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Thermovape Cera W/ 2 LL Cores+ Extras: $235?

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by MPZ, Dec 30, 2013.

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  1. MPZ

    MPZ Well-Known Member

    Hello and Happy Holidays Everyone!

    All This:

    is for sale (Except the pink Starburst that somehow snuck into the shot- though I'm happy to include it for free:))

    The unit pictured is Cera number fortysomething, according to Thermovape (I pre-ordered), but I just got it and the extra loose leaf core back from a warranty "repair" in which they updated it to the latest version. (photographic evidence of this will be displayed later in this listing)

    I would like $235 shipped for the lot, but it's the holidays... so if you can't quite do that then make me an offer :D

    What you're looking at is:

    - 1 Complete Thermovape Cera Loose Leaf Vaporizer (includes the body, switch, travel safety, loose leaf core, top cap, and mouthpiece). Also includes 1 Thermal Cap Insulator (keeps the mouthpiece and top cap heat away from one's lips, and adapts the vaporizer to water pipes)

    - 1 extra Loose Leaf Core (the heating element and bowl of the Vaporizer)

    - 1 Tenergy Battery Charger W/ Car Charging Adapter (which I will ship in its original box, pictured)

    - 5 Panasonic CGR18650CH Batteries (3 purchased from Thermovape, 2 from Obtronic). I went to a shop called Batteries Plus and had extender caps (I forget what they are technically called, but they basically make flat-top batteries button top) put on these to improve battery contact, resulting in faster heat-up times.

    - A bunch of O-rings

    - 3 Ceramic filter disks (in the bag with some of the O-rings)- these can be used instead of the usual mouthpiece (inside the top cap) on a water pipe for increased airflow, or with the custom Cera mouthpiece one enterprising Fuck Combustion member had manufactured. (see the Cera Thread- sorry but I don't recall the page number or the link to buy it)

    - 2 custom "button pressers" for handsfree continuous activation of the Cera, with parts for the construction of two more. (this refers to the rubber and vinyl end caps in the top right, and the white rubber bumpers (for lack of a better term) next to them) These are extremely ergonomically helpful when using the Cera with a water pipe- just put one of the ones with a bumper at the bottom over the back end of the Cera, and the bumper will keep the switch activated. To make a new one, just cut one of the new circular bumpers into a square, remove the covering from the adhesive on the bottom of it, and stick it inside (centered) one of the end caps. There's also a pair of nuts, which won't stick to the bottom of the end caps, but will work in a pinch.

    This vaporizer is my favorite that I have ever owned- not only is it extremely well-designed with awesome build quality, but it is truly designed with purity of vapor (I.E. your health) prioritized, which is really awesome for someone with a bunch of allergies and sensitivities like me. The only reason I am selling it is that it has taught me that to get the desired medicinal effects out of the herbs I am vaping, I really need something with a temperature control (that, and the fact that I can't afford to own two vaporizers right now).

    Below is pictoral evidence of the RMA under warranty:

    (thermovape.com/contact will show the same address as the one on the shipping label in the pictures)

    Now, finally, videos of this Cera in action (please note that these are from the 1st day I got it, and thus performance is significantly below what the vaporizer is capable of)

    Here's a video more in line with the type of performance you can expect, though it still doesn't quite do the vaporizer justice:

    I thought I had a video showing what this thing can really do, but it turns out it was lost in a computer failure. I can of course make another one, but I have refrained from using my Cera since it returned from its RMA update for the sake of potential buyers. Ask via PM if you want one- I don't want to do it unless someone is seriously interested in buying, so that whoever eventually does buy gets the heater cores in "like new" post-Thermovape rebuild condition.

    Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!

    P.S. I almost forgot- there is a cosmetic stain in one of the heater cores (I made the mistake of letting my old roommate use my Cera by himself), but as I said it is a 100% cosmetic blemish (unit has been cleaned extensively and rebuilt by Thermovape). Also the Cera body is not quite pristine in appearance. Zeki at Thermovape tells me that there is a type of sandpaper or something that can clean this kind of thing- I don't remember exactly what he said as these things don't matter to me. One can contact Thermovape for this information if desired.
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