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thinking about getting a new vaporizer ?

Discussion in 'ABV' started by ash37, Feb 14, 2014.

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  1. ash37

    ash37 Well-Known Member

    i have an ssv and i like it a lot, i have had it for a few years now, and i have been thinking about getting a new vaporizer (not sure why), i don't really like the looks of the arizer stuff, just wondering what you guys would recommend ? i want quality, like my ssv, maybe a little less complicated
  2. clouded vision

    clouded vision Well-Known Member

    I would say everyone needs a solo unless you ALWAYS vape in the same spot. It isn't the most discrete portable but it is smaller than the reviews make it seem. I never have an issue carrying it in my pocket with the stem in a travel tube when I go out fishing. I wouldn't hit it in a crowd, but some do by dropping it in an empty cup with a lid. What I love most though is being able to carry it around the house while you do other things. It also performs very well for a portable but don't have really high expectations coming from a SSV. It does taste better than the ssv though thanks to the all glass vapor path.
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  3. Caligula

    Caligula Maximus

    SB420 Land!
    Like the SSV but less complicated... E Nano or UD perhaps? It doesnt get much less complicated then my Nano.
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  4. mvapes

    mvapes Surrounded by the healthy!

    On Shakey Ground
    I would have to agree with clouded vision on this one. The solo never fails and quite frankly with PA it fits both the portable and desktop category highly regarded in both. But with that being said, setting out to buy a new vape stems from a reason. What is it that made you start thinking about making a change? Are you just adding to the collection?

    Or, did you catch VAS - don't be afraid, I got that shit BAD!l

    Seriously, tell us a little more about what your looking for and shit, it's valentines day - who the fuck are we kidding, we got nothing better to do...

  5. ash37

    ash37 Well-Known Member

    I just thought it was about time, it will be nice to see some of the "new and improved" I have been looking at the vapeXhale but they're so much money
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  6. max

    max Out to lunch Staff Member

    The Extreme is no higher quality and certainly more complicated, and the Solo is half home vape and half portable. Unless you want to be freed from an AC cord I see no point to the Solo when you have an SSV. I've used all three designs and for me, the SSV takes 1st place by a mile.
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  7. deadheadbill

    deadheadbill I can see clearly now the smoke is gone...


    Agreed. Maybe you should look at the Vap2 thread. It brings better taste than the SSV to the table. Is under 100 bucks and is very efficient and easy to use.
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