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Discontinued Thermovape Cera (Original thread, closed because of chaos)

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by SameOldTim, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. JCat

    JCat Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Ontario, Canada
    I had e-mailed them directly, and Jennifer got back to me right away offering the paypal but also indicating that it was secure (which led me to look a little closer), and it was indeed secure as mentioned above, just a little glitch and didn't appear to be so.

    Anyways, placed the order online and just e-mailed Jennifer back to ensure they have the right address information (with postal code, since there was nowhere for me to put that)
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  2. jambandphan03

    jambandphan03 in flavor country

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  3. Bluntcrush

    Bluntcrush Director of Vapor Research Labs™

    In Rainbows and Clouds
    Pretty interesting to look at Jam! It gets me to wonder what it is we are looking at. Obviously some are the batteries, but some of the smaller parts look to be internal and that gets my mind to wandering...Thanks for sharing the info! Definitely some bags of oil carts and maybe loose leafers...
  4. numero

    numero Well-Known Member

    North Hollywood, CA
    Paypal?! Aww too late I guess:-\
  5. Futuretvowner

    Futuretvowner Member

    • Don’t attack products or companies. You can post your opinion, and you can criticize, but posts written to offend are not allowed. Infraction given.
    One thing that is kind of concerning is the fact that Thermovape has no plans to create a new vape in the next few years, while only increasing the price. Considering I don't think the Flower cart compares to some of the other portables that are on the market right now I really don't see how they can expect to charge more next year for a product that will not be any better while all other technology is improving. I'm beginning to think that there is a such thing as "too much quality." At the current price points it seems as though they may be marketing the device to the wrong people. The Cera is more of a medical grade device for people who need medical grade assistance more than a portable for the average person.

    However, I was told less than 10 months ago that the T1 was the "vape of the future," and that all future Thermovape products would be "modular." However this turned out to be COMPLETELY FALSE and now the device I bought less than a year ago is COMPLETELY OBSOLETE. I would urge anyone thinking about purchasing the Cera to proceed with caution because all original adopters heard the exact same thing last year. I would like to give TV the benefit of the doubt but what they told me when I first bought my T1 ended up being a complete lie. I would like to believe Thermovape but I have a hard time believing the same thing I was told last year when it turned out to be a lie. Proceed with CAUTION.
  6. nopartofme

    nopartofme Over the falls, in a barrel

    A field of ice
    I wonder if when TET states that Cera is here to stay for years to come, whether that might refer to Cera as a platform rather than Cera as the set of carts that we have to choose from right now. In that case I might look to see updated or new cartridges with fully compatible form factors in the future… They would still be Cera carts, as TET is clearly heavily invested in their ceramic tooling and, consequently, the current form factor (allowing for a Cera mini in the future, apparently).

    Right now, I can't think of what a new cart might offer… Maybe someone else can.
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  7. AirDru

    AirDru Well-Known Member

    I spoke with the guys at TV on Friday. The lighted switch features an led rather than a bulb. The led also happens to be powered by the cera's battery.
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  8. PB88123

    PB88123 Vaporist


    They have 2 options. They want to use this material for years to come and the agreement is each year the price will go up for the material 2% to 5%. So if they are selling it for 5 years and don't want to raise the price they would probably have to charge at least $50 more today. Instead they will let the people who buy a Cera right away get a savings. They are passing the savings to the early adopters.


    The 1st gen products were the first convection pocket portable. It was the device you wanted if you wanted a pocket portable convection vaporizer. It still works today. Soon there will be adapters and you can use the base to run Cera cartridges. It may not be modular right now but we'll wait and see if and when the adapter comes out.

