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The Key was Vaping

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by DogDad, May 13, 2014.

  1. DogDad

    DogDad Well-Known Member

    The Dog House
    I've come to the conclusion that vaping Cannabis is not just for sick people, it's for all people who want to live healthier lives.

    I have no scientific evidence, training or been trained in observation. I have no way to validate what I'm about to claim. Add to this, that I have little experience vaping. Only since I joined FC actually. I do have 40 years of combustion experience.

    I'm in excellent physical health in general. I try to eat well, exercise, take vitamins and do right by my body. I'm considered fit by some.

    After 48 hours of vaping for the very first time, I noticed a difference in my skin redness. Nothing else had changed in that 48 hours except I had been vaping. Vaping apparently was delivering the anti-inflammatory or something else to my system for the first time in my life.

    I never saw this effect smoking it and in 40 years, I would have noticed. My facial redness now is the lowest it has been in decades and vaping has continued to improve it. The only thing that changed in my life is vaping.

    I won't bore everyone with my personal health stories, other than to say, I have seen and felt real changes in and on my body since I have started vaping.

    What is obvious to me is that vaping for me is something akin to taking an anti-inflammatory or antibiotic every day. Apparently, smoking it doesn't give you either the concentrations or the absorption rate needed to receive healthy benefits.

    Evidently, the delivery method is the biggest key to receiving the medical benefits from Cannabis and from my tests, it appear to be equally effective regardless of strain. Regs works just as well as OG.

    Vaping turns Cannabis to real medicine and a healthy herbal supplement for me, I use it now for better overall health. Smoking it, never did anything medically for me at all. Nothing, zero, zip, no question.

    I got into vaping for other reasons than health and at the time I was one of those who believed medical cannabis was more of a myth than factual. Clearly, I was very wrong. So all these healthy benefits were a complete surprise.

    Now, I tell everyone who will listen. Vaping cannabis is a very healthy thing to do. It will fix things in your body, that you don't even know need fixing. It will bring all your bodily organs into balance and help them work properly. Vaping cannabis is like taking a multi-vitamin / multi-herbal supplement that does more good than harm.

    I find Cannabis should be consumed daily. I find 1/3 a gram per day vaped at 375-400* works well for me and all strains work just as well as the others.

    I don't have to sell anybody on FC about vaping and vaping does good things for me and in a big way. Turns out using AVB used topically also works well. Vaping turns Cannabis into a multi-tool.

    The facts appears to be this; vaping cannabis does help myself and others live a healthier life and even those who are not desperately ill. If you took the THC out of Cannabis, I'm starting to believe every person on the planet should be consuming Cannabis because as it turns out, it may be healthier for all of us than Kale.

    If my assumptions are correct, one day I could see Cannabis juice bars on the street corner. A non thc version that would get you no higher than Wheat Grass. People will drink it because they found out Cannabis is good for what ails them now and prevents diseases from occurring later. Why wouldn't you drink that if you could?

    It will be a while before people realize what Cannabis can actually do because so many people will have to admit they were wrong.

    A very efficient vape is still the best way to gain the benefits of medical / herbal cannabis at the lowest possible cost and you don't have to have Parkinsons, or undergoing radiation treatments to receive the Cannabis benefits.

    Vape responsibly.
  2. green13

    green13 Well-Known Member

    Pacific Northwest
    Great post and interesting observations. I have been thinking the same thing. It seems to help your body in so many ways. Puts you in balance. I was just thinking that I wish I had access to low THC cannabis for those times when I could vape more without getting stoned. It's a shame so many are so ignorant about its use and benefits.
  3. DogDad

    DogDad Well-Known Member

    The Dog House

    That balance thing has been mentioned before and I too find it to be true. It seems my body is just working better. It wasn't that I felt bad before vaping just that I feel much better now. Every organ seems to be running smoother. Overall I feel better, stronger even.

    I've noticed my muscles seem to be more responsive. I think it's because my body is absorbing more nutrients. I don't get winded as easily, my heart never skips a beat. It just feels like my body is doing what it should and can. I'm a little engine that could.

    I'm also with you on the too stoned. I wish for a lower THC and I already only vape Regs for that reason. I wish it didn't get me that high.

