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Toronto - Find A Dispensary (9 Listings)

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by mikek9, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. poonman

    poonman Well-Known Member

    Toronto , Canada
    Done .
    That was interesting , it was just 1 section .
    I think there may be more input allowed in the other sections .
    Bookmarked that page for now .

    They do allow you to type a 1500 worded reply at the end .
    I'd used some Caps and !!! in my post .
    Gonna share this link with my sister and friends to fill out .
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  2. weenstoned

    weenstoned Well-Known Member

    I also filled it out. A lot of their assumptions/proposals are pretty lame/worrisome. Particularly the possible restriction of high THC weed or products like shatter. Gotta get that healthy plant matter tar I guess. Also very amusing that they compared the advertising thing to tobacco conveniently ignoring the massive advertising of alcohol. Kinda the same goes for banning edibles while alcohol companies can make hard lemonades and alco-pops that are basically aimed at teens.

    Edit: Didn't realize there was multiple sections for input. Make sure you are clicking through to the online input section of each 3.X section.

    One potential bright spot I noticed was seeking input on whether or not provinces should be allowed to regulate cannabis differently or if it should be the same rules nationwide. Hard not to imagine a lot of the provinces really fucking this up for consumers if they're allowed to have their way.
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  3. theCerberus

    theCerberus Well-Known Member

    The main problem I have with the survey is it makes a lot of false assumptions that Allard and Smith already proved wrong. It questions Allard on home-growing being safe and Smith on cannabis derivatives and THC limitation while citing increased health risk without data/science to back them up. It even questions the very nature of the medical program's existence while proposing restrictions on our constitutional rights that were just upheld it court....

    They also seem to think "normalization" is somehow a bad thing...

    And assume they can accurately measure THC % level in cannabis flowers...

    They also assume that THC % accurately measures potency....

    And assume that a more potent plant is more of a health risk when it is less of one.... who needs all that plant matter?....

    In this regard, they asked loaded questions, and prove to be the same prohibitionists they always were.
    They even use the word "prohibit" when talking about THC limits/concentrates, and act as if it is somehow a different, more dangerous drug. As if somehow providing clean, regulated hash oil is worse than having people try to make it themselves.

    If all goes their way welcome to prohibition 2.0.... where we see grow ops continue to be raided, questionably safe black market concentrates, and young dumb concentrate makers continue to blow up houses because they dont have access to the product they want.

    It scares me that even when legalization is coming, they are still pushing a lot of the propaganda.
    Most of their concerns can be solved with education (go slow/low dose on the concentrates/edibles for first timers).
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  4. George1151

    George1151 Well-Known Member

    I am worried about how they are gong to screw us over over driving high. It is not anywhere as dangerous as driving drunk and granted someone who is impaired should not drive but I am so cautious when I drive high. Plus what about the THC in my system from the day before even though there is 0 impairment. Insurance implications too. The current MMPR system is terrible and the current LPs do not produce good enough quality according to many. Then there is the issue of price. If everyone gets greedy then the black market will still exist and thrive making cartels and biker gangs and other thugs rich and with enough money to corrupt government.

    Sure would be nice to be able to go to a bar and vape instead of drink though. Wonder if that will happen.
  5. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    Ontario, Canada
  6. theCerberus

    theCerberus Well-Known Member

    John Conroy has been the president of Norml Canada for decades. He is the perfect person to defend our rights. He also should have been chosen for the legalization task force... but there is still strong prohibitionist bias....
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  7. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    Ontario, Canada
    Going to pay Burlington's First a visit tomorrow!
    Gave them a call and they still accept MMAR forms!!!

    Will do a review when i have tested all the strains!
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  8. poonman

    poonman Well-Known Member

    Toronto , Canada
    CALM re-opened last week at a new location on
    Church street . It appears they have the same menu
    as the Phoenix tears delivery menu . I only saw
    6 strains tho , but still want to head down and re-establish
    my membership .

