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tubo evic

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by funkyjunky, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. nasdri253

    nasdri253 Member

    I have never been in love with the s&b capsules, i end up loading the bottom using the installed screen or i go with rimmed screens with TnT wood mp.
    I told Ralph i would like to have his mp in two different options, rimmed screens or s&b capsules, should not be a big issue.
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  2. sickmanfraud

    sickmanfraud Well-Known Member

    As already mentioned, the capsules are supposed to the have the lid side toward the heat source.

    You should not overflow the capsules. After a couple of draws, you can remove the lid for better extraction and you can replace the lid if you decide to stir.
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  3. RelaxedNow

    RelaxedNow Well-Known Member

    Nah, just leave the lids off right from the start. Works great. If a few crumbs fall out, no big deal, ‘cause you’ll still be vaping ‘em.

    No stir needed, in my experience......well, were weed still illegal and expensive, i might feel differently, I suppose.
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  4. Azn2101

    Azn2101 Well-Known Member

    When I'm going to pack the S&B Capsules for the TUBO I break out the large SCS cause it seems to make a little more course grind than the mid or small sizes.

    I like the consistency like that cause all it takes is a clump or 2 for all material to stay in place untamped when loading.
  5. Strakinpak

    Strakinpak Active Member

    I do have to say that the Tubo Evic eats batteries for dinner, but I'm still really satisfied with what it does.
    I have the short capsule stem and the glass gets too hot for my lips though, even with the maze cooler. I am running it at 220c so Im kind of pushing it haha.
    All in all I love this vape, I hope itll be my pal for years to come.:-D
    Does anyone have tips and tricks how to get the most out of the on demand mode?
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  6. madisonsquaregarden

    madisonsquaregarden bih

    My vape is showing weak battery at 45%, should I swap the battery or can I keep going
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  7. Rollingstoned

    Rollingstoned Well-Known Member

    All the tubos i have seen always say weak battery at any percentage. When my batteries are below %40 i take it out and put a new one in
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  8. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    You guys are pushing your cells too hard, been repeating that like a broken record since the beginning... :rolleyes:

    Either lower your max Power or use real 20A or better 25A CDR cells.
  9. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    I second that..
    When i first got my tubo with 30q i thought the vape sucked.. Switching to an higher CDR Efest and later to VTC5a massively changed the performance.
  10. funkyjunky

    funkyjunky www.lamart.ch Manufacturer

    let me resurface for this one...

    yes it is completely fine to use the battery when the weak battery message appears.
    the mod is not only displaying the message to let you know, it also adjusts max wattage according to what the cell is capable to supply.
    it does essentially do the same thing as limiting peak wattage but on the fly, so you can rock the 70watts until down to 50% charge, and then it will throttle to lower max watts according to the cell capacity.
    there are actually two mechanism in place, one watches the internal resistance and one the battery voltage when sagging, both trigger lower peak wattage.

    what this means in practice is that it will not cope with monster draws on demand at low battery charge (or old batteries where the message will appear a lot earlier). however if you run it in cruise mode the heater will only need high watts to ramp up to temp quickly, after a bit of heat soaking it will not go up as high in watts when drawing, unless you want it to. the vape works well with low wattage consumption when preheated for most scenarios.
  11. QTdrone

    QTdrone Member

    How do you lower your max power? I always get the low battery message even on charges above 70%. Using Sony VTC6A's and a pair of LG HG2s.

    Also does anyone know if the glass tube comes out of the wooden capsule stems?
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  12. Azn2101

    Azn2101 Well-Known Member

    Hey man I wanted to say thank you for telling me about those Samsung 20r are like THE best at home battery. No sag. Low battery shows at around 20 batt.

    @QTdrone Yes the glass is removable =) go to menu>interfsce>clicks>Edit>(-) to move down to wattage, press up once to lock in and start changing when it's flashing over the Peak wattage

    Just for the record I use VTC5d's (3x) when going out with, Samsung 20r's (3x) At home use they say 2000mAh but it feels like the a VTC5a with more power and slightly less battery, then VTC5a's as spares (4x) and keep 2 in 2 separate locations in case I'm in a rush and all others are being used or charged.

    The 20r's have grown on me. A lot. I think it's cause even though they say 2000mAh the 30a CDR takes the metaphorical weight off the batteries sag and makes it feel like a BEEFY battery with a more than needed 3 solid sessions at 6min T stepping from 200c-215c
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  13. QTdrone

    QTdrone Member

    I can change one of the clicks to edit, but from there pressing the + or - buttons just moves me around the menu. I usually get about 3 sessions out of my current batteries, why would the 20R's be any better? Thanks.
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  14. Azn2101

    Azn2101 Well-Known Member

    They're a 30a 2000mAh battery. When you drop the Peak Watt. to 50 then it's a noticable slower heat-up but the problem it solves it that "Weak Battery" message that bugs the he'll out of me. With the EFest Dark Purple (30q equivalent with a little better preformance) at 50%-ish, the VTC5a's are about 40%, and the VTC5d's like 30% and the 20r's just got flashed the "Weak Battery" for the first time dropped the cruise session and the battery was at 18%.

