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The HI

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by Alan, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Zow237

    Zow237 Well-Known Member

    On my way to go pick up my maple burl hi! Super excited :) :brow:
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  2. slowandsteady

    slowandsteady Member

    Still loving my lignum vitae and cocobolo HIs!
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  3. kurt6652

    kurt6652 Well-Known Member

    I have a bamboo steel core with vvps and it is my daily driver supplemented by my omni xl. I am looking forward to getting something in walnut.
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  4. Diggy Smalls

    Diggy Smalls Notorious

    Land of Confusion
    This thread gets a lot more love that the Toasty Top thread, so I think I'll be hanging out here more, after all, the Toasty Top has the same core as the Heat Island these days. I use mine all day and everyday. I prefer the small SS bowl, and I push it at around 9v for a long milky draw through a dry bubbler.
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  5. KingSol

    KingSol Active Member

    New York City
    Hey guys, I humbly come here to extend my apologies to my dad, Alan and the JedHi's [dad hope you see this]. First, I always thought this place (FC) was some kind of joke! It had to be right? Especially if my dad spent so much time here. I knew about and regularly use log vapes so I couldn't understand why my dad was in love with what he calls his Hipod. He never even brings it out of his room. We all buy vapes and share with each other but never his Hipod. I used to clown him when he mentioned the JedHi's and his Hipod because I thought it was something he made up LoL, he's quirky like that. Also to be honest, I originally joined this forum just to troll him because my mother banished him:rofl:. I thought I could catch him sneaking around in here. It wasn't until after joining that I saw how serious FC was, definitely not a joke. I couldn't believe my father was keeping this place to himself all this time! It all makes since now how he was able to tell me about Vaporizers that I never even heard of before. I now know that what I thought was an ugly worm holed log vape is made from the beautiful Banksia seed pod. Stunning! Anyhow, I too, am now, a JedHi. I recently made a great trade for a Maple Burl Hi and I love it. I now see why my dad loves his so much, even more so because of the special wood. He says he has a new HI being worked on right now and he may just let the Hipod make it to the livingroom because the new HI is definitely off limits...... we'll see! Anyway all the best to you guys and gals.
  6. 204Markie

    204Markie Well-Known Member

    Long time no post my fellow vapers! Im fairly excited as of recent; Ive started off with a bamboo HI from a Mr @Alan and now I'm taking the guts from my HI and putting it into a spalted stabilized maple that came from a tree my family planted in 1910.


  7. sixstringsmash

    sixstringsmash Well-Known Member

    Looks sweet but are you sure that's safe for use in the HI? I know generally with any type of log vape we have to stay away from anything stabilized because the chemicals in there can get toxic when heated. I would imagine it would be the same for the HI.
  8. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    Am I a Jedhi? I am not good at translation. Anyway, re TT- it is just too large to comfortably fit in my hands. So Alan made me a HI that's perfect for small hands and is vase shaped. I'm almost ready to ask for an iheat.
  9. 204Markie

    204Markie Well-Known Member

    @sixstringsmash I understand the concern, though the dangers come from high temperatures. I've seen mouth pieces for tobacco pipes made from stabilized wood. It is also not so uncommon to see the outside of a pipe made with spalted wood. Though with that being said I believe spalted wood gets unsafe once it gets to a point where it would char/smoke @ 140 Celsius. I don't believe the wood itself gets that hot with the SS or glass cover with the space from the element.
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  10. sixstringsmash

    sixstringsmash Well-Known Member

    I hear ya just want to make sure you're being safe. I've heard from multiple people on this site who have a lot of experience in woodworking claim that using stabwood in logs can be dangerous and toxic. I only know this because I just recently commissioned a second woodscents from @Ed's TnT, and I asked him about the possibilty of using stab wood as the material. He gave me a big old no no on that and told me anything stabilized wouldn't be safe for use in a WS. @Snappo over here also gave us a warning about using stabwood in log vapes a while back. He's not active much on here anymore but he supplied a good amount of people on this site with wood for their logs. I personally know nothing about the dangers of using Stabwood in a log, but I generally trust the advice of those two guys as they have a whole lot of experience in the field. Just want to make sure you're being safe and not doing anything that can possibly harm your body!
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  11. Ed's TnT

    Ed's TnT Woodsman Manufacturer

    I appreciate you mentioning me bro and having enough faith in my advise. I know that @Snappo knew a guy that was doing something to stabilize wood that no one else had even thought of nor had the money to do so. I wanna say it was a recipe like no other and an impregnation process in a vacuum that most people cant afford to do. The wood itself was capable of handling temps of 800 degrees or more. I have only seen this wood in 3 pieces in all my time doing this. I would say that using stab wood in any other process would be a no no as you said above bro. I know one thing, I aint going to make ya one nor will I ever use one made of just any old cactus juice resin.
  12. esrever

    esrever Herb: best aphrodisiac and stereo tweak on Earth

    Know Alan has emphasized the importance of air flow and keeping the screen clean.
    After being negligent about that, I gave my basket screen a good isopropyl soak and
    scrub. Makes all the difference in the world! Much easier draw and much better effects.

    Just a reminder, in case any of you have been lazy about screen cleaning like I was.
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