    Police State of Canada
    Bottom line (and I work with Gas Chromatography/Ig detection); if you smoke or vape, it can be caught in a drug test for those technicians with due diligence. 90 days is a minimum I would feel safe if I knew I was going to get tested.

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  4. chickenpotpie

    chickenpotpie Well-Known Member

    Maybe cause the hospitals are starting to do more random tests.

    Tom, I'm not concerned with IF it will show up in the test.

    More so I'm wondering if vaping once a week would cause more THC metabolites to form than smoking.

    If it did, I assume it would skew the 3-7 day time it'd take for a light smoker to get it out of the system and probably make it longer with the increased THC concentration.
  5. Stu

    Stu Maconheiro Staff Member

    southeast of disorder
  6. AGBeer

    AGBeer Lost in Thought

    Deep in my lungs
    One thing you have to take into consideration is whether they are using the GC/MS right off the bat - Chances are no (because of the cost of this very precise and specialized test) Id be willing to bet that the majority (if not all) samples are given the quick 'cheapie detection' test to see if there are any substances in the urine. If this comes up positive, THEN it goes to the GC/MS. And if that happens - you might as well just admit it. :p (Something along the lines of 'Breaking down a MOLECULE of your piss into a billion parts')

    I know in the military (they used to) operate on the 'one in a box' method. They would choose a random sample from the box of samples during a given sweep. If that passed, they all passed. If that one failed, the whole box was tested.
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  7. chickenpotpie

    chickenpotpie Well-Known Member

    But would vaping cause me to have a higher concentration of those particles????
  8. NorCalSivart

    NorCalSivart Well-Known Member

    I would say no. I recently took a drug test (and passed) for a job and did not take a t-break because I was unaware of the drug test. I did do a bunch of cardio before going in and drank plenty of water before taking my test. I go through at least 3 stems a day in my PD and still managed to pass. So I don't think vaping causes a huge difference of how much THC is in your system.
  9. chickenpotpie

    chickenpotpie Well-Known Member

    Thank you, that's more of what I was getting at. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  10. CombustionJunction

    CombustionJunction What's Your Function?

    Gainesville, FL
    My wife had to take a drug test after we had just begun vaping regularly with our Zephyr ION and it took a hell of a lot longer for her to get clean than it usually does, so based on that, I would have to say that the higher concentration of THC does make a big difference, but of course, there are so many variables involved that it's hard to state that as fact, but it's been our experience.
  11. chickenpotpie

    chickenpotpie Well-Known Member


    I wish a model would be made for these circumstances.
  12. chickenpotpie

    chickenpotpie Well-Known Member

    Someone should take one of the dankest strains of marijuana and utilize one of the more efficient hi-tech vaporizers in an attempt to observe how long it takes to get clean in relation to similar models available for smoking.
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  13. SmokingElectricity

    SmokingElectricity Livin' Astro

    The Lab
    synthetic urine>>>>>>>>>

    i don't leave shit to chance anymore.
  14. crawdad

    crawdad floatin

    potano territory
    this kind of stuff really messes with my happiness, hope i never have to deal with it. best to you chicken.

    how are you checking to see if you are "clean" before taking the test?
  15. SundayVaper

    SundayVaper Member

    90 days minimum to detox for a urine screen is wildly inaccurate and incredibly misleading even for someone who's gone through 3g's a day for 7 years straight.

    As far as the OP's question, IMO the method will make little difference. I think there will be no noticeable difference on a GC/MS if I smoke a gram, vape a gram, or eat a gram. And also there is no special drink or pills to remove the traces, but dilution is a technique that can be effective in a pinch ... So I've heard ;)
  16. jambolaya

    jambolaya Well-Known Member

    How many days before the test did you stop vaping?
  17. oldiebutgoodie

    oldiebutgoodie Apostle, Church of Vaporization

    I'm afraid the answer is that there is no answer, not at least in terms of the models. But I think there is a way to get to your fundamental objective, i.e., "can you vake once a week and not be detected within a week".

    In anticipation of employer testing, over several months I conducted controlled tests on myself using the same methods and tools as the first-level urine tests that are done by one of the largest 3rd-party testing firms in the U.S. (Comparatively few employers do their own testing, but in a hospital, hmmm . . .) My testing included not consuming for given lengths of time, testing with small amounts of consumption (as best I could control "amounts", given subtle variables inherent in the process of consumption itself), and testing using a carefully engineered dilution regimen. I have used my results to aid several friends with their tests.

    My medical test equip supplier, like other sources, uses ranges of time for testing viability, and of course for good reason. THC is stored in fatty lipid tissue, and by far the greater factors affecting testing for "occasional" or "infrequent" users (as opposed to "chronic" users where the THC storage is built up to very high levels over an extended period of time) are such things as age, body type, amount of this type of fat, metabolic rate, exercise regimen, diet, etc. Consequently, the effectiveness window my supplier provided for "infrequent" users is up to 10 days.

