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The Magic-Flight Box

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by magicflight, May 16, 2009.

  1. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    My understanding as well. It also begs the question 'were they charging more than list price before?'.

    We do know of reports of US vendors getting cut off for this. Gone are the days of discounted MFLBs on Amazon.

    MF seems to be holding the line on 'Fair Trade' very effectively. Even the crooks that sanded the serial numbers off to cover their tracks have gone away.

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  2. Yanmam37

    Yanmam37 New Member

    Sent MFLB a warranty claim. Been 4 days and no response. Not mad or anything. But site says it will be no more than 3 days
  3. HSIHP

    HSIHP Well-Known Member


    Check you spam/junk/trash ;)
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  4. Yanmam37

    Yanmam37 New Member

    Just did. and sadly there's no mail from them. Was trying to get my warranty claim as soon as possible because my friend is coming out soon and I really wanted for him to try a vape haha
  5. Zingbuddah

    Zingbuddah Vaporologist


    Email directly to them or via the warranty claim page on their website?

    Steps to Win With MFLB Customer Service

    -Always initiate contact via the web form http://www.magic-flight.com/contact.php

    -Check for an email from customerservice@magic-flight.com subject line of "Thanks for your Submission!" to confirm the request was received.

    -Please check your spam/filters if you are not receiving it

    -If after three business days and no response, check your spam again and resubmit via the webpage (be nice but annotate that you are sending a second request)

    -Always receive and respond from the email address

    -Never modify the subject line or contents of the message (add, do not remove)

    -Reply from top of email thread.....long email thread will get clipped

    Common issues with MFLB service:

    -email is being auto-forwarded from the address you gave MFLB to another mailbox
    -You modify the subject line of the email
    -You respond from another email address than the one submitter to MFLB via the web page
    -fuzzy, low-rez pictures submitted for warranty claim
    -odd circumstances requiring a senior MFLB staff member to review the claim

    Stick with it! I am willing to vouch for MFLB (only vendor on this forum I'm willing to do so) and their ability to solve ANY issue....they will make you happy, just give them a chance.


    (edit:avoid B2B)

    Yanmam37, are you only using one email address for this request?
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  6. mscm888

    mscm888 Well-Known Member

    Just received an email from magic flight regarding release of PA 2.0. It appears to fix a few of the problems I found with 1.0. I've sent my original PA back already and the replacement is soon to be returned. Pulled it out to go camping and it was dead.
  7. Yanmam37

    Yanmam37 New Member

    Yes. Only using one email

    Also guys head over to reddit.com/r/mflb there is a lot of info over there about the new PA 2.0
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  8. bluemonkey

    bluemonkey Member

  9. Yanmam37

    Yanmam37 New Member

    Damn. 80 for the power adapter. Definitely wont be able to get that now. That's how much I payed for the box itself brand new :/
  10. TwztedElegance

    TwztedElegance Boom Shankar

    Pricy but that is a dope power adapter.
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  11. Boranel

    Boranel Member

    Dear lord :freak: It's so... so... beautiful! I'll have to get that at some point, $80 be damned. Looks too good to pass up. Love that it has it's own new 'words of wisdom' on the bottom :D
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  12. al bundy

    al bundy Vaporist

    Anyone looking for a great deal on a MFLB this is the way to go

    I dont know why all the talk about copies when I see them on ebay for 75.00 and theyre real,
    You just have to go look and ask questions
    (I bought my second one from ebay and even had it warrantied with no problem from all star wholesales)

    But for $50.00 shipped to your door?????
    You get the older batteries,the original metal brush(the best brush i think)
    But you'll pay $50. !!!!
    Go buy 4 MFLB logo batteries and your set!!!!
  13. Lokbok

    Lokbok Well-Known Member

    Yeaaaa.. I thought $50-$60 was pushing it with the current PA.. but $80 for the new PA is more than I paid for my MFLB brand new. Its definitely great if you don't have a desktop unit.. but I've already since gotten a log vape to take care of my daily needs. As it stands.. I'm fine just using batteries for my MFLB since I see it as my travel kit.

    I've talked to some MFLB reps and they said they might work on a package deal with the MFLB and PA, but nothing concrete and nothing in the immediate future.
  14. Stu

    Stu Maconheiro Staff Member

    some shithole country
    I think the new PA is a nice improvement over the original.
    • Looks way nicer esthetically :cool:
    • Improved fastened button (this button ain't going to loosen up over time)
    • Banana plug fits nice and snug in any lb

    It's very well made and looks cool. I like it. :tup: Great job, Magic Flight!

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  15. al bundy

    al bundy Vaporist

  16. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    I got my PA the day before we left for Maui so I didn't have much opportunity to use it. I did examine it and it is exquisitely made, as you'd expect from Magic-Flight. They've obviously paid attention to the shortcomings of the original PA (few though they were) and fixed them, then applied the usual Magic-Flight aesthetics. I loved it right away.
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  17. Quetzalcoatl


    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    Sure is pretty :)

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  18. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    OK, seems to me its out. I'll join in with my pics:

    You have seen all the pics now, and it imo tells pretty much 100% about the PA2. Just look at it and you know what is better about it. No hidden upgrades.
    Its function seems identical to PA1 to me. Its ergonomics and weight have been upgraded. As well as reliability i think.
    According to the introduction its going to be a bit more expensive than original - imo it's absolutely fair, the new PA2 sure looks to have improved value.

