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The Nomad From Morwood

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by Dan Morrison, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    "A thing of beauty is a joy forever!"
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  2. emmdeemo

    emmdeemo Expert to some, idiot to others.

    Tell my ex that! :cry:

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  3. SloJimFizz

    SloJimFizz Unknown Member

    Joe's Garage Jamming
    Agreed. Mine below.

    Thanks man.
    My Nomad 133 has the elements of my favorite ukulele. Koa for the body, Dan didn't have much rosewood on hand, but cocobolo is very similar for the fretboard, there's pretty much a fret running from back button plate to bottom plate, and the abalone for the inlay of the ukes Logo.
    Sleeve was harder to decide on, both @Ramahs and @Poostuff papers were in my final cuts. But snorkeling reefs has been my current choice of destinations when given a choice, so I went with that.

    That is a beauty and has a lot of stealth built into its classiness.
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  4. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    Was she useless? Because if so, I got another appropriate quote that would negate the first one! :p
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  5. JibbsIsMe

    JibbsIsMe Member

    This is so sleek, I love it. I think I might have to go for a dark wood like that.
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  6. Copacetic

    Copacetic Somewhere North of The Wall

    NICE FIRST POST :rockon:
    That's deadly, just too damn cool :cool:

    Welcome to FC, and the Nomad caravan.
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  7. ClearBlueLou

    ClearBlueLou unbearably light in the being....

    the Old Confederacy
    I’m pretty sure there’s, like, three batches ahead of mine, not counting the current batch and the one I end up in.

    Don’t care.
  8. Ramahs

    Ramahs Fucking Combustion (mostly) Since February 2017

    The Internet
    Oooouuuuuhhhhhhhhh! That's pretty!

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  9. emmdeemo

    emmdeemo Expert to some, idiot to others.

    No idea, I was too busy looking in the mirror at my beauty and marveling at the eternal joy I bring :)
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  10. Victarion

    Victarion Active Member

    Extremely classy.
    Love it.
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  11. Mr. Me2

    Mr. Me2 Well-Known Member

    Hey - all of you lucky Nomad owners...

    Do you use your beautiful Nomad as a daily driver?
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  12. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    I was until recently. Don't get me wrong, I still 100% love it, and I'll continue using it for sure. But day to day ease of use and simplicity won me over lately. Let me explain:

    Previously when I brought the Nomad with me, I had to bring another vape alongside (it was the MistVape Imp 510 alpha version at that point, coupled with a evic VTC mini mod) because I needed 1) to be able to charge cells over USB when not vaping, and 2) to be able to test my cells voltage to know when to swap and determine their charge level (the Nomad will always produce some heat but if you start with a cell under 3.6V the session will be a struggle with the low power heater)

    I much preferred using the Nomad in that configuration, as the alpha Imp had quite some drawbacks: it was a standard 14mm stem system, meaning with my load size the material had quite some depth inside the bowl, leading to a clear color gradient with the exposed side getting very brown well before the opposite side lost its green. So stirring was mandatory, and taste suffered. On top of that, 14mm systems always clog super frequently and I needed to torch the screen very often, it's a real annoyance.

    But then I swapped my second vape with the Impcognito 510, also from MistVape, and it's much better. It uses the same stem diameter as the Nomad, a straight 14mm OD tube, albeit slightly shorter. Taste is somewhat inferior to the Nomad, that's the downside, probably because of that shorter stem size and also because the heater produces less uniform heat (but it's quite good really, it's just that the Nomad taste is clearly outstanding so it's hard to beat)

    I must admit that the ease of use of TC mode won me over. That plus battery gauge, integrated charging and protection etc. All the electronics bells and whistles. It makes the vape easier to share, whereas my Nomad has always been "my precious" and nobody is allowed to use it but me. It also allows to use the vape more easily when walking, and for a portable this is a plus.

