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The original ambient light vaporizer - Solar Puffing and the Sun

Discussion in 'DIY' started by charliedontsurf, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. acidgreen

    acidgreen Well-Known Member

    The size of the magnifying glass is the important attribute for solaring, not magnification strength. A larger diameter lens means more surface area to collect the light which is focused into a point. More light equals more heat. I think the magnification strength changes the distance of the focal length, with higher power lenses having shorter focal lengths.

    I have a 30x loupe myself (for looking at trichomes!), and it is not useful for solaring. I've used a 5x 3-inch magnifier from the reading glasses rack at Walmart with great success, and my current lens is about 3 inches diameter as well, from inside a rear-projection television.

    I love solar smoking/vaping. I spent an entire summer solaring when I first tried it a few years ago. Way preferred to butane, but of course my vapes see the most action these days...still, there is something very majestic about directly using the sun's energy to get high. And you'll find clouds improve your patience.
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  2. vaporonly

    vaporonly living in a van down by the river

    what an interesting topic. While I have never connected solar to vaping, I have experimented with solar including using old dish network satellite dishes...when I saw that youtube video link where the guy put his hand in the concentrated light I was nervous.

    anyone trying these experiments should be very careful, concentrated sunlight is no joke. this includes wearing the proper eye protection.

    I was wondering how solar vaping would work with more of a solar oven style setup, which can get pretty hot too without getting to the temps that the Fresnel and dishes can get too. Even in early spring, when the sun in my northern state is about half as powerful as in the summer, I could start wood on fire instantly with my solar dish.
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  3. hibeam

    hibeam alpha +

    Brave New World
    I was googling solar vaping because I just got four brand new crapped out glyph batteries from magic flight to replace the crapped out PA barely a year old for the second box in the same year. All these disposable components of the mflb concern me how environmentally unsustainable vaping can be. So I tried my big task magnifying glass with a glass bubbler but combusted every try. The trick would be to have the task glass on one of those snake lamp poles so one could adjust and then steady the optimal angle and distance of the glass and then move the bowl of material in and out of the beam for the right temp...surely any lotus vaporer could rise to this challenge. Could the sun replace a butane torch on a lotus, for that matter? Have to try that. But first I will hotwire a mflb dummy battery bypass with a couple alligator clips and use enough electrical tape to prevent combusting my hand or worse. Fuck batteries...I know, wrong thread.
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  4. natural farmer

    natural farmer Well-Known Member

    High in a Greek mountain!
    It would have a billion times more positive result for the sustainability of the planet to eat less meat or better no meat than not using batteries or torches... Better start with that. Cows breath out a lot of methane my friend...
  5. Vapey and the Bandit

    Vapey and the Bandit New Member

    I love this thread, i always find that when i'm out and about vaping I will inevitably run out of battery power. I had the vapium weekender thing that came with a solar panel backup battery and that did a pretty good job until it broke. Instead of using a handheld magnifying glass, what if there was some way to encase your herb chamber in some kind of glass bubble that redirected all incoming light at the herb chamber. Kind of like one of these things.
    If you don't know what this is its a spherical solar collector that redirects light passing through it onto a small photo voltaic cell on the bottom. Same idea but it points those beams at the bud chamber.

    Applied to a vaporizer you could just drop it in your window sill, maybe embed an alcohol thermometer in there and vape when its hot enough. Bump and keep this thread going. THE SUN GETS ME HIGH!
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