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VapCap 510 Heater Build (Based on "The Project")

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Pipes, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. natural farmer

    natural farmer Well-Known Member

    High in a Greek mountain!
    A good insulator might be a better idea... Avoiding shorts is also a good idea. :p We need to keep temps low, this thing without airflow really heats up. I was thinking of mica tubing without a sleeve...
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  2. GeeWhiz

    GeeWhiz Well-Known Member

    Has anyone done some projects with butane heaters? some modifications?
  3. supershredderdan

    supershredderdan Well-Known Member Manufacturer

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  4. virtualpurple

    virtualpurple Well-Known Member

    How well does it work and what is the heatup time? Any interest in building a few to sell?
  5. supershredderdan

    supershredderdan Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    Works pretty well, I've found that at higher wattages like 50-60 it clicks in under 20 seconds from cold, then maybe only 10-15 seconds per cycle after.

    What I like most is running it on a lower wattage like 30-40. It takes considerably longer to heat up (40-60 seconds at most) but I get bigger hits and the tip stays hot longer.

    So it seems that low wattage is akin to a single flame torch and higher wattage is a quad. It makes sense

    I guess if enough people wanted I could order some rda's and wrap some wire, but it's really no special mod or anything, just a coil wound around a vapcap (I wound mine around the body of my m) and connected to an rda. If I made some for people I'd probably want to order different rda's though, the cap touches the middle post in the mutation rda which doesn't short it but has left some black burn dots on the my cap. It still works great, but it's there forever now lol
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  6. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    Lol I'm sorry guys but this completely braindead inefficient! Just put "the Project" on top of your mod and you'll get full convection vapor under 3 seconds from cold and using less Watts.

    Why use so much energy to heat the Vapcap for so long and ultimately get only conduction heating? You already have a mod, just get a suitable atty (Project or BULLI/custom for convection, Divine Tribe DC2 for conduction) Instead you heat a coil, which heats air, which in turn heats the cap, which heats the material... there's loss at every step.

    The only argument I could imagine would be stealth, but I'm not even sure it's stealthier to hold a mod in one hand, a VC in the other and juggle... vs directly hitting your mod with an atty like if it was an e-cig.
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  7. supershredderdan

    supershredderdan Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    I have the project as well as 2 DC2 attys and I love them both to death. the DC2 has been my daily driver since I got the settings tuned just right.

    I only made that one because it was fun, took no longer than 2 minutes, and its a great option for when I want to use my vapcap, but my torch is acting up (which happens often IME)

    I would never walk around with that setup for stealth hits, I usually keep it on my back porch and I am not as worried about the power efficiency because I have 18650s always on the charger.

    I have found that with the lower wattage heating I can manage to get hits slightly bigger or fuller than with even my single flame on the base of the cap. It may look silly but it serves its purpose for me.
  8. goodpunk6

    goodpunk6 Well-Known Member

    I'm absolutely intrigued by this concept. I NEED a vapcap heater. No, I don't want to use my mod to vaporize. Its a personal preference. I love my Omnivap/Omnivong/Nonavong/M and want to keep using them. Spinning them when I'm out is not a good idea for me either. If done right, the 510 vapcap heater will make your vapcap look like a stem. That should be the goal of this project. Someone, please bring this to life.
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