    One of the things I noticed, was my hair got darker. I seem to have less gray hair now. Impossible to believe I know, but I believe it to be true and I'm not the only one who noticed this. It didn't go from white to black but we do believe it did get darker. Odd huh?

    I took some AVB and coconut oil and made a topical. I rubbed it on some skin cancers that I was about to go and be treated again. ( frozen). Not only did it stop the burning, it all but killed the cancer all together and I may not ever have to go after all.

    I had and still have some pretty gnarly moles on my body. Vaping has made very many of them dry up and fall off.

    If cannabis is doing all this externally, what else is it fixing inside my body? I don't know, but I sure feel better and don't plan on stopping, stoned to the bone or not.

    I watched something very interesting the other day on C-span. No wait, LOL, this was on Obama administration’s marijuana policy. http://www.c-span.org/video/?317590-1/hearing-marijuana-policy

    The take away for me was how little people really did know. They still think MMJ might be good for nausea in some cases, and glaucoma in some cases and that's about it. Sad when Cannabis may turn out to be one of the greatest medical discoveries, ever.
  4. Jahannum

    Jahannum (。´∀`)ノ

    Just saying beforehand, I am not a doctor or well learned.

    My thoughts on the overall redness on your skin, and its change after you started vaping is a bit different. I think you may of suffered beforehand from poor circulation, which usually will cause reddening on the skin and inflammation at times. It is my hypothosis that this poor circulation was a result of the cumulative effect of smoking for 40 years(You cannot underestimate the cumulative effect of inhaling combusted plant matter over a long peroid of time).

    Taking into account Cannabis is a "I forget the exact word, I am high right now, will edit word in later", which can help open the lung pathways. So now take your lungs, which are used to 40 years of combusted plant matter, and instead have better air flow, and like .5%-1% the toxins. And I believe since your alveoli sacs were no longer being coated inside out in tars and other toxins, you started to slowly abosrb more and more oxygen than usual, as the membrane inside the alveoli sacs healed more and more. Your body started getting alot more oxygen circulation which I believe in turn started to work on your redness and inflammation.

    I recently started vaping myself, back in october, and am still experiencing some of the benefits of quitting combustion. Also run 4 miles everyday, and workout 3 days a week, and I noticed big time the increased lung capacity and improved oxygen absorbtion.

    I might be wrong, but I think alot of the benefits you are getting are not from the vaped cannabis, but instead from your overall improved airflow.

    Just my guess, honestly I am by no means a medical expert, just sharing my thoughts.
    Last edited: May 14, 2014
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  5. Mister G

    Mister G Deceptively Old Fart

    Title Town
    I've had very similar health improvement experiences from vaping, but also agree that what needs to be considered equally to the direct vaping benefits is the indirect benefit of stopping any regular combustion habits, basically eliminating a steady intake of poison. I quit combustion cold turkey since last October and some of the improvements have been very noticeable and dramatic.

    I have a problem with any Dr.'s who stubbornly don't believe in cannabis benefits, the evidence is well beyond anecdotal at this point.
  6. spoutti

    spoutti Well-Known Member

    Before, I was smoking pot full time. Now, I medicate. Smaller dosage, right strain for different needs, conservation technques (jyarz!!!), I learned a lot from fc since last may :nod:

    Irritated lungs was an excuse to not exercise before. Now I want to do 30min cardio/day, but i do some every other day or so and im happy with that :).

    About 1/4 of what i was combusting before when under disciplined medical dosage. Maybe 1/3 when binge vaping vs smoking trees :smug:

    I put a lot of good changes to my life on the switch to vaping. I think not accepting poisonus smoke anymore to get medical benifits opened the door to more self-respect, acceptance and healthy thinking for me.
  7. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    The word you were looking for is bronchodilator. Different strains are different in their bronchodilating properties because different terpenoid profiles of different strains will contain various amounts of different terps some which have this effect on the lungs (such as pinene, which unsurprisingly for most gives the piney smell/flavour of some strains) and others which do not have this bronchodilator effect.

    Remember guys, cannabis plants are not homogeneous. They vary a lot both within and between strains! A lot more needs to be understood about both individual cannabinoids and their entourage effect/s before we will be able to say with much confidence what the various health effects are.