    I'm hoping the other ' well known ' dispensaries will re-open
    soon ...
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  9. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    Ontario, Canada
    Burlington's Finest review.

    Kind of hard to find as there is no signage outside or anything which is the exact point!
    The owner wants it to be more word of mouth for now, makes sense!

    After filling out the 3 page membership form, a copy of my MMAR and drivers license and i am good to go!
    The owner, Marcus takes me to the dispensary area and while it is small, it is neat and tidy.
    Unfortunately all the product is housed under glass in a closed cabinet with fluorescent lights that heat up the large Mason jars. The product was warm and the aroma was out of this world but i do not think this is good for the product.
    The other negative was that i think the owner is not 100% up to speed on medical conditions and strains etc...
    I told him i was an Indica or Indica leaning Hybrid kind of guy due to my conditions to which he said "Well then no Kush strains for you"... To my understanding a Kush is an Indica anyway...
    New industry and lots to learn still.

    Weedmaps had been there and left a bunch swag, which was generously loaded on me! LOL!

    Now onto the menu!!
    There were about 12 strains on hand, most i had never heard of before!
    Some are breeder specific strains that are not available elsewhere, so that is cool!
    All strains had very strong aromas and the buds are super dense and rock hard.
    I was allowed to hold, smell and check their desnsity gently! NICE!!

    The strains i went with are:
    The One - this was his top strain at $80/7gr
    Phoenix Fire OG - This was his 2nd best seller at $70/7gr
    Dawg Daze - $65/7gr
    Kosher Kush - $60/7gr
    Bluberry Blush - $65/7gr

    All round a good experience and i will 100% be going back!
    We talked about vaporizers and he wanted a show and tell the next time i come in, should be fun!

    So far i have tried The One and it is amazing! Thai X Pure Afghan and it is a powerhouse!
    Next up was the Pheonix Fire OG and it was bomb as well! Super high THC here!!
    Later will be the Dawg Daze, this one has a super pungent fruity smell to it. Seems to be Chemdawg in one of it's many guises! Should be a good one!

    I would recommend this place!
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  10. theCerberus

    theCerberus Well-Known Member

    Hindu, Afghani, and other landraces in the kush mountain region are indicas, however OG kush (Ocean Grown Kush) is a hybrid which originates from a cross of Hindu and Chem Dawg grown in California.

    Many "Kush" strains are OG Kush crosses, which makes them hybrids and not quite indica, some may even lean on the sativa side depending on the cross.

    This is why the name Kush alone does not indicate sativa or indica, and the genetics/lineage are important.
  11. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    Ontario, Canada
    That is why I said
    "Indicate or Indica leaning Hybrid"

    I was being very specific by not mentioning Sativa, thus in my mind I was being very clear as to what I was wanting...
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  12. Satty

    Satty Member

    St. Marys Ontario
    I checked out the new Healing Health Compassion in London Ontario yesterday.
    It was a very positive experience, very helpful bud tenders and a good selection of cannabis at fair prices also.
    I walked out with a nice bag of Grape God and Chocolope.
    Top quality!
  13. poonman

    poonman Well-Known Member

    Toronto , Canada
    They will be opening a Cannabis Culture shop , at
    my corner plaza next week .( Scarboro ) I'm sure their prices will
    be the same as the dispensaries .$ 10 - $ 15 / g for their
    top end stuff . But I may find it beneficial , for variety .
    Like grabbing 1 g of tasty Sativa for the night .

    I was down at CALM a few weeks back . I like their
    new location and set-up . Picked up an oz of flavor buds
    Cookies and Cream for $ 280 ... ouch . But will do it
    again .

    My ' local guy ' has dropped his prices a little , I'm guessing
    the black market may have to do that to ensure their piece
    of the pie . Considering they WILL have a target on their backs
    from the LEOs moving forward .

