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Top 5 Best Wax pen in 2018 List

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by iloveCBD, May 7, 2018.

  1. iloveCBD

    iloveCBD Member

    Will folks, the list is out on which wax pens are the best in 2018 based on which use the best materials and provide the best vaping experience. What are some of your recommendations for a vape pen for wax?

    Do you agree with this results? Do you disagree? What are your thoughts?

    See list here for the best wax pens in 2018.

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  2. BiPolarBear

    BiPolarBear Active Member

    I have like 12 source atomizers n they all leak or break. Tried SAI n had no problems.
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  3. Gonzo_Dabs

    Gonzo_Dabs Well-Known Member

    I just picked up that 10 dollar one from Source and used a 20% off coupon. So 12 bucks after shipping. For what it comes with and the price and reviews I'm pretty excited. I've been needing a way to use the rosin my Slug.33 is giving me and that's a perfect way to do it until I buy a rig.
  4. Mr. Gweilo 420

    Mr. Gweilo 420 Dude

    The Far East
    I got the Sai with a Pico mod today. Impressive so far.
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  5. tennisguru1

    tennisguru1 Well-Known Member

    Glad you like it & if you want to try & TCR it & make the Pico top flight mod

    Sai, Seq, DTV3 and Triton Arctic Fox Profile I updated the release of my Temp Control Profile to the latest Arctic Fox and Red Panda Releases also included a Mac script to install any dependancies and launch the toolkit.

    Everything is in the download, firmware, profile, patches and tools.

    User Manual!!

    https://gofile.me/2c3tF/rxqfTgTC6 (Main)

    https://pixeldra.in/u/zi2F1j (Mirror1)

    https://www.filedropper.com/dalteseanv180818 (Mirror2)

    (If anyone knows of any other decent Mirror sites (no ads!!) or would like to host another Mirror let me know.)

    1. Download and decompress file.
    2. Open NToolBox. (For Mac Right click the NToolboxMac.command file and select open (first launch only) it will install any missing dependancies, you will either need to have Xcode or command line tools installed, otherwise it will install it also but you will need a admin password at launch, first launch takes 5-20 min to fully set up the wine environment. This "should" eliminate any issues with new users and setting up Wine.... fingers crossed :D )
    3. Select "Firmware updater"
    4. Plug in Device and wait for it to recognize then Select 'Update from File'
    5. Select your desired Patched Firmware from the firmware folder. (If it fails try again until it takes)
      1. af_180617.bin unpatched file.
      2. af_180617_Enjoy.bin Patched to replace Protection with Enjoy (If you have a small screen device like the Pico use this one.)
      3. af_180617_Enjoy_PotStartup.bin Patched to replace Protection with Enjoy and a 420 boot screen for large screen devices)
      4. af_171126_Enjoy_HVTStartup.bin Patched to replace Protection with Enjoy and a HVT fanboy boot screen for large screen devices.
      5. RP_180706.bin Red Panda firmware
      6. myevic.bin Tubo myevic firmware for herb vapes. (very small segment of AF mods are compatible with this.)
    6. Click cancel to return to the main NToolKit screen and select ArcticFox Configurator.
    7. Click the bottom Hyperlink of "Open Existing Configuration"
    8. Navigate to the Profile folder and select the profile.
    9. Click 'Upload Settings' (May Take a few tries for it to take)
    10. Unplug your Mod.
    11. Double click your fire button to choose the correct profile. (All should work out of the box, Lock your resistance in a 68° room, all profiles are preset but coils do degrade over time so your coil maybe different.)
    12. ENJOY!!!!
    Mac Users:
    Since the profile has posted the homebrew installer has started stalling after installing the "Command Lines Tools" . Simply close out of the terminal window after its been idle for about 10-15 min then restart the .Command file. (Only a issue the first launch and only if you don't have XCode or Command line tools installed already)
    After firmware update you MAY get a pop Information (window)

    An exception occured during dataflash reading.
    Unable to open HID class device.

    Disconnect the Mod, click on OK button and reattach your Mod through USB. If it persists, disconnect the Mod then completely close out of the toolkit including closing the Terminal window then relaunch via .Command file and reattach your Mod through USB.

    All Credit for the Emulation method for Mac does to user SpaLife at the NFE forums I only wrote the wrapper to do it all automatically for you guys.

    SAI TAF- For the Saionara Top Airflow Bucket. (adjusted +100°F at 380°F)

    SAI 3TI - Saionara triple TI coils.

    10MMDISC- 10mm Donut profile. Sai Donut and older Divine Tribe 10mm coil.

    SEG TAF- For the Sequoia Top Airflow Bucket. (adjusted +100°F at 380°F)

    13MMDISC- Seq Donut and newer 13mm Divine Tribe donut.

    TRITONTI- Triton Titanium. set for the double ti relock the resistance at 68° for the sirous coil.

    TRI 1701- Triton 1701 buckets. (adjusted +100°F at 380°F)

    QQUEST- Quartz Quest

    Hold fire button - Fires Mod for up to 15 sec puffs

    2 Clicks of Fire button- Select Profile

    3 Clicks of Fire button- Edit Profile wattage and display (Press and hold both -/+ to reset counters in edit screen, tap fire button to change between options, hold fire to exit)

    4 Clicks of Fire button- Key lock (Locks Temp useful while sharing)

    5 Clicks of Fire button- Device Lock/UnLock (Power on if turned off)

    Device will auto Lock after 15 min. (Child and Pocket safe)

    Press and hold both -/+ to Power the Mod off (Not Needed IMHO as the 0.01 volt per day is not worth waiting 5 seconds for it to startup lol, but people ask for it... so) (5 clicks of fire button to turn back on)

    While powered off Press and hold both -/+ to Flip screen.

    Press and hold both -/Fire to turn on and off Steath Mode

    Press and hold both +/Fire to access the Settings menu. (almost every option of the mod can be changed here.)

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