    As a scientist and someone who loves the herb, I would humbly suggest to make sure that we don't jump the gun and start claiming benefits of cannabis which could be attributed to something else. Loads of people don't want to recognise that cannabis can be useful. Let's not give them ammunition to call us wrong with!
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  8. DogDad

    DogDad Well-Known Member

    The Dog House
    I just checked my ebay order for my first vape. It was Nov. 5, 2013. I started vaping shortly after.

    I don't combust anything now and haven't since my vape arrived. I would think any inflammation that would have have been the result of combusting should have subsided now.

    I workout in the gym 2 x a week, walk an average of 6 miles a day according to my Jawbone UP. I've been doing this since December 2013.

    All I know for a fact is that if I vape once a day I see less dramatic changes than if I vape 3 times a day. So whatever is happening it seems to be tied to vaping Cannabis because nothing else has changes in my daily life.

    It could be that the cannabis is reversing the poisonous inflammation we get in our food and water or in the air we breath. I'm not combusting so I can't be getting the inflammation from there.

    Obviously, I don't know what exactly is happening but I like the results. I honestly believe Vaping has kept me from going to the doctor to have the skin cancers treated and the moles removed. Both are pretty much a non issue right now.

    I was one who didn't believe that cannabis had any medicinal qualities at all which make my own results so surprising.

    I vape at 375, 400 on my Vapir NO2 and on occasion at 500* with my extreme Q. I don't notice any increase in redness in my skin at 500.

    I got into vaping to lower the cost of getting high and not smelling like pot smoke all the time. Both those goals were achieved of course, plus what appears to be these healthier benefits for whatever reasons that may be real or imaginary.
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  9. Quetzalcoatl


    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    The word you're looking for is bronchodilator :tup:
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  10. DogDad

    DogDad Well-Known Member

    The Dog House
    I've only tried 2 different strains, Mexi brick and some dank ass stinky herb that smelled up the neighborhood. MMJ is not legal here yet so everything I learn is in a vacuum.

    Both strains seemed to have the same effect on me which has me rethinking the need for a high CBD strain. Although I would like to try. :)

    I'm not claiming that my results will be the same for anyone else. I don't sell herb or vapes. I don't own stock in MMJ. I have zero insensitive to fabricate my results or frankly to even post here.

    I just thought I would return to FC and report my own personal experience after 6 months of vaping and perhaps sharing my story may encourage others to rethink combustion and to feel better like I do. YMMV.

    The bottom line for me, is that I'm seeing and feeling quantifiable healthier results and I owe a thank you to the good people on this website for introducing me to vaping.

    Thanks FC!
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  11. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    That is good news, your change to vaping is almost without a doubt much better for you than your smoking was. I didn't mean to detract from that at all... I should be clear that the only thing I was suggesting to be careful of is suggesting that vaping is healthier than not vaping/smoking at all. There are certainly illnesses which cannabis is beneficial as a treatment for.

    However, we are only just starting to understand the amazing variety of chemicals that are contained and variously released from different strains of cannabis in different ways (smoked, vaporized, eaten etc). We don't have the evidence to support a claim that in general, that vaping cannabis is good for you. Just that it is with most devices and in many cases likely to be safer. With time, regulation of the vaporizer industries around the world and hopefully less barriers to research of cannabis and related topics, I think we will in our lifetimes get an opportunity to develop a much clearer scientific explanation of how cannabis effects our bodies. All we can say right now is that vaporizing cannabis with a properly designed device using safe materials which does not off-gas or combust will be safer for you than combusting.

    I am from a country where there is less access to strains than you man, I can feel your pain on the not being able to try all the amazing medical strains. Here's to hoping that all your future herb is great :D keep on toking in good health my friend!
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  12. max

    max Out to lunch

    I've been vaping exclusively for almost 10 years, and even though I quit smoking cigs almost 20 years ago, at the end of my cannabis smoking days the smoke was bothering my lungs to the point where I was seriously thinking about giving it up entirely. So for at least some of us any kind of smoke is not welcomed by the body. It's actually kind of a toxic delivery method, and IMO anyone and everyone is better off vaping or using edibles. Everyone is different but there's no doubt in my mind that vaping is a healthier method of ingestion than smoking. The same goes for efficient extraction of active compounds.

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