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Tinnitus: that sound inside the head

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by ander, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. herbalist33

    herbalist33 Well-Known Member

    Jeez, between you and me I think we could create a legit Wookiee!!!

    Yeah, apparently the technique works by relaxing some 'timpani' muscle or something like that, which often is the cause of people tinnitus. The muscle is constantly overworking which causes the sensation of noise, which is also why stress can make it worse: more stress=more muscular tension=worse tinnitus.

    Glad it helped you Phatt's!

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  2. rz

    rz Well-Known Member

    I've had it since before I can remember.

    As a kid, I always though it was the sound of radio waves. I wen't into a bomb shelter when I was about 10 and noticed there was no radio reception, but the HISSSSS never went away. That was about when I started to realize it was just in my head. It took a few years to learn most people don't hear it. It seems to be in my family, so I doubt there was something I did to start it, though my youth definitely didn't make it better.

    Anyhow, it's ALWAYS there, though usually isn't even on my mind. If I ever stop to 'listen', it's there. If anyone mentions it, its there. If I even dare think it isn't there anymore, its there. It usually doesn't bother me and I get on with life so I generally deal with it pretty well. Sometimes though, it gets worse.. louder, varying, sudden step up/down in frequency/volume, drawing my attention, can't get away.. can't get some silence.. nowhere to go.. can't think of anything else.. real sounds get drowned out.. drives me absolutely bonkers.

    I've found that cannabis does not reduce tinnitus at all. What I have found though, is that it really helps DEALING with it. Specially when it's in that "Cant get away from it" stage. It turns it back into some background noise again, something that my conscious mind can turn away from for a bit. Far from quiet, but much more peaceful. A little relief for a while, and that really helps.
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  3. biohacker

    biohacker Fucking Combustion Since 2006

    Try a break from cannabis..... it amplifies the noise ten fold for me.... but it's probably just an effect of the withdrawal, otherwise cannabis really does help (for me anyway).

    I'm guessing all the tinnitus products and natural products are a waste of money?
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  4. fidget

    fidget Well-Known Member

    Thankyou Herbalist33
    That's a godsend
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  5. biohacker

    biohacker Fucking Combustion Since 2006

    Forgot about this thread, and 3 weeks into my break from cannabis and the tinnitus is intense. I just tried the technique @herbalist33 and it's a MIRACLE! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I never thought this would be possible? All my docs and ENT specialists said there isn't anything that could be done except for white noise, etc.

    For those that have done it, how long does the relief last for? I feel like I can hear properly (even though my actual hearing is perfect)!

    Last edited: Apr 19, 2017
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  6. ander

    ander hardcore vapcapper

    Usually hours, sometimes minutes... or until the awareness of the hiss returns. I'm discovering that mine is strongly affected by my tiredness... and with all that contribute to it and my stress. When I'm tired I drink more coffe to keep me awake (pretty useless) and this makes my hiss louder... or so it seems. If I add MJ to all this, well it does not help at all.
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  7. biohacker

    biohacker Fucking Combustion Since 2006

    Thanks! I'm finding it soooooo super useful...I find I don't need to even snap my fingers but can just tap/bang on the base of my head. Pretty cool drumming sound lol Then I massage and pull and it's a godsend! Interesting, I find vaping helps (I think).... it's the worst when I take a break from cannabis (like right now) so these technique is really helping me. Miracle i'd say!
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  8. DrewVape

    DrewVape Member

    Got mine from a failed root canal. Was a mystery onset until I got the failed root canal redone a 2nd time, and the whole side of my head lit up. Still haven't recovered fully.

    I had a bone graft done for an implant, the tinnitus flares up right when rejected bone chunks are coming through the gum.

    Id say torture clubs have infiltrated the American dental scene amd caused all types of problems for people. Still missing half the hair on my head from a root canal procedure that connected rot and chemicals to my sinus and bloodstream. Sad thing is it happens all the time and dentists cover it up.
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