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Tobacco, usage in a sacred way

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by condor020, May 12, 2018.

  1. condor020

    condor020 Member

    Since i have stopped chronically to smoke tobacco, i have some time, once or twice a week, the wish to roll a joint, its mostly pollen, hemp and some tobacco, i feel really in a different vibe everytime i am smoking now, i cannot say its psychedelic but it does put me in a weird state, tobacco does have something that i have been missing all these years when i was smoking all the time.

    The tobacco i have is organic and free of additives but still i dont think it the same tobacco as was using native american but i guess it was binding as well on acetylcholine receptor ( the one that nicotine bind to )

    I wonder if some other people experienced some weird effect from tobacco after cessation and on the other plan if there is some ressource on old use of tobacco.
  2. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    Well there is a guy who injects him with snake poison and seems like he is having a good time too :).
    Are you familiar with the Pavlorian reflex ? You probably have bonded that altered feeling you attribute to tobacco smokin on your own . Tobacco is just the trigger for it,but it is you who have set is as a shortkey to the feelings that it brings.
    Edited:I probably missed the main question.
    Yes there is quite a lot of ritualistic use with Tobacco. They use it in Ayahuasca ceremonies to induce purging. I think the indian tobacco is Mapacho.
    Check the erowid vault i think you will find what you are looking for :).


    https://erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=58206 LOL

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  3. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Barely-Known Member

    Yessir! ^Preach^ I read this earlier and struggled with how I could answer honestly but gently. Thank you wise @steama for dropping those facts. Facts are facts and tobacco is a killer. It's brutal.

    I wonder what the statistics would show for countries in Europe and Asia, where it seems (according to my eyeballs) more individuals choose to smoke?

    Dear @condor020 I have enjoyed many of your posts which is why I looked at this thread. I've got to say: Tobacco is definitely not a sacred herb. Whether it's Natural American Spirit: organic, additive-free - or Marlboro with extra ingredients like formaldehyde, corn syrup and salt-peter (:o) - it's all no good. I really don't believe that Native Americans used tobacco until it was given to them. They did use other plants and preparations to help them along their vision quests. I don't think tobacco was in the peace pipe though?

    The "different vibe" or "weird state" that you feel tobacco imparts are all the immediate signals of carbon monoxide poisoning and your brain starving of oxygen. That's distress signals not a path to higher consciousness. I'm saying this out of love dude, please don't delude yourself into thinking nicotine is doing anything good for you physically or spiritually.

    I really hope you don't think I'm judging you or lecturing because not so very long ago I would have thought nothing of burning a spliff. My mates in London still habitually mix the two, even though they have really good herb! But if you've essentially quit tobacco, why even dabble with it?

    Full Disclosure: I smoked tobacco for many years, although I quit for a couple years at 2 or 3 different times, I would eventually return to feed the monkey. So I understand how insidious tobacco can be, it gets your brain thinking you need it for some reason, any reason. Some folks can smoke occasionally, like socially whenever but not me - if I had one, I'm back on that train. I also believe smoking cannabis made it easier for me to eventually reach for a ciggy. Now, all combustion is foul and to be avoided!

    After stopping smoking tobacco this last time, I soon realised my body needed to be completely clean of the byproducts of combustion. Fortunately, my interwebs research kept leading me to a wonderful place with a wonderfully provocative name. So I can only encourage you to stop playing with tobacco and fire.

    You should fuck combustion, my friend.
  4. blackstone

    blackstone Well-Known Member

    As an ex tobacco burner/mixer for 20+ years, I agree with the messages from the people here so far.
    And Fuck Combustion could only recommend vaping it anyway!
    The last memories I have of tobacco smoke were an experience of heavy exhaustion and some aching in the lungs. My current experiences of it in secondhand form are really bad with the extreme lingering smell and a fear of breathing it (70 carcinogens).

    A good while back I had great experiences with vaping our favorite herb, while in between vaping some chamomile, or also with low lighting, relaxing music/nature sounds and heat diffusing essential oils or lavender flowers into the air.
    I felt the chamomile increased the overall effects, but it stinks a vape out a little so keep that in mind.
    Apparently you can go full sacred now if you eat sweet basil and vape chamomile, or vice versa. There's a thread on FC about it.

    Another idea would be to light wild sage (or possibly incense) and smolder it a little bit in a room with an open window.
    That and some native American Indian music, and I don't think the tobacco burning would be even needed!?

    For more of a "sacred experience" or kick from vaping, you could also consider vaping slightly larger amounts at high temperatures with a water pipe, or vaping reclaim or rosin.
    Enjoy the ride!
  5. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    I put white sage in my vape with very nice effects,you should try it, it is very rick on oils that potentiate MJ high and also has the closely related to THC and main ingredient in absinth alpha thujone. Also it is my favorite herb for clearing out my lungs.
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  6. Xelatsok

    Xelatsok vapes tobacco modding the vapes

    Vape your tobacco in Mighty at 145 - 160 C, higher temps are not recommended.
  7. SunnyHours

    SunnyHours Well-Known Member

    Montreal, Canada
    wow! Listening to all of you guys opinions, totally devoid of any Science is a sad sight :(
    Actually, Nicotine, not smoked, is nature's best Nootropic (Smart Drugs) and people who have concentration problems like ADHD and ADD are said to benefit a lot from Nicotine.
    And before someone says that Nicotine is addictive or a Carcinogen...alone it's not addictive, it needs it's other alkaloids, mainly the MAOI's and without smoke, it's just fine. Remember that the Nightshade plant family pretty much all contain Nicotine and that includes Potatoes and lots of others...

    But we all agree that smoked tobacco is extremely Unsatisfying and without positives, not to mention it's an expensive bad habit and kills on average about Half of those who are unlucky enough to become addicted to Cigarettes and other smoked tobacco.
    To those who still smoke, please at least try to switch to smokeless tobacco, preferably Swedish Snus or Snuff, or even better, take up vaping with e-cigs like I did! And better than all stop cold turkey, but if you're like me, quitting was never my issue, it's staying quit that was/is my problem, hence switching to e-cigs is healthier for me than always quitting smoking just to pick it back up again each time I'd see friends who smoked LOL
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  8. latulipe999

    latulipe999 Well-Known Member

    Somewhere over the Rainbow
    i dont think it's a tobbacoe propriety.

    Only combustion gazs effects.

    In my own experience, in combustion, with pure weed, mix , or pure tobaccoe, it taste like arsh and tar, and make me nauseous and head spinning.

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  9. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    I second the stimulating effects of nicotine.
    As a matter of fact i cant use my 12mg liquid later than 9pm. Otherwise i will have a hard time getting my mind to sleep.

    I enjoy drinking beer. Alone and with friends. Sadly my ecig does not do the trick when i have only a small alcohol buzz. In these moment I'm graving for a lung-fucker. Its dumb. But hey. Not so much to loose, I guess
    Last edited: May 14, 2018
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