    I wish the Nomad had some electronics. It's still my stealthiest vape. It's my portable with the best taste hands down, very close to the Zion which I don't consider nor use as a portable. I also love how the stem is protected inside the vape (as even with a SBS mod, the Impcognito stem has to stick out like a walkie talkie antenna) I love how beautiful it is, and the almost organic relationship I have with it. It brings so much joy and satisfaction when I use it... but yeah, lately I preferred to give up on those fronts to gain on the ease of use one, as it matters on a day to day basis.
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  13. DirtyD

    DirtyD Well-Known Member

    Southeast us
    I guess my vapcap is my DD, but I use the nomad almost every day. Like kerozen said, the nomad can't be beat for flavor. I also let no one else use it. Too precious, no doubt! Cheers! D.
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  14. Bdubbdiblets

    Bdubbdiblets Well-Known Member

    This exactly...:rockon:
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  15. GetLeft

    GetLeft Well-Known Member

    Convection City
    I used my Nomad pretty much exclusively for a couple of months, maybe longer. It's size and ease of use (I used it with one screen and no wooden ring so loading it was a snap) were the determining factors. But I recently have started to have some lung irritation and haven't used it since. Not blaming the Nomad! I just think my lungs are finally rebelling against hot on demand convection vapor and I don't want to risk the irritation coming back. Recently I've been vaping mostly with my Mi because I have a couple of longer stems and a diffusing stem and also a bubbler to use it with so with my Mi I can keep the irritation at bay. I'm not set up to do that (yet) with my Nomad. I'll have to go back and watch how Duff gets it going; he's got a short vid somewhere in here iirc.

    I've had an excellent run with my Nomad and because of that I don't feel too sad that it's on the sidelines for the time being. I'll see in a few weeks if I can ease it back into the rotation.

    Lots of fun waiting to be had by you all. I'm happy your time is getting closer.

    EDIT: Looks like the vid wet away:

    Anyone else using the Nomad with h20?
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
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  16. Kalessin

    Kalessin Well-Known Member

    I am now, for home use at least. I didn't use mine much for the first several months because I was having trouble dialing in temperatures without scorching, but I picked it up again about a month ago and now it's what I'm using 2 times out of 3 when I'm sitting at my computer desk. Mine has never left the house though, I am too protective of it lol
  17. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    I remember the video, and I believe he was just sticking the end of the stem directly into a 14mm joint. If you wanted something different, I’m sure it would be easy enough to rig up a sleeve of some kind to pad it, but that seems to be optional.

    I hope that lets you get back to your Nomad faster! :)

    We should also be looking into different stems/stem inserts/etc. to cool or otherwise adjust the characteristics of the air/vapor to be comfortable for the most people possible. :sherlock:
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  18. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    I'm sure @mistvaporizer could produce slightly longer straight stems with glass spheres to fit the Nomad. He already works with 14mm tubes. Otherwise stainless steel stems like the few I cut offer marginally more cooling than glass.
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  19. Dan Morrison

    Dan Morrison Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    Love reading through all these new comments on the thread, :)

    Been trying to engage... but can't seem to get out of the workshop these days, heh.


    On the topic of electronics and ease of use. This is definitely something I think about often. My vision for the Nomad is that it remains as small as possible, and also fully mechanical. But I DO like the idea of some ease of use improvements. And have considered electronic attachments or modules.

    Personally, for myself and others in batch 2 (from what I hear), I have loved the addition of the wood bowl inserts + loading/unloading stick. I just don't use the Nomad without em'. It makes loading/unloading a breeze, even while walking.

    But.. I've been increasingly wanting a case for my Nomad, something to carry the loading stick and a bit of extra herb. So, I've been developing something like this that would perfectly fit the Nomad without adding too much bulk.

    I'd be interested to know how many people would want a voltage indicator. I had an idea for the case that would essentially make it modular... where you can add little accessories to the case if you didn't mind adding a little extra bulk. Kind of like adding charms to a charm bracelet, haha.... pardon the weird analogy... but it's the most accurate thing I can think of!