    So here is the copy of my report, which can also work as a FC review:

    Looks beautiful, I thought the PA was a perfect visual match for a MFLB until I saw the PA2.
    The knob feels more solid (my PA knob got bent somewhere sometime, probably during travel. Still works, but looks crooked)
    This PA2 knob seems impossible to bend. Also much harder to accidentaly change temperature.
    Overall it looks it can take some beating just like the MFLB when closed. It's all safely hidden in the wooden box.
    +size, shape, ultra-light
    +looks, match to MFLB
    +seems overall more durable
    -no feet (probably not needed anymore, as the cord itself is now heavier than the body and battery adapter together)
    -The solid connection of the "battery" cable to the body is movable, maybe a weak point, can it break this way? The old PA doesn't move at all.

    Battery adapter:
    Looks much more advanced. It is redesigned to ensure the best contact possible and ergonomic button.
    The button have never failed on me yet. The original PA button was making me nuts.
    It sometimes needed to be pushed in the right direction with enough force to make contact.
    I could slowly release the force pushing on the button, but the power cuts off exactly in the moment of the *click* everytime.
    The power is delayed a tiny bit after pushing the button.
    Maybe the button now only signals the body to send power, so it is less stressed?
    +Both positive and negative contacts redesigned to ensure strong contact on every box - they are robust, flexible and tight.
    +Soft and round edges near the button -> softer for my fingers.
    +Button better responding and easier to push
    +More durable cord connection
    -could catch more dirt
    -i question the durability of the ergonomic plastic piece near the button, it seems it would be possible to break it off.

    It works like my original PA when brand new.
    I've blown some nice clouds just like the mighty PA is capable of.
    Browning was also the same as with original PA.
    On 45% I've combusted, just like with the original PA. I've not used the MFLB for a while (convection desktops being the reason)
    I think my current box is hotter than average. Works great in 0-30% range. Even MF batteries make it too hot for my liking.
    As I say, I think my box is hot, not the MF batts or the PA, or PA2. I can imagine MF batts to work perfectly in colder boxes than mine.
    I believe it is overall improved in ergonomics, reliablity, durability, looks, size, shape, contacts and weight.
    The heat and performance feels the same. I couldn't detect any other difference in the PA2 session than the lightness of the setup, ease of the button and less worries about contact.
    And after finishing the session, i can stare at the geometry on the top of the PA2 as there are lots of it to be found.
    So since the performance seems unchanged and I've already inspected the unit there's now nothing more to report until something breaks, If something breaks (i hope not).
    I found only two negatives on each part, where one was a worry for durability and second almost (or entirely) neglible detail.
    Maybe it's too fast since I've just got it today, but I approve! *thumbs up*

    It seems to me like the PA->PA2 improvements are very similar to MFLT->MFLB. I never owned the MFLT, but I think the comparision is there.
    The PA looks like the MFLT, the PA2 looks like a MFLB. Everything being moved into a tiny solid wooden box.
    MFLB is a lot more reliable and durable, the PA2 seems too.
    MFLB is more ergonomic, so is the PA2.
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  19. al bundy

    al bundy Vaporist

    Well said Seek!! :tup:
    One other thing is i dont have to readjust my ring when i switch to battery power.
    With the PA1 i always had to tighten my ring or battery would be to loose.
    So far a week of straight use and nothing to complain about.
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  20. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    I agree with what's been said, the issues raised with the original seem to have been address. The switch is improved and more positive, I doubt anyone will have troubles any more, since there's no longer the screw on cover, there's not even any holes to put paperclips in in anger. Likewise, fit from box to box seems much better. All of mine I have access to at the moment fit just fine.

    I also agree, performance seems basically the same. But this one lacks the sharp edges that used to stab me at odd times. And the knob is well protected now, much better than before, but is still easy to get to. And a (to me) important 'little improvement' we asked for nobody has mentioned, the knob now has reference marks so you can reproduce settings at will.

    Well done (again) MF!!

  21. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    I have refference marks on my original PA as well. Of same kind. What works perfectly doesn't need to change. At any position, these marks let you know where it's at.

    Maybe these marks were missing on the original PA beta versions?
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  22. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    No, mine was retail. I bet if you go back and look you'll find lots of guys on this topic. Many of us put paint stripes and such on. Mine wore right off (of course).

    They could well have made a 'running change' (like adding the ring or latch) and didn't clear it through me though?

    Anyway, the dial is marked.

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  23. Vicki

    Vicki Herbal Alchemist

    I also love my new PA 2.0! It is really beautiful in comparison to the 1.0. I also like that it is the same size as my Launch Boxes. :D
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  24. momofthegoons

    momofthegoons vapor accessory addict

    I have to chime in and say I agree about the new PA. I have the original beta version and there is just no comparison. My old one needed to be turned all the way to max for good vapor. The new one is a lot more precise in it's temperature control.

    The rest has already been said.....

    Great job Magic Flight! :tup:
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  25. HSIHP

    HSIHP Well-Known Member

    So just about everyone here already has it :(. Maybe it's time for another giveaway like when the WPW came out? ;)
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