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Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by villekille2, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. sickmanfraud

    sickmanfraud Well-Known Member

    Are there places to buy short and long vapor tubes in the USA?
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  2. sickmanfraud

    sickmanfraud Well-Known Member

    No one answered my last question. I will try a different question:

    What ratings do the 18650 batteries need to work in the Apollo?

    I have 4 batteries from my Arizer Air. Are they strong enough?
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  3. vapen00b

    vapen00b Waitn. 4 Zi | MVT,Hel.L,SBJ,GH,VC,Mi,Apollo,FW4

    No, they won't provide enough amps. Don't do it - don't play with li ions.
    They should have 20A continuous. And a paired set of batteries should be used and maintained.
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  4. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Did the provided Efest didn't work?

    Remenber the Apollo batteries are button top!

    About the glass tubes I think the only true source is Venus Vaporizer although if you know a glass blower maybe he can make something for you!

    Do you enjoy the Apollo?
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  5. OscarBoscar

    OscarBoscar New Member

    Just paid for the last Apollo available. Lucky me. First time vaping. This Xmass, fuck combustion. I'll see if i can save to buy an Helios for my friends.

    You guys put a lot of knowledge together. Respect.
  6. GTAVaper

    GTAVaper Well-Known Member

    Haven't been on FC for a while to track the latest conversations.

    But I did switch to a 50W bulb awhile back and really like it. My thanks to the generous FC'er who PM'd me and offered to forward a shipment of bulbs for me since the company wouldn't ship out of the US without using really high courier pricing rather than USPS shipping.

    You definitely have to be careful of the extra power. I have had one combustion event while getting used to the power changes.

    I use the Apollo in the optional lower power settings that you can access with the finer 5% power level control which then essentially makes each step the equivalent to the 10% steps of the 25W bulb.

    So the changes between temperatures from level to level are in similar power steps. But with the 50W bulb, the lowest temperatures settings kind of give the bulb a more orange coloured glow than the light that would come from the 25w bulbs at a similar power.

    This setup gives me an Apollo with a quick heat up time of about 50-60 seconds, a little hotter top end temperature since the lower power band tops out a little over the 50% level and also a boost of a lot higher power - even at the lower boost setting, which is how I am running it.

    Conclusions: The 50W bulb is a very nice improvement......but be careful with the extra power.
  7. villekille2

    villekille2 Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    It is nice to hear you like the update @GTAVaper The 50W bulb is great but we have even better updates.

    the new chamber doesn't have a cap anymore but it is integrated to the cooling unit so it makes the loading and unloading much easier. Also the adjustable depth of the chamber enables efficient vaporization of the smallest amounts of material.

    And a new custom made heating element for the Apollo reduces heating times to as low as 20 seconds, with a more efficiently shaped "2nd generation" 50W bulb (does not fit the older heating element). This together with the completely redesigned herb chamber with adjustable capacity means that the quality and amount of vapor is something between amazing and unbelievable, seems like a big step and especially for those who don't fill the chamber completely, the new adjustable capacity chamber changes the experience as the herbs are held in place and vaporization happens much more efficiently.

    And also A little extra feature to show the battery level when turning on the vape. Haptic motor has been changed to an upgraded model.

    The new chamber with the special cooling unit and a glass tube are available as an accessory package and should fit all Apollos.
  8. ander

    ander Well-Known Member

  9. Kanyayweest

    Kanyayweest Member

    @villekille2 is there an option to upgrade from the older model to the new heating elements? You said the new bulbs do not fit older heaters. How about those with aged units? :ko:
  10. villekille2

    villekille2 Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    Older model can get the upgrade of herb chamber and special cooling unit combo but the new 50w bulb is a longer than the old, and the new hearing element has been made a couple of mm longer for this reason.

    It does fit also the older heater but in my opinion comes a bit too close to the top of heating element tube so I would imagine it can create some hot spots in the chamber.

    And the new heating element construction is lighter as it doesn't have some features needed for the Helios and Venus but is especially built for the Apollo, and this reduction of weight is the main reason why it gets heated so quickly. And that component cannot be upgraded in an older model.

    The quick heat up and low mass also help to keep the vape more cool to touch and save battery life.

    But anyway even with the older heating element and 50w bulb the experience will be very much improved with the new chamber.

    I just got an idea, maybe I'll implement the herbSense feature to Apollo too should be easy as it is already tried and tested in the Helios. For example I think the Stealth mode feature is pretty useless Sao in place of that a could have 3 different herbSense settings, off, normal or aggressive herbSense

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  11. sickmanfraud

    sickmanfraud Well-Known Member

    I went to venus vaporizers website and there is a price and listing for the new herb chamber, but no pictures or explanations??
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  12. Techn!d0n

    Techn!d0n Well-Known Member

    Are these still accessible to purchase?
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  13. C-weed

    C-weed Well-Known Member

    Id like one as well
  14. villekille2

    villekille2 Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    Now the new herb chambers with attached stainless steel protection are available. Also the new Apollos will have the new style of chamber, and the vapor cooler will be included with all units.

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