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The plight of combustion

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by Euphoria, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Euphoria

    Euphoria Well-Known Member

    Having send my vaporizer away to get fixed in late November I've been 'forced to' use combustion. Let me explain my situation first.

    Having stopped football in late Nov and after winning the final, inevitably, a lot of drinking occurred in the weekends leading up to Christmas. Due to having such little time off during the year, we consider this our time to go out and enjoy ourselves and we sometimes overdo it. Albeit I didn't partake in the same level of going out that usually occurs over Christmas due to final exams. I feel I should mention at this point that's I'm Irish and Christmas here every year is crazy. Friends who immigrated come home to see family and friends, the pubs are always full and cheerful...hell why do I need to let you know about the stereotypes of Irish drinking!

    Anywho. I've used my vaporizer most of this year, as I detest smoke, so it was such a pivotal discovery for me.
    I will gladly vape during football season. I actually find weed really helps in muscle recovery time after a painfully tough training run. But there were situations during football season where I frequently had a few bongs due to leaving my vaporizer somewhere else. I never really found anything strange. As I started medicating on bongs the small nostalgic feeling was enough to keep me doing it. I hated the smoke but once I was stoned everything was cool. I didn't overdo bongs by any means. I always had this distinct instinctual feeling that smoke and me just did not mix but the key point here is that after that "yukk" inhalation feeling, the high set in and everything was okay.

    Now it's January and some pretty weird sh*t has been happening to me. Usually I can handle a small period of drinking quite often. Now since stopping football and temporarily losing my vape, I always tried to compensate for the hangover feeling by having a bong. So over a month ago, I do just that.
    Since it's been a while having a bong I notice that I cough like crazy. It's okay though so far, could just be the normal horrible smoke feeling I hate. The high will set in soon and as usual will sort me out. What happened was very different.

    Almost immediately I started to feel very out of breath very quickly. Had to really concentrate on my breathing to make anything seem manageable. My girlfriend & I had planned to go cinema so we went. Feeling extra stoned along the way (this I appreciate, I love that extra stoned feeling, exploring consciousness of all types, one of the reasons I love mushrooms 2 or 3 times a year) but always aware of the faster heartbeat of around 90-110bpm. Always I'd try to direct my mind away from it, and sometimes I'd succeed briefly taking good breaths. But more than often found good breaths hard to take.

    This is because the smoke (of any herb) really deeply congests me. Not congestion that you can blow out, really deeply felt in the back of your sinus canals. So now, since not exercising as much, I've got this knock on effect where my heart is beating faster and I'm unable to take in the clear breaths to take it. Even when I breath deeply through my mouth it doesn't seem to be enough. These waves were coming and going and I really put all my mental energy into thinking "I'm going to be alright obviously, ignore this feeling". Ever so briefly I'd be okay and have conquered it. But then another palpitation or another period of uncomfortable breathing will set it off again. At my worst in the cinema it got to the stage where blood just evacuated my limbs making them freezing cold and turning my arms/hands into claws, turning into themselves uncontrollably - fairly painful also! Eventually this went but felt like I had to manually breath the whole day to stop this from happening again. Was fully normal again when the weed wore off and even on a normal hangover I never encounter such difficulty breathing.

    Anyway since that happened I haven't been drinking as much and jogging a bit more before football begins on Friday, yet this still happens since that cinema experience. Having only finished exams the other day, I smoked a bong for the first time in a month and this happened again. The heart started to race again and it was a severe struggle to maintain regular breathing even though alcohol wasn't involved at all.
    I'd like to consider myself mentally strong. The first experience in hindsight seemed to be representative of a hangover induced panic attack brought on by weed. Putting my body through too much essentially. I don't actively freak out as this is happening, I just have to pour all my effort into controlling it which is wasteful when I could be exploring much more interesting thoughts like I'm used to. It seems no matter how many times I convince myself everything is okay and an increase in heartbeat is regular with weed, my body will throw a period of rapid heartbeats/shallow breath my way. I experienced that 'jump' several times you get before you go to sleep sometimes that's associated with sleep apnea. Except once you're awake and it happens you think there's a small possibility of you fainting.

    Now to finish this essay (sorry for the length), the reason I post this in the medical section is because I wonder does the sudden large intake of herb smoke in my lungs cause a release of adrenalin coupled with some sort of allergic reaction in my lungs to the smoke itself?
    I have suffered from a weird type of athletes asthma in the past and I feel as if this plays a roll. Especially considering how I only notice this happening when I'm at my lowest level of fitness. When fully fit, my lungs feel 'normal'. When not fit, they feel below average and I think I lose fitness quicker due to how constricted they begin to feel. Lastly I will say that my definition of feeling very unfit is being very out of breath after a 7min/mile run. It doesn't make sense that people like my girlfriend who wouldn't exercise as much as me, yet can handle being very stoned off bongs without any heart trouble. Leads me to believe that the smoke does not mix well with me as I never had trouble with the vape.

    N.B. I have had heart checkups in the past, so nothing to worry about there. Burping lots seems to accompany this too. Feel very burp-y during my worst parts but find it impossible to expel gas. Compared to when I drink & do a bong, the drink makes me gassy -> burpy -> the problems don't occur as much.

    If you have read this long I don't expect any medical answers directed especially towards my case. Any personal experiences you have struggled with off bongs, or hell even vape, similar to that would be welcome here. I appreciate different perspectives and would like to see any thoughts or experiences brought on by reading that!
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2014
  2. Skyscraper

    Skyscraper Well-Known Member

    When I combusted heavy I remember having a feeling of very cold limbs, maybe there's vascular constriction happening when we inhale smoke? After using my vape exclusively for a time, in situations where I smoke herb with friends I've noticed a couple random times where my one or both lungs feel heavy, and it makes me think how I ever smoked weed at the rate I did for years w/out really feeling or noticing that affecting me. Once you get satisfied with vapor I think it really sucks to go back for a number of reasons, most of which on your body. It's saying "Dude you were doing this good thing and you're fucking up" :lol:

    I'm Irish on both sides of the family :cheers: Third generation American here though haha I hope you get your vape back soon man so you can continue partaking how you want. What vape do you use?
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