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Three abysmal years on FC :)

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by Abysmal Vapor, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    Third Anniversary :)

    Ahh , time passes quickly ... Last three years were a bit troubled.. but i've never had more smiles in my life than ever before.. FC and vaporizing helped me a lot during that period.. I wanna thank you for all the knowledge and the support you've given me ,for sure this place feels like home . The thing that is so great about this place is that you don't only learn about vaporizing , but it gets you schooled.. and you major is vaporizing of course .. but you also learn many life lessons and a lot of science , medicine,electronics... etc.. Also you have to meet all those hardcore characters from all over the world stimulated as fuck by their herbs and oils which are all so different and unique and tempered ,like everyone is a real life fiction character. lol.. can't explain better so i will leave on.. , so much to learn about life and the world from them..
    Anyway .. here what is up with me now.. Currently i am employed but my job is shitty also the payment.. (not that i expected better ,having in mind my legal troubles, and that it would be impossible ,to find a better job..) .. Anyway.. i plan to leave Bulgaria soon.. This piece of heaven on earth has become a real hellhole for me.. I am irritated by its people,their habbits, by politics and the financial massacre on the people.. and how they bow head and open ass and sell their votes for coins.. Anyway enough for the shitty part..
    I have an awesome girlfriend.. with which i am deeply in love with.. She is very intelligent , beautiful and loving.. Everyday it passes i am more sure this is the woman of my life.. For first time i have so many matching interest and passions shared with another human being.. , every day we discover many more "same things" we like.. Time passed by and she decided to continue her education in the Netherlands.. Neither I nor she could have imagine to brake that beautiful relation by separation.. He hardly stay a day without eachother.. so it was decided that we'll live together . In Leuuwarden which is a really nice town ,i did researched about it , and it seems that life there wouldn't be much more expensive than this one here.. but salaries are quite a bit higher even the shitty jobs.. lol.. I dream of working in coffee shop or help grow the herb of my life but i would work just anything... Not much can be worse than my current job..
    In the begging of July i plan to go to a NL language course with my GF together to cover at least one level of their language ,although i heard that English is official there too. It would be in a beautiful city of Varna which is located on the Black Sea .. So it will be kind of combination with a lovely vacation.. at least a month :D :D :D ! Good times coming than the awful two months of separation :( but i am sure we'll hold :) .. After that she comes for the winter vacation and we go back to the NL together.. so that's the rough plan for my life :).. Also plan to start Aikido again , i've gained my confidence and peace again and also i would have time and energy to waste for sure..
    Enough about my personal crap.. lets talk vaporizing :)
    My current setup is a Black Leaf Honeycomb with a splash guard i think around 50 cm ..Stacks like a motherfucker.. It is a gift from my awesome girlfriend... although she is using more than me cause she vapes as much ,but dislikes direct draw .. even my DIY vape pen ,which tastes fine. = (kanger base + head + micro coil (kanthal) and a gpen (ego w ) botton screw as cover) makes it really short as vaporpath) I will post pics these days..
    My weapon of choice is a Naked Underdog.. since my longly non working Prize UD from the very first contest" Design your own UD" suffered a fall and craked at bottom .. Luckily the beautiful wooden body suffered no damage . I use it as a stem holder now and it is far more usefull than before.. Ahh the wood was a bit charred on the inside honestly but the metal heart looked like new.. I tied/wired the two end of the resistor to a DIY controlled power supply from my gf's old non-working notebook and some circuit board with a bolt which must be rotated to change the voltage and it is really tiny which sux when vaked.. but i've mcguivered it somehow.. don't ask.. i will post pics of its uglyness soon..
    I attached the UD cores bottom to a simple ugly log.. (a piece of wood with bark) .. It tastes like heaven.. i can feel the wooden taste to my other prize ud which i won i another UD contest..compared to that.. Also i can abuse the voltage as much a i want because there is no wood to burn.. . My bowl is my broken vapocane top (some of u used it a solo stem so there is where i got the inspiration from also matches the lotus if you like to know:D.. The Ud core tube can fir it but its can give a fine seal if you press it towards the polished glass joint , TASTE IS AMAZING , FOG LEVEL IS HIGHER THAN EVER ! I will post a video in this thread soon so stay tuned
    (Love you Dave!Thanks for all the support during my troubles and awesome products u gave me, u r my hero!Also wanna give my heartful thanks to Uncle Vitolo and Rick ,the mods and all the others who made this hell escape-able ..
    So this for now.. soon i will add more to this thread.. Mainly fun things as photos and videos and one or two fun stories of my encounters with the world .. :)
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  2. VaporsVaporizer

    VaporsVaporizer On the Stoop

    Congrats AV, hope you love living in the NL. I'm going again in Nov :D. Almost everyone i've ever encountered there spoke English , makes things easier for a yank that only speaks one language:rolleyes:.
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  3. vakedcow

    vakedcow Gentle cow vaper and halloween kiddo

    wish you all the best and enjoy the ride ! :spliff:

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