    So Wynn shut down some Ottawa shops , she will not
    be happy until ALL pot stores closed in Ontario . As not to leave
    any money on the table . Such a Nasty Woman ....
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  14. poonman

    poonman Well-Known Member

    Toronto , Canada

    The address for Cannabis Culture in Scarboro is on
    Brimley , north of Finch .
    1st set of lights turn left on Alexnuir ( westward )
    right on the corner plaza as you turn left .
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  15. mikek9

    mikek9 Vapor Enthusiast

    I just filled out the survey, this was my response regarding impaired driving:

    Interesting that the only answers provided to the question about the limits of technology and associated penalties. It seems illogical to only provide answers for harsher penalties when the question starts with, "There are limits to the technology used to test drug impairment" which suggests that we should treat it either the same as we do with alcohol impairment when dealing with substances that are not prohibited any longer(assuming the legalization goes through as promised). I do feel that due to the limits of technology that more time and effort should be put into training officers for signs of drug impairment by some kind of well recognized standard and not just arbitrary training directives not based off researched and peer reviewed information.

    I am a licensed medical user and struggle very much with my health in a number of ways. I also take 7-8 other prescribed regular medications to help with my disabling symptoms. Many of those medication can cause significant impairment likely greater and more dangerous than cannabis such as pain medications and sedatives. I'm certain you must be aware of the people operating motor vehicles with active licenses that are heavily medicated. All it says on the bottle is to use caution when driving as you may feel drowsy or intoxicated. I presume people can still be charged if operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, but that also from what I understand is generally a result of an officer detecting visible impairment in the individual like slurring speech, eye colour and glossiness as well as stumbling and etc. Then I understand you would be taken to hospital and have your blood drawn for a toxicology screen to determine plasma concentrations for the purpose of hopefully charging the individual and having evidence to back it up. However, many users when taking long term medications develop a tolerance to certain side effects and quite often it is the impairment feelings that daily prescription use can cause dependant upon what your taking. This allows many individuals to drive around with oxycodone levels rivaling a passed out heroin user, but not appear impaired. This individual should not be subject to enforcement action if they don't show signs of impairment. Plasma concentrations are quite arbitrary in many cases as it doesn't reflect the brain chemistry that has adjusted the chemicals it releases as a response to the substance ingested. I believe cannabis should be treated the same for medical users that have a doctors prescription. As well, keep in mind, hypothetically I could be smoking a cannabis containing cigarette while driving that is essentially pure CBD as Licensed Providers have many strains with no available or less than one percent (<1%) THC which I believe the enforcement laws are strictly surrounding THC being in your system. They could actually look stoned and tired with significant lethargy, but once drug tested they would be considered clean as you, from my understanding of the laws, only focus testing on THC impairment. This may have changed, but I believe if it has not, this should be considered that the smell of cannabis is not reasonable grounds as it could be from consumption of CBD as well as other discretionary measures like red eyes and etc should not be held against you unless you present signs true of visibly impairment.

    I essentially would like cannabis to be policed the same as alcohol when it comes to impaired driving, but I don't agree with the arbitrary set limits for impairment testing as they don't have the same degree of scientific study as well don't acknowledge the medical need of some users who use it a few times daily. They could very easily get up the next day without consuming any cannabis and wait until mid afternoon and head out for a drive. If pulled over and tested, they could register 10-15+ ng/ml *(I believe is the measurement) when the proposed 5 ng/ml exists. I could not of smoked or vaporized cannabis and not ingested cannabis ever and still register as impaired due to the body's storage of cannabinoids for extended periods of time. I don't believe a user who hasn't smoked in 3-6 hours or ingested anything within 18hrs, depending on tolerance of course, should be considered intoxicated if they don't display the obvious visual signs I have referred to.

    I really hope this information makes it to the eyes of someone who can seriously consider some of my points and possibly have others consider them as well that have a stake in the eventual outcome.