    Once you go into edit it should be 3 or 4 clicks down than press (+) while flashing over the Peak Wattage to set that that's what you want to edit. From there just lower it to 50w.

    Ok whatever click # you set edit to and then it should start flashing on the TUBO logo at the top then start moving down.
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  15. papa_ent

    papa_ent Active Member

    All that Azn2101 said, but you have to use down to maneuver the display menu. When you click the up button you change whatever display item is blinking (the actual temp display line doesn't blink, just hit down again to get to watts.)

    All other menus can be maneuvered using either up or down to access an item in the menu, the display menu must be accessed through down clicks and the up clicks make actual changes. I hope that makes sense. Tip, take a picture of your display so you know if you changed anything accidentally if you start f'ing with it while you're high.

    I dropped mine to 50w and I dont get any device too hot messages unless I'm pushing like round 3 doing 200-215ish. But that just kicks me out of cruise and I finish on demand. It definitely seems to happen around 40% battery.

    I am using the 30q(?) that comes with it and the vtca. Can someone point me to a link for those best batteries @Azn2101 and @KeroZen and @Abysmal Vapor are speaking of? I hear about counterfeit batteries and the losing money on a crappy product would suck but blowing myself up to maximize my non-combustion consumption would really blow donkeys.

    Edit: @KeroZen I havent read all your posts of course and dont remember an optimal usage you posted. What would you suggest for optimal usage? Use to roughly 70% power? 50%? I know dont ever drain them and I have read not to even drain them too far so I generally run two bowls to around 50% and change out, also avoids the device too hot mesage. I could google but I did read you on another thread (stempod?) talking about how the info out there is for ecigs and the dry herb devices use more power so you seem like the exact person to ask.
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  16. Azn2101

    Azn2101 Well-Known Member

    The Sony VTC5D's are out from the US vendors. @Abysmal Vapor has said that the Muerta Brand "5d's" or any other battery re-wrap from them is as good as getting them from the main company wraps and have 2x Muerta 5d's on the way with a few other button top batteries. If you've read some of my posts I'm a little OCD and kinda like things a certain way (My grammar & Spelling being an exception lol). From a video of Mooches (battery guru) he explained that the chances of us getting a "Fresh from the Factory" battery are rare. As the companies that pay for them to be built or designed have first dibs on them. I think he said companies that use these batteries sometimes only want them for like their first 100 charges or until it degrades to a point where it's no longer considered a "Perfect" Battery for their purposes and then recycle it to be sold off to huge distributors who then sell them to us. This doesn't mean the batteries are bad or are lesser than, it just means that they are not 100% unused all the time. I haven't seen the vid in a while and this one was a long one with basically only hand gestures & Vapor clouds so it would be very hard to judge where the spot may be without possibly watching the whole thing or I'd post a link but all his Genral Coverage videos of batteries have enough info in one to get you to see thru most of the BS like "Pulse Ratings"

    And in my past posts have Recommended the VTC5a or (mainly) the VTC5d's but I honestly believe that the 5a's should be bought if the 5d's are completely sold out but also recently tried the Samsung 20r's and if you don't mind switching out a battery just a little more often their the best "At Home" battery imo. I'm not sure about the Muerta VTC6a's; I asked on E-Cig Forum about Muerta "6a's" being available to be sold to the public while Sony themselves have yet to allow them to be sold from Distributors & Vendors and got a few different answers so I'm not sure what to believe. What I do know is that the "6a" batteries Mooch tested were Vapcell rewraps and Vapcell only has the 6a in 21700 format for sale so I'm gonna wait on Sony just to be sure.

    Holy crap that's long. MB But hope it helps.

    Liion.com = East Half USA (unless IMR is out of whatever it is)
    IMR.com = West Half USA (Vice Versa)
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  17. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    @papa_ent: for real 20A CDR cells you have the Samsung 25R, LG HE2 and HE4 and Sony VTC5. The Sony VTC5A is on a class of its own, but like all Sony cells it's pricier (and apparently Sony's have a lower cycle count before they drop capacity too much and hence a shorter service life)

    There are even other 25A and more cells but when you go this route you need to trade-off capacity. High capacity and high discharge rate is currently not possible (or well, compared to 18650's there are recent 21700's that seem to offer both, but it's not an option for the Tubo)

    Counterfeits definitely abound, you should avoid ebay, amazon, aliexpress and all unknown small shops basically. On top of that, as @Azn2101 pointed out, it's also possible to get genuine cells that are not A-grade. The rumors about previously used cells on the other hand, I don't know. When they are used in packs you should see marks from the tabs spot welding. They are almost never just put inside "carts" like we do when used in commercial products.

