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Trouble Getting Reclaim Off Pyrex Dish - Any Tips?

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by AZJR, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. AZJR

    AZJR New Member

    So I did my first reclaim of my glass bubbler and after all the ISO evaporated I was left with a nice pile of reclaim on my pyrex dish. I tried using a razor blade to scrape it all up, but I only got maybe 50-75% of the reclaim off the dish. I tried doing a water bath so I could scrape it off easier but most of it is just spreading itself around and not wanting to come up off the pyrex dish.

    I also have a lot built up in the curve of the dish where it starts to go up the sidewalls, I can't get the razor to scrape in there evenly, any tips?

    Would throwing it in the freezer make it any easier to scrape off?
  2. tuk

    tuk Well-Known Member

    I use a Stanley blade which is like a thick/rigid razor blade,

    When collecting, don't drag the blade over the gunk instead push the blade into the gunk, with the right technique you should be able to lift everything with 1 sweep, if you miss a bit go back and collect on second sweep, work so you're pushing a line forward, gunk on 1 side clean on the other.

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  3. AZJR

    AZJR New Member

    Thanks, that is what I was using but I don't think I had the method down correctly. I have about .2 left in there still around the curved edges still, not sure how I am going to get that out for sure yet. Thanks for the help!

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    Take a bud and "wipe-up" the rest.
    I've never been able to scrape up 100% of the reclaim off a dish so swabbing the plate with a bud or cotton ball to clean it up and get all the golden goodness is the only thing that works for me.
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  5. DabComa

    DabComa Well-Known Member

    If it was still that gooey, personally, I would have allowed it to continue to purge, even with reclaim it should scrape up nice and even together with little to no residue left behind.

    Freezing it will definitely not help
  6. MadDabber

    MadDabber New Member

    Get as much as you can by hand... reserve that on the side, it will be the best quality.

    If you really want to get every last bit you can take high proof alcohol (190 + proof... like everclear) and use it as a solvent. Swish it around, agitate it by hand with a hanger or similar tool to get into tight spaces. After it's dissolved (higher the proof the quicker) pour it through a coffee filter to remove any solids and into a glass dish. Double boil the solution to cook off the alcohol and water. End result can be pretty good smoke. There is still plenty of high left in the stuff that sticks to your pipes. It's just not connoisseur flavor. You can do with with any resin buildup. Once the alcohol is evaporated all you're left with is the remaining matter stuck to your bong or pipe walls. ... don't be a dumbass, if you're doing this on a bong make sure that there is no fungus or anything funky on the walls. If there is..... too late, you're a dumbass already. Keep your water clean and the resulting resins will be great smoke. If you let your water sit for days I personally would only use it for nail seasoning unless you enjoy smoking mold spores.

    ...... for me, even at it's worst it's a valuable commodity. And I bet that most people throw it away. :-/
  7. AZJR

    AZJR New Member

    Wasn't gooey until I heated it back up to 105ish on a water bath, I had to heat it up otherwise it was like shatter pure sap. I got 95% of it off, the problem was my method of scraping.

    I ate .75g of claim with crappy results, I am going to try again down the line, for now the claim is just going to get stored. Any tips on storing claim?

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