Thermovape T1, Dart, and extras SOLD!!

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  1. aj0125

    aj0125 Well-Known Member

    Portland, Oregon
    I have a black T1 setup that never gets used so i would love to sell it and get it to a good home. I have available:

    1 black T1 (standard voltage) in great condition
    9 batteries for the T1
    2 of the cool old hard plastic battery tube cases that Thermovape used to sell
    a car and wall charger
    a Dart concentrate cart with core and dart loader and mouthpiece
    an adapter to turn the T1 into a revolution so that you may use the dart cart on the T1 base
    a soft case

    The T1 is in perfect condition, i have had it for a good while but it has barely been used. The dart carts are pretty rare these days, mostly just windowed revolutions out in circulation. I don't use them much but if I were to sell I would want it to be worth my while. I would do $165 and that would cover all fees like paypal, tracking, and shipping.

Thread Status:
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