    The only way to be sure would be to measure their internal impedance (both DC and AC) when you receive them, and ensure they are in range. But apart from that...

    As for your question about optimal usage, it's usually a good idea to recharge before you reach 3.3V resting voltage, or even sooner if you really want to prolong their life. But your device has a good under-voltage protection so you should never reach the point of no return (2.5V with these modern chemistries)

    The problem is more that you guys are operating them close or over their CDR rating, even if that's only for short bursts. I'm using the same cells inside the same mod (VTC mini) although not in the form of a Tubo. I have my max power set to only 28W and oh boy do they already sag like high heaven at this power and even in TC mode. I don't get the weak battery message but I'm seeing such a large sag!

    It's not a matter of being safe or not, as FJ explained again, there are enough protection mechanisms in software to prevent bad things from happening. But using any cell at its CDR will just reduce its service life (pulsed or not) If you treat them like $5 consumable items (which they are really) then it's not a big deal if they don't last super long, just buy new ones more often.
  18. bossman

    bossman Gentleman Of Leisure

    Thanks for the details in this and your related posts.

    What second battery would you recommend for me? I currently use my six 30Qs for a Splinter, Splinter Z, Lil Bud, and a Tubo X. The VTC Dual and rx gen3 dual fit the 30Q well but the bronze wismec dna250 magnetic cover doesn't fit securely with them and anyway I no longer have enough cells to use those four devices without moving them around. I have a Splinter V1 coming soon too.

    I feel like the move is to get four or six of a different cell that will fit the bronze dna and also perform well with the Lil Bud and Splinters.

    I'm down to get some of the 20r cells that @Azn2101 likes. I never leave the house with my box mod vapes.

    20r appears to be out of stock at the places I've been taught are safe sellers like LMR, and Illumn.
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  19. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    Since you're using dual+ cells mods mostly and no unregulated devices, it shouldn't make much difference. You're not pushing your cells super hard anyway so... you could try the LG HG2, it's similar to the 30Q but the diameter including wrap is a hair smaller, yielding more compatibility.

    The 20R has clearly much less capacity.

    Now gentlemen, please get back on topic, this is the tubo thread and not the Li-Ion selection guide! :cool:
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  20. QTdrone

    QTdrone Member

    Thanks for your help Azn, I was able to turn down the power by 5w. After a week of moderate use, I have to say that I enjoy the bent stem the most. The wooden stem gets very hot on my lips during heavy use. I have tried the Tubo tthru water a few a times as well and I've really got to crank up the temps to get any milky hits. Does anyone have any experience with getting big hits out of the Tubo thru water?

    edit: was just attempting to use the tubo thru water and dropped my bubbler. Oh well :rolleyes:
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
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  21. Azn2101

    Azn2101 Well-Known Member

    Dude I'm glad could help. I think the differences are very small but I've found it hard to find a way not to enjoy the TUBO.

    When it comes to eater I had to go up to 225c and reduce the water in the D020 so that like a 1mm or 2mm of the Perc are above water and I use luke earm water so it doesnt condense the vapor. Warm warter or at least room temp (assuming you're not living in an Arctic region or crazy cold flat lands) but even that is up for debate as some say it males their throat feel weird.

    I have never been a Strictly thru water kind of guy but my experiences are similar. Try removing the top basket screen as when inverted you don't really need anything holding the material from falling cause Gravity has you covered or the mesh and SS rim to soak heat from the material right underneath it. Tha5 did the trick for me but I still enjoy a super long rip from the bent stems. AHHHHH I want a SPIKED STEM SOOOOOOOO BBBBAAAADDDDDD
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  22. bluesith

    bluesith Well-Known Member

    Hi folks, does the milaana stem fit on the tubo evic? If it does, does anyone use it like that? I saw a few coloured glass stems that I thought might look funky in my tubo.
    . cheers, and peace
  23. leveltree

    leveltree never wanted to beat that one ;)

    @QTdrone through water is one of my favourite methods, I got the cork adapter and 1.40m tube. It's really chill and no heat.
    Even better is putting ice chunks in there for reeeaal smooth vapor.
    Water + tube is also great with the power adapter since you don't have to worry about the cable since its sitting still anyway.
    And it's keeping up with any draws obviously.
    Only dth (device too hot) happens occasionally, but with the PA you can quickly continue :)

    Bent stem is really cool but pretty harsh for me after a few tokes.
    @DDave's cooling stem is for me by far the nicest in vapor feel when mobile.

    @bluesith I think I saw some photos here in the thread with those stems and the Tubo. From that a had the impression that milaana is also accepting standard 18mm glass.

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  24. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor

    Not with my glass. However, very soon I will be receiving a custom batch of coolers that WILL fit the milaana and Stem Pod vapes.... :nod:
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  25. Gray Area

    Gray Area Well-Known Member

    Yes and yes... I only use the rbt short stem with my Tubo (although mine are clear not coloured).
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