    I think ThermoVape has told us enough about the Cera so people can make a decision about what the company is about and how they want to proceed in the future. With that info the buyers can decide if they want to purchase a Cera.
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  9. GR

    GR Well-Known Member

    I have the opposite point of view, same story different manufacture. I am happy with evolution of these products, IMO there is huge room for improvement and I welcome it. Being at the front of technology is going to cost money to play the game and while I will not buy every single advancement I will make one or two upgrades a year to get the benefits of improvements. My Omicron V1 or V2.5 with HVD upgrade may not be the easiest thing to use or the tastiest but they do exactly what I bought them to do, be a stealthy out and about oil vaporizer. no advancements are going to change the fact that these deliver exactly what they where advertised to do. Do I want tastier hits? Do I want a clog free portable oil vaporizer? Do I want a cart that can be cleaned for different oils? Yes! Yes! Yes! Will the Cera be the end all of advancements in portable vaporizer? If it is then the stoner community needs better thinkers and maybe to employ non stoners to get things done in a timely fashion ( just don't see this happening, lol) . One thing I have learned the last 30 years with weed is money and patience pays off.
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  10. Krazzykid

    Krazzykid Well-Known Member

    As has been said they have no plans to change the platform of the Cera, this is not the same thing as upgrading the carts if or when they find improvements.

    The Cera is completely medical grade this means you won't be inhaling fumes from plastics or inferior metals, if this is a bad thing to you then you have other problems.

    The price will only increase in small increments IF THE PRICE OF MATERIAL INCREASES! Do you expect them to charge you less than what is costs them? That would most certainly put any manufacturer out of business in a heartbeat!

    I see nothing wrong with the price. I have seen many many vapes made of crap plastics and cheap parts charging way more than the Cera, sometimes twice or three times the price. I won't list any of them but you know what they are if you are truly into portables.

    The T1 is still the vape of the future. It changed the game and is what helped design the Cera. Cera is simply a well needed improvement of the T1 line. The T1 is not obsolete, there will be adapters after the pre sale to use the Cera carts on the T1 and other vapes. By all means you can wait a little longer and go that route is you so wish.
    You would be missing out on the ceramic body which insulates you from the heat of the T1 line, but not really a big deal.

    If you truly believe your T1 didn't need improving, then why are you complaining? If any part breaks I'm sure TV can fix it for you for a minimal cost. Please take hate somewhere else or do the research first to get the facts straight.
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  11. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    Well it's just opinion of course but I don't agree with the first statement. Not only does Cera definitely compare, how can you say otherwise (of course they compare) but IMO it outperforms most. Perhaps you might say it doesn't compare well in your opinion, but it seems l silly to me to say the two vapes can't be compared. More to the point, I've actually tried it so I don't have to guess. It not only compares with other herb vapes, but IMO may well be the best of class. In the next few weeks owners will be getting theirs and a collective opinion can be formed? But one based on experiences, not conjecture and opinion. As to what realistic pricing is, I'll leave that to the laws of Capitalism.

    I sure don't recall being told the T1 was forever. In fact, there was talk from the very first of developments to come. The gear is definitely modular, is definitely not "COMPLETELY OBSOLETE" and we are told will have thread adapters offered in the future to make the platforms work together.

    Much as some might think (or wish) otherwise, IMO TV has a serious winner going here. I'm confident when others try it they'll agree with that. It will not please everyone of course, but fortunately there are alternative products being offered (many of them driven better by that "COMPLETELY OBSOLETE" T1 supply than their factory offerings.....yes, T1 can drive say Bender hotter than Persei).

  12. jambandphan03

    jambandphan03 in flavor country

    I don't think any solid opinions can be made based on one or two videos... when people have them to use, then we will have more subjective information to go by. When I got my T1 I had only tried a couple of other portables at the time and did not have much experience to go by and still thought it worked well enough. I wasn't pleased with the battery life, but the vaporizer itself when on a full charge worked just fine. Months later, and many portables tried and tested along the way, I feel my ability to compare will be on a much more level playing field. There are a few current portables I have not had the chance to spend time with, so I won't be so bold as to claim to be an expert by any means, but I think I have a decent understanding of what most people will be looking for in a portable vaporizer. I will be sure to report honestly how I feel it performs once I get to spend some quality time with it.