    Thank You."
  16. MeditativeMind

    MeditativeMind *Insert 'custom title' here*

    In the clouds
    Wynne wants to have it extremely regulated like LCBO. I think she won't allow us to grow our own or allow any private dispensaries with non government regulated industrial grow-op based weed. That will definitely not fly around here. All the of the licensed producers I've dealt with have horrible weed. Usually very fluffy, leafy, stemmy, and barely does the job.

    I hate her so much and the way she wants to handle legalization is just the cherry on top.
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  17. mikek9

    mikek9 Vapor Enthusiast

    Unfortunately she doesn't have any authority to override federal legislation. If she doesn't like it she can suck her big toe and cry, but it still won't change. Home production should happen as the task force recommended it. If it is incorporated into the cannabis act it will happen and be allowed in every province and territory regardless of the premiers protest. Our right to consume cannabis for medical purposes is a Charter Right which is fought at the federal level. This is allowed across Canada and is an equal right in each province. One province can't step in and override it because they disagree. Premiers can certainly make trouble and disrupt certain processes by trying use other laws they have power over to disrupt process. But, legalization is a federal thing and the model should ideally be replicated coast to coast.

    The task force has strongly advocated against alcohol and cannabis being sold with alcohol. It's not going to happen.

    They might have some discretion about where it can be sold and might create another monopoly of stores but they won't decide who grows it and supplies the stores. That is the federal government and Health Canada territory which is also a federal agency. Again Kathleen can suck a cheesy fat toe.

    Yea, they will restrict where these eventual outlets will be able to source their cannabis and it will only be from government licensed growers. I mean regardless if the police use this line in an attempt to discourage people using the dispensary model by saying the product has no quality control. However, this is true when they don't lab test to Health Canada's pharmaceutical standard. I'm sure much if the cannabis is far from that standard, it may still have a great effect and smell and taste, but have trace amounts of banned substances even in the most well flushed products.

    One thing I noticed is how dispensaries quality has gone way downhill since they exploded 2 years ago. I was used to places like TCC and Calm having some top shelf bud that was simply amazing, especially TCC bud. I never bought a batch I regretted except once I tried some cheap m-39 from toronto medical dispensary and it tastes like local and fresh cut grass. I threw it out, but it was just a gram and it was like $4 I think. You get what you pay for certainly. But now I am finding 50% or more of the bud is of poor quality or has some clandestine related faults like smelling faintly of moth balls. I mean common, medical dispensary? Yeah right.

    They used to be good when the market was maybe 5000 patients and they only had to buy from the established quality growers that filled dispensaries since their inception. Now with 20x more potential customers from Canada's 100,000 estimated ACMPR patients. They certainly are going to have to cut corners to continue to supply. And when you cut corners and all your quality growers are sold out, you go to the next best thing and so on. This is not wise for quality control. Going outside your supply chain is what many corporate entities have been accused of doing in the name of profit. The booming dispensaries now are not here to fill a need. They are here to make money. You so that when you buy low and sell high. Buying low is why we end up with the crap they sometimes try to push.

    I don't get why people are opposed to these regulations you honestly have to be pretty silly to not want a government mandated system forcing Producers to only produce pharmaceutical quality.

    You think myclobutanil is not used on many dispensary buds? They wouldn't even know, only the growers.

    Is it hard to produce high potency, quality cannabis that adheres to the government regulated system? No unapproved anything. I mean myclobutanil has been used as a staple in agriculture and food production and is food safe, but there are no studies showing what chemical reactions occur when it's heated or vaporized. I prefer to have this safety available.

    You don't want irradiated bud? Fine, stop whining and sign up with an LP that has a mandate against using it. Don't like their bud? Try another who also doesn't do it. You'll find one.

    LASTLY, they have stepped up their approval times significantly to prepare for the upcoming demand from legalization measures.