    My idea is to make a little wooden block with a screen (about 1" x .6") that magnetically clicks onto the bottom of the Nomad and probes the appropriate spots with spring loaded pins, and when the fire button is pressed, it will read the voltage on the screen.

    When it's not in use, it just conveniently stays with the case, or at home if you don't want to bring it along.

    @KeroZen and I talked about something similar way back, where there could be a modular attachment that replaces the current wooden bottom plate, makes the entire vape a little taller... but houses something like a DNA chip for TC etc..

    Though, the Nomad would need to be redesigned to incorporate the needed contact points for this module to attach to... and I'm not sure yet if those design changes would compromise the overall design in some way that would make it not so attractive anymore... But the idea is just so cool, ha.

    There is something so neat about the Nomad being this solid "core", all mechanical.... yet.. with a DNA chip module and appropriate heater module it can become fully chip controlled when you want it to be.

    Anyhow, I'm always thinking about ways to make improvements... so all these comments really get the juices flowing.

    For now It's a challenge just to keep up with the Nomads as is. But I'm slowly getting better at that, heh.

    @GetLeft - Ed'stnt makes whatever water tool attachments you'd need for the Nomad. And if that doesn't work out for you, you can always ask if I can help you out, I'm always here to make your experience as good as it can be!
  20. Kalessin

    Kalessin Well-Known Member

    I would be interested in a case/voltage tester if they were not really expensive. TC doesn't really bother me, all my vapes are analog except my Grasshopper(which I never use) so I'm used to feeling it out by now
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  21. Mr. Me2

    Mr. Me2 Well-Known Member

    Your idea gave me one. Since I plan on keeping mine at home, and it sounds like others do the same, how about a docking station that’s another one of your works of art; a display piece.

    It frees up size constraints and makes live edge pieces possible too.

    I think this could be in addition to your portable ideas.

    Wheels spinning?
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  22. MonkeyTime

    MonkeyTime Well-Known Member

    You could count me in on the modular box and any other ideas you have, just send the PayPal invoice!

    As for the question @Mr. Me2 , it's my normal around the house, clean hands vape. It doesn't see yard work or the wood shop, or anywhere I'd dirty it. So, it's a sorta daily driver. Mine has a very large emotional meaning and I treat it as such.
  23. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    @Dan Morrison: I didn't want to spill the beans concerning the modules idea, but I kinda invited you to do it with my above comments, probably as a way to self-flagellate myself because I didn't advance as fast as I wanted on that front, like I said I would.

    So it's part punishment, part trying to get the ball rolling and see if there would be any interest. Because as nice as the idea sounds, we both know pretty well how hard it would be to implement, and even how harder it would be to make it right, especially with the level of perfection you tend to aim for...

    But I had something much simpler than a DNA board in mind. Something making you forget that the technology is there actually, leaving the Nomad operation pretty close to what it is now but nonetheless with important improvements.

    I have part of the problem solved on paper, even sourced a few suitable components, but there are at least two points where I will be completely stuck without your help... and since you are even busier than I am, it's complicated...
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  24. lieutenantlemons

    lieutenantlemons Well-Known Member

    The spring-loaded pin idea is definitely interesting, although TC is personally not a big deal for me.

    @Dan Morrison Any chance you've thought more about heater modules btw? The low and high heat modules sound great, just interested in seeing if there's any interesting or niche ideas you've got.

    Speaking of which, could any sort of electronics/TC/"smarts" theoretically be built into/combined with the heater module system? Could even theoretically expand that type of system outwards through the bottom airhole for more room... wouldn't be pretty and the battery bridge would have to be messed with; highly doubt anything like that would ever work but I'm just dreaming :tinfoil:
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  25. namasteIII

    namasteIII Well-Known Member

    get a spare battery slot in the case too please.

    and I'll eat anything @Dan Morrison and @KeroZen cook up together.
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