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The RBT Milaana (unregulated single 18650)

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by RastaBuddhaTao, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. SloJimFizz

    SloJimFizz Unknown Member

    Joe's Garage Jamming
    @Ed's TnT made this Koa stem w/14mm wong mp for my Milaana. Use it on all of my 18mm stem units.
    He has a lot of wood species to choose from.

  2. ArthurJ

    ArthurJ Well-Known Member

  3. Alegre

    Alegre Pobre payaso

    Third Rock From The Sun
    That's beautiful, I want one!
  4. Little_Trees

    Little_Trees New Member

    I got with Ed about some stems for my new Milaana. He does these custom and is in the middle of a move. He asked me to hit him back in 2 weeks. Just a heads up.
  5. sickmanfraud

    sickmanfraud Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up. Welcome to FC @Little_Trees.
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  6. beyond6strings

    beyond6strings Just another traveller in the Dynaverse

    Big props to @cannabis.pro Thanks man-got my discount Milaana stems and the Crafty Liquid pads were a perfect fit. Enjoying my first stem of some yummy OG as I type.

    And thanks for the Doob Tube-those cobalt blue ones are my favorite-I only put the best of my flower in those.

    EDIT: and I dig the shit out of the medium length. Genius-cooler vapor yet still have better control and flavor. Sweet.

  7. cannabis.pro

    cannabis.pro OpenCannabis Advocate Accessory Maker

    Glad you found a use for those stems that we couldn't find a screen to fit. You sure that Doob-Tube isn't black? Milaana too much will colorblind ya perhaps?
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  8. beyond6strings

    beyond6strings Just another traveller in the Dynaverse

    @cannabis.pro That is entirely possible. And you're right it is black. Damn. Even cooler.

    There are few things better than a great session with my Milaana. I've really dialed in on those medium stems and find them absolutely perfect. Great clouds, great taste, and the vapor is cool enough for me.

    I've found those liquid pads perfect for my Mi stems. I had problems finding a screen that would fit in my long stem and then tried a pad and voila! So when I heard about your stems I was confident I had a solution. I've got one in my short stem that use only for concentrates too, and now one each in the amber stems. The long stem will be taking a bit of a break while I get to know these two amber stems.
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  9. AJS

    AJS Calm Consistency

    Hey guys! Haven't been posting in this thread much because I've been in the Mi2 thread mostly but I think this still applies here. Even though I've been experiencing this with the Mi2, the Milaana line is honestly just so incredible. I forgot how much I loved the instant reaction of breath and trigger compared to manually changing the temp using + and - buttons. All it takes is a single button for an infinite amount of vaping styles and outcomes. Truly is amazing and so much fun. It also helps that it just so happens to be an insanely hard hitting vape. It's not some wispy cloud, super high technique, "well at least it gets me stoned" kind of vape. This thing is a full blown flavor chaser, fat hitter, "oh shit I'm way too stoned" kind of vape. And I fucking love it.
  10. mucsusn

    mucsusn 60 going on 20

    DC Metro
    Yep.....hitting my Splinter tonight, but it's the same with my Mi's and my Zion (and my Mi hybrid from @Bravesst ) These things are my favorite "Desktops". Not nearly as portable as my VapCaps for out and about, but great for wandering the 3 level townhome. I'll just pick one, bring my DoobTube, ABV container, and the appropriate stir and tamp tools and set up shop for the evening. I can't even conceive of combustion anymore. It's like eating sand when there's fresh fruit on the table............oh, and don't forget the craft beer analogies.....
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