    I found this to be, for my probably typical self, reasonably close. Specifically, even though I don't have factors which would skew my retention higher (like being overweight), I found that even modest (e.g., 3-6 hits off a small pipe) consumption was detectable in 7-10 days. I also found that I could pass the test every time using my dilution regimen.

    Going above that level (say, getting really stoned) quickly changed the results, i.e., easily detectable (the test tool provides a visual suggestion of amount detected) within 2 or even 3 weeks. I still could pass the test using my dilution method, but that definitely became more difficult. Going to that higher level and repeating that for 3 days pushed me out beyond 1 month detection and not only undid but also exposed my dilution method.

    So boiling this down to your question, unless you have non-standard factors such as a much higher fat-ratio, then yes, you probably can pass a test within a week of one heavy session if you use the necessary dilution methodology. However, without the right methodology, regardless of whether your session is heavy or even modest (hence going to your question of diffs in the models), your chances of detection are mid-to-high.

    Furthermore, if you may be tested within a week, you can disregard the vast majority of advice on the web regarding using dilution to pass this test - most of that is way out of date or just flat-out wrong. Dilution can work (although some people do get lucky or encounter testers asleep at the switch), but it must not only be done correctly but more importantly the dilution itself cannot be detectable, and that is specifically tested for - in five different ways. The key to passing by dilution is to make the dilution undetectable. This information is on the web, if carefully searched for.

    Good luck.
  18. djonkoman

    djonkoman Well-Known Member

    can you explain a bit more about these bodytypes?
    I know from myself I must have low skinfat, since I have good visible veins, especially if it's hot, and visible muscles(including sixpack) eventough I don't work out and the only exercise I get is the everydaybikeride to the city
    one of my friends once called me the perfect heroinjunkie since I would never have to seek for a vein:p
    I know my father also has very visible veins

    so would this mean I could pass a drugtest more easily then the average person? (not that I ever expect to be drugtested... here they only drugtest for the army and police)
  19. oldiebutgoodie

    oldiebutgoodie Apostle, Church of Vaporization

    Body types simply refers to the subject of fat ratio, types of fat, where the body is inclined to store the fat, what propensity the body has for acquiring and burning off fat, etc. One can look at two individuals who appear similar in size, weight, and structure and yet one may have a much higher percentage of fat or one may much more easily acquire (or burn off) fat. Sometimes this is obvious (the sedentary couch-potato with big beer belly) but sometimes not so much so (the stocky but evenly proportioned man who is actually carrying a lot of fat distributed around the whole torso). Individuals who consume herb regularly and/or at high levels, and who also have a high body fat count, are likely to require weeks if not months before the body sloughs off the metabolites through the bloodstream (the body will still retain traces of the metabolites in certain areas which is why some sophisticated tests can detect THC for much longer).
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  20. Agent_Age

    Agent_Age Well-Known Member

    Bumping this thread, anyone have any experience with vaping and saliva swab tests.

    I get random tests at work and can pass a swab test after smoking the night before, but wondering if vaping changes it
  21. Magic9

    Magic9 Plant Enthusiast

    Middle of the Map
    There should be no difference. If you pass the saliva swab with smoking, you'll pass with vaping.
  22. BuzzDanklin

    BuzzDanklin Well-Known Member

    THC tests are incredibly cheap on amazon, do some tests yourself and see how your specific body reacts with your own vaping consumption and how fast it cleans out.
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  23. zor

    zor I hate the kids

    I've used some THC strip pee tests from amazon to ensure I was clean after a month-long detox, it worked quite well as I noticed (qualitatively) the gradual decrease of metabolites over time and I easily passed my piss test. I did some positive and negative controls beforehand, just to be sure, too.
  24. scottg402

    scottg402 Well-Known Member

    My former employer used saliva tests.

    If my memory serves me well, the thc stays in the saliva for 8 hours. I know this because I was "certified" to administer tests to my employees.
    (If they only knew) :rofl:

    If they popped on the saliva test you were supposed to send them to the clinic for a urine test but it never happened in all the tests I gave.

    I can't imagine there is much difference between smoking and vaping as far as saliva is concerned but I'm no expert.

    I think they need to just legalize it and move on but in the meantime I like the idea of saliva tests (for those jobs that require testing).

    I think the 8 hour time line is pretty appropriate.

    I didn't care if my employees smoked a joint the night before, so long as they were sober when they were driving that 26,000 lb. truck the next day.
  25. Agent_Age

    Agent_Age Well-Known Member

    Yeah most people out here have a cut off time the night before. I try to finish up by 8:30 which gives me 10 hours.

    It's nice to be able to have a vape when u get home from work and still pass a test.

    Much better than the piss tests a lot of people are still subject to.
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