    I feel these forums are not just a place to come complain about what you don't like, it's a platform for knowledge and sharing. Granted we need the feedback to be honest, so it won't all be rainbows and unicorns, but it does help to approach it with a bit of decorum so other people will want to continue to discuss the issues in a productive way.
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  13. hektik8625

    hektik8625 Well-Known Member

    North County S.D.
    Then that button seems like a waste of money! In my opinion! And wondering if the cera is even worth it! I'm not sure if any vaporizer should cost that much, it must double as a magic wand too?
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  14. jambandphan03

    jambandphan03 in flavor country

    well right now if you look around there are at least 3 other portable vape models coming out that are starting at the $250 price point or higher, and that is base pricing, and they will not be modular to include oils or ecig, only herb. I won't say that i think $250 a low price by any means, but it seems to be the standard right now in the portable market with the exception of a couple of lower price models. Now whether that is too much $ to spend on a vaporizer is up to the individual. Everyone has different limitations and expectations.

    The main reason I decided to go for the Cera is the fact it is supposed to be built to last a really long time. I have others that I know won't be around for more than a few years tops, because they have electronics inside. There will be some failure at some point and they will end up as trash somewhere. The Cera looks to be built to last many years to come. Another big win is the fact that the battery is user replaceable. I'll admit the look of the Cera had to grow on me a bit, but I think with the silicone sleeve, it will be golden. Add in the fact that it's modular to be oil/ecig just make it even more of a bargain IMO. Ultimately the proof will be in the pudding. All we can do now is speculate.
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  15. PB88123

    PB88123 Vaporist

    Waste of money to a person who does not need to see a LED when the vaporizer is on. A person may have a disability where seeing a light to tell if the vaporizer is on or off may be the best thing about the device.

    Definitely worth it if a person is looking for a convection and ceramic portable vaporizer that may outlast you and just needs a new battery to keep it running like new for years to come.

    It's a vapor making machine and doubles as a magic wand that breaks your plates and mugs when people least expect it.

    If you want the best quality and performance is there a price that's too much? Cera is $249.99 if you have a battery and charger already. Other portable vape prices - $299.00, $249.00, $249.99, $835.00, $250.00. The Cera is priced competitively right along with the other portable vaporizers.

    The resale value should be really good for the Cera too. Since it can be boiled / blow torched clean all you really need is a new battery and it should work like it is brand new.
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  16. fake name

    fake name Well-Known Member

    I do believe the cost is due to superior design (strictly conjecture of opinion) and superior materials (opinion, but less subjective) than other cheaper units.
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  17. JoeKickass

    JoeKickass Well-Known Member

    At first I thought you were being sarcastic lol. (My first thought was ah hah they are using semi conductors! LEDs are reliable little buggers)

    But actually he has a point about the switch, LEDs are also dirt cheap so surely the lighted switch is similar in price to the regulars $50? Not the full $75 right?

    The oil cera does clouds like I've never seen, so that one is worth it imo
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  18. rcflo

    rcflo Well-Known Member

    Jam, I agree. Good ecig units are expensive too, a device that doubles... wait no, triples its use, is in my opinion, quite favorable.

    I quit smoking analogs a little more than 12 weeks ago now, doing the math shows i have saved over 300 dollars since then. Easily paying for a Cera. So yes, i agree hektik, it is an expensive vaporizer, but can easily be affordable with a little initiative. And might even make it more worth it to you when you take into account that it can actually serve as two/three vaporizers in one.
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  19. Skeena

    Skeena Standing stone faced like a statue.

    How is it obsolete, it still works doesnt it? They still support it and im sure the cera will get upgrades as the years go on.
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  20. Krazzykid

    Krazzykid Well-Known Member

    If it were a bulb in there instead of a led, the bulb would most likely burn out fairly quickly. That would mean you had paid extra for a lighted switch that won't light.
    In that aspect it only seems most plausible to use a led instead. Add in the fact that led's often shine more brightly that regular bulbs of the same wattage.

    So it would seem the led's give more bang for your buck, not the other way around! Plus don't forget how durable these switches are supposed to be in general, rated for over 1,000,000 pushes! Not a cheap piece of hardware at all.

    Nothing about the Cera seems even remotely cheap. TV also isn't marking up their product by hundreds of percent like EVERY OTHER COMPANY DOES!