    What I want to say is if those dispensary growers you all claim to fame based on your love for dispensary bud would be missing a golden opportunity to turn their illegal antiquated cottage/craft grower system into a rea bonafide operation that is legal and above board. This will weed out growers with ties to organized crime, but there are also plenty of growers with law abiding desires who would jump at the opportunity to legitimize what they do so well.

    I wonder if they can still do what they do while following the tight and restrictive rules of Health Canada forcing them to use only approved substances.

    Also, did you know Health Canada's Standard for testing for these banned products used the absolute latest technology in chemical analysis producing results that in order to pass have to have less than 0.001ppm being detectable.

    I like pharmaceutical standards and I like open access to cannabis. But I want my cannabis to be safe and worry about my health. The number of times I've walked out of dispensaries and got home to vape my purchase and find out it has a faint smell of mothballs or something like that. And this includes dispensaries like Eden Medical which was vancouvers first licensed dispensary and is currently in partnership with UBC (University of British Columbia) to research the effects of cannabis as a replacement to opioids as many have anecdotally claimed for years. It is a full clinical study and the cost of your meds is covered and the cannabis batches are all lab tested to Health Canada standards so you can determine your reactions were from why ratios of compounds.

    Try and tell me an unregulated dispensary system that flirts and eventually dates the illicit Black Market supply further empowering organied crime from enriching themselves for further disruption of the law and importing weapons and hard drugs like heroin, cocaine and fentanyl. Like we need more of that on our streets.

    People make snap decisions all the time about how they feel about something and often pick the wrong side for all the wrong reasons. Perfect example when the Omar Kahdr 10.5m settlement was reached and payed out many Canadian reacted in disgust. Veterans see it as salt being rubbed in their wounds. The widow sees it as an aberration to her husbands service to his country. My mom said she was quite turned off that it happened until I laid out the facts.

    He facts?
    -Yes he may have likely killed Sgt Speers with a grenade
    -No, he was not an adult and considered of sound mind as our courts protect.
    -He was also shot twice during the firefight. Who is to say if he didn't kill Sgt Speer that his fate could of been his as well. They were at war. The expectation is to kill the enemy. If one sides deserves jail for a military offensive that kills other opposing military members is that not just the name of the game? I mean the US is killing insurgents and the insurgents are killing US soldiers and I have mixed feelings about those numbers being held as even markers to each other. But wars are about killing and pushing out your enemies.
    -He was a minor who was indoctrinated by his radicalism father turning him into a child soldier. His families ties are undeniably close to terrorist groups and yes Osama Bin Laden was at his sisters wedding who is now being help on terrorism charges. There is worry the money will go to her defense, which would certainly be a very troublesome use of the money
    -Tabitha Speer and the other soldier who lost sight in I believe one eye also won a $134m default judgement against Omar Khadr for which he was in jail in Canada and unable to properly defend the claims. As well, those claims are based on his admission to the Military Tribunal which has now been very widely discredited for their conducts and the confessions obtained through torture and duress

    -Does a child who develops reprehensible behaviour and acts on his indoctrinated beliefs deserve the full penalty based on a typical adults culpability - out criminal code had two sections of penalties, one for minors and one for adults and there is a reason for that.
    -Does a child deserves to be held without charge in a notorious prison with grown men who are severely radicalized and almost impossible to help?

    -Do Canadians know he was tortured while there? Threatened with a receiving violence directed at you and extracting a confession to some of the worst psychological tortures such as forced sleep deprivation. In the video is shows the poor kid rocking back and forth on the brink of insanity muttering kill me. I think he was kept awake for up to 2 weeks forcibly.
    -On top of these egregious claims of reprehensible actions towards him, Canadian CSIS agents visited him and interviewed him. What is not clear is if they also participated in his torture, but 100% they knew about it and saw evidence and also, knowing he was a Canadian citizen with Charter protected rights just like any other and they did nothing about it and left him them languishing in peril.

    -If I was tortured, no matter how horrible the crime, it would be a violation of my rights as a citizen of Canada. That is why I would be entitled to compensation.
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