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V&Cs ultra super mega portable blowout bundle!!!!! Pax, ascent, and indica!

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by VaPeD&CoNfUsEd, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. VaPeD&CoNfUsEd

    VaPeD&CoNfUsEd JoDa Glassworks Glass Blower

    Ok folks this is a partial repost.

    This is for a new carbon fiber davinci ascent, a new emerald green pax, and a new indica vaporizer (you can't even get one of these yet). All 3 vapes are literally brand new except for one use each. I am just not in a place where I need portables right now. (My enano is plenty enough). So this is your chance to steal them from me and save a ton in the process. All three will also come with some accessories each. (About 125$ worth between the 3 of them).

    Anyways I'm in a spot where I could really use the money more. (Putting together a small glassblowing studio). So for a fast sale I'd like $620 $610. (Retail of the vapes plus accessories would be $800+) That will cover bombproof, insured, signature required, CONUS shipping as well as Paypal fees.

    Don't miss out on this one guys! Pull the trigger and instantly have a collection of 3 of the best portables available.

    For the moment I'm selling these as a bundle only.

    Check out all my positive feedback if you have any reservations.

    Here's pics:
    ^^^^All powered off^^^^
    ^^^^All powered on^^^^

    More pics available upon request.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2014
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