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The known and knower and how do I know that I know

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by gangababa, May 22, 2014.

  1. gangababa

    gangababa Well-Known Member

    center of the jagat
    OK! How do I do this? We marvel at the birth of my first thread. I have knowledge of style and substance and circumstance in other forum. But new here, I know not if I have opened the right doors among those unopened that are left. "I choose door number four, Alex". "Annd youuhaave a neew philosopherrr."

    Perhaps I ought have posted to the thread for geeky science souls. This Three minute video "Cosmos on Weed", a science-spaced-out-soul-parody just came to my attention. The soul is that curious power (shakti) of the plant that via science renews the spaced- out "I am" that each of us intimately knows. No evidence needed to prove "I am"
    Ahh! But what am "I"?

    Click to play YouTube Video

    Trick question, is the smoke real?
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  2. basement farmer

    basement farmer My face is melting...

    Hey, isn't that Montez?

    Been catching a lot of NdGT on netflix. Bonus points for frequent cannabis assist in trying to wrap my head around some of the concepts he presents.

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