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Total Noob needs help

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Dr. Benway, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. Dr. Benway

    Dr. Benway New Member

    Hey everyone, I'm brand new here and I could really use a hand. Let me start by saying that while I am pretty well-versed in vaping (i've been vaping my nicotine for 4 years now), I am totally clueless when it comes to dry herb vaping. So I finally got a Boom Nova, but I am not having much success. I watched to You Tube video on the site and followed the directions -- ground up the herb, loaded it, have the tray all the way down, airflow closed, warm up with two hits at 45W (I know the video says 35, but after a few attempts, I found 45 works far better), and then I can get a little vapor once it gets going, not fantastic, but it works. The real problem is after all of this -- no matter how much I tighten or loosen things my box says no atomizer. Replacing the heating element is the only way to even get it working again. So, what the hell am I doing wrong, or not doing that I should be, or vice versa? Oh, also, I am using an Eleaf Istick 60W Temp Control, so I'm wondering if I can/should use temp control setting instead of VW? If so, I'm afraid I will need a little guidance, as I haven't used it in that mode yet. Thanks in advance for all of your help, I look forward to being a part of this community. Cheers.
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  2. seaofgreens

    seaofgreens My Mind Is Free

    Hey man, last I had heard this thing was some prototype that didn't work very well. Here is probably all the information people here know about the Boom Nova:


    My guess is the heating element/atomizer or both are garbage.

    When it comes to dry herb vaping, you are entering a realm where likely a ceramic rod/oven is heating your herbs conductively or air is passing through a heater and cooking your herbs as the air passes over convectively.

    If you want to stick with your atomizers, I strongly suggest checking into:

    As you will see there, atomizers for cannabis vaping require concentrates, as do the atomizers featuring coils and donuts. So if you want to stick with your same equipment, that is your best bet.

    Or check out some of the fantastic portable or desktop options for dry herb vaping here in the forums. If you tell me a bit about your cannabis habits, I might be able to help recommend a compatible device to go along with what you are looking for.

    Welcome to FC, and best of luck!
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  3. E0x

    E0x Well-Known Member

    i can't talk about that specific product and i can't talk about with real experience about 510 modbox dry herb vape , but so far what ppl write here is that 510 or don't work and they just combust , so far the only commercial 510 i read that some ppl have success is the
    http://ineedhemp.com/ which have a thread here that can help you with more info about it , my personal advice to you is get a dedicate dry herb vape , the vapcap which i never used ( But read a lot about it ) i think is good for beginner that want to try vaping without invest too much just to try.

    having said that and you still want use your modbox now i want to give you another alternative that i try my self and i think work great which is a a DIY project of one of our user here http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/the-project-diy-herbal-vaporizer.21055/ , you can get the eraser version and use it with any TC modbox that have TCR support.

    now maybe you are choosing like many ppl the modbox version because is "stealth" in my personal opinion stealth vape don't exist because not matter what they smell and they call the attention of ppl , so in my opinion ppl need stop consuming herb in place where they can't do it.

    there are a lot of other option that the one i mention here and maybe are better option for you i recommend you wait for more reply and start reading the info here.

    sorry for my bad english and good luck
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  4. jl420

    jl420 Well-Known Member

    What's up Doc, just watched vid on the Boom and it seems like it took forever to get a good vape hit. I've bought a few pen style vapes (G Pen/Puffco etc.) and they all seem to work ok with herb but are better suited for concentrates. (At least in my experiences) I found that the elements kept burning out quicker when vaping herb. Granted certain elements are for herb and others are specifically designed for concentrates, I prefer using my MFLB (Magic Flight Launch Box) and my Da Buddha for herb. As far as heating goes I would try cranking heat (3/4 the way) and then gradually turning it down until you reach that sweet spot. You obviously don't want to taste burning herb but hitting till your blue in the face and getting nothing is maddening as well. Possibly smaller packs with a higher temp ratio might be the key. Hope this was a help and good luck...keep us posted on how you make out :tup:
  5. Dr. Benway

    Dr. Benway New Member

    Wow, thank you so much everyone. I wasn't planning on even checking this thread until I got home from work, but I saw an alert that people had already responded, so thank you. All of that info is very helpful. I'll just break it down like seaofgreens suggested so i can get your input -- I smoke a lot of grass. I guess that's relative, I smoke typically a 1/4oz or so a week of medical grade -- right now I'm enjoying some Halo OG Kush at 30.09% THC. I'm bipolar, a recovered heroin addict, work a job that is very demanding both physically and mentally, and have really a messed up stomach from years of alcoholism and bar food, and I have found that herb helps me deal with all of these daily problems and more by regulating my mood, lowering my stress, and calming my stomach -- it's better at all of these than the million other more expensive, addictive, dangerous prescription drugs I've been given that also have a host of goofy side effects. I'm guessing I don't need to preach about the marvels of herb to you guys, so I'll just say I don't like to go very long without a little THC.
    Which brings us to work. For the time being, I have been getting away with sneaking hitters, but vaping is just so much quicker and more discreet. I went awhile using disposable 510 attys filled with concentrate, but they were just way too expensive, I thought about making my own THC juice to vape, but that's a whole project of its own. I love edibles, but I can't always afford to use up a whole ounce at a time to make a batch. So when my brother told me about this cheap dry herb vaporizer I figured I would give it a shot. I have no problem walking away from the Nova, it was only $20, and I am not married to anything 510 threaded, I just can't afford to spend a whole lot.
    So there it is, I'm looking for an inexpensive device that I can use to more discreetly enjoy my herb on cigarette breaks at work, without having to mess with liquids, or shatter, or oil or anything. Any help will be much appreciated.
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  6. seaofgreens

    seaofgreens My Mind Is Free

    Straight up, your very cheapest, decent option imo is probably this guy at the moment:

    Here is the FC thread for vapcap products:

    Watch a video or two on how the dynavap stuff works, and see if it is for you.

    I have limited experience with the product, (I have the glass OG version sort of from the beginning of dynavap, and I find it ok,) but have heard their new models are great.

    For someone combusting currently, not looking to spend much, and hoping for a good intro to dry herb vaping... can't think of a cheaper starting option.

    I have also read that the titanium tipped vapcaps are quite an improvement over the $40-50 ss tipped versions, for whatever that is worth. And if you are going to spend $100, you might want to check out similarly priced vapes such as Vapman or the Vivant Alternate, and see if those look more appealing... This might open a can of worms for options however, so I will leave it at that.
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  7. TeeJay1952

    TeeJay1952 Well-Known Member

    IMHO Get a good desktop (Underdog or Enano) and the 1/4 O you use weekly will go from Pinching and Counting to Satisfied and some left over.
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  8. duff

    duff The world is so small, 'til it ain't

    If you don't mind using a small torch, the Vapcap M is the way to go.
    If you don't want to use a torch, the Grasshopper is great when it works and is around $200.

    Both are tiny, quick and effective.
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  9. Dr. Benway

    Dr. Benway New Member

    Right on, thanks again everyone. I watched the video for vapcap on their site and it's something i am definitely going to try out; I'll most likely order one this week once I get my check from my 2nd job. In the meantime, I'm going to flip through the thread linked above. Cheers, and vape on!
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