    With any other vape company that sells a $250 vaporizer, it probably only cost them $50 or less to manufacture.
    With the quality of all the parts on the Cera I can assure you this is not the case here!
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  21. mflb_hustler

    mflb_hustler Menny

    One Important thing about the Thermovape line of vaporizers, T1 Evo,Cera..etc, is that you can FULLY SANITIZE Them all. And thats secondary to the pure taste of the vapors. :2c:
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  22. hektik8625

    hektik8625 Well-Known Member

    North County S.D.
    Good points in here! I'm 50/50 but most likely will purchase one when I see on here people have received them and are satisfied . A lot of good points I didn't take into account! And when I was thinking price I had my mind set on the Ti version with everything... Almost $800, but........... Now really seems worth it! Good points....

    mod note: Edited to move the response outside the quote.
  23. ShipDit

    ShipDit 1%

    The great Mid West Wasteland
    Obsolete? If you buy a cool car then a new model comes out in 3 years does that make yours obsolete?
    Let's stick with the car theme for a moment. My wife drives a 1 year old Audi. Great car that has all the bells and whistles imaginable. And the damned thing is in the shop more than on the road,most of that time waiting for parts from Germany.
    On the other end of the spectrum is my car is a 1969 Camaro. No computers or digital shit at all. Is my car obsolete? Not a chance. It has zero "high tech' toys that will eventually break down. If there is a problem I can get every single part for that car in 3 days or less,and I can fix it myself with a few basic hand tools. I kind of think of Cera like that. Chevy built the platform based on standards they used for years,and most of those standard parts are still being used in many of their new vehicles. I like that. The aftermarket can supply EVERY SINGLE PART ON THST CAR! If I want I can keep it stock or go totaly ape-shit with all the speed parts available.
    That's kinda how I see the Cera. TET built a great platform. And by using "low tech" but standardized parts means it'll be easy for other companies to make all sorts of hot rod parts for it. The fact that this platform is not going to change for a long time mean companies can afford to tool up to make the parts and not have to worry about replacing expensive machinery every year.
    I love that Cera is analog,with just one switch. Every l.e.d,every display and every single piece of electronics is just another thing that can and eventually will stop working. Hell even my beloved MFLB has a fucking light in it.....that stopped working last week.
    I find it amazing that Cera,being very high tech, and designed/built with the very latest bleeding edge technology has less stuff to break than the old school wooden 'box.
    So,with all the advanced,complicated vapes for sale (and being redesigned/replaced every year),I don't think Cera will be "obsolete" for quite some time. I guarantee that in 5+ years from now we will still be using our Ceras. Ceras we have modified and tricked out to fit our individual wants and needs. I like that. Newer does always mean better,and all the new,complicated and fragile vapes in the world cant change that.
    Sooo,obsolete? Tell ya what,I'll race my "obsolete" Camaro against any high tech computerized car you show up with. But be ready to wipe away your tears when Old Faithful sucks your headlights out when I pass.
    Cera is the perfect storm of cutting edge design and materials while remaining very analog and simple. For Gods sake, it has ONE moving part,the off switch! Nope,no digital stuff and no finicky parts that require almost obssive maintenance to keep working.
    So will Cera be "obsolete" in 6 months? In 5 years? IMHO.....no chance. It was designed from the outset to be future proof,and I believe they accomplished just that.
    He'll I'll even go out on a limb for a product I haven't even held yet. Here's the challenge,you beat my "obsolete" car in a street race and I'll buy you any two vapes of your choice. Yes,that is a serious offer.....bring it on!
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  24. mephisto

    mephisto Well-Known Member

    Well stated, and thanks for the camaro reference.......love the old school muscle.....
  25. 2clicker

    2clicker we out there Accessory Maker

    i may have secured the funds for a Cera. now im curious about charging the cells.

    what chargers, aside from the tenergy charger TV is selling, is everyone planning on using for the new batteries?

    i remember Noah suggesting another brand charger a while back, but cant seem to find the post. anyone remember that?
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