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The HI

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by Alan, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Alan

    Alan Master JedHI Manufacturer

    @3rdtimetrying - Thanks for posting the photo. Glad it arrived safely and you are getting the hang of it. Hope you are able to obtain a suitable voltage controller. So nice to know the voltage at all times.

    @little maggie - Here is a photo of the different basket screens I make. LtR 12mm for Milaana/Zion/LSV stems, 10mm for glass/wood/bamboo/silicone tubes with a 10mm ID, 8.5mm for the 10mm glass mouthpiece tubes, and 6mm for the 5/16" ss roasting tubes. I now have some 6mm screens with the same mesh as the other screens so they don't get clogged up as fast.


    @Seren - The photos look great. Thanks for posting them. Glad you are pleased with everything. Fitting wood and glass together can be a real challenge since glass varies so much in diameter. You will have plenty of different combinations to try. Many of the tubes will also work with the Milaana/Zion and Touch.

    @dimildarko - Glad you like how it all turned out. Thanks for posting the photos. You also have several stems that will also work in the Milaana/Zion and Touch.

    I just learned from @NickDlow that the VapCap tips will fit into my wood and bamboo stems with 5/16" ss tips, so it looks like all my old 5/16" tubes will work with the VapCap tips. Very cool.
  2. No-Wrinkle

    No-Wrinkle Well-Known Member

    What kind of wood is that body made of?
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  3. Hagbard Celine

    Hagbard Celine Discordian anarchist

    Fernando Poo
    Just received a new HI in beautiful afzelia burl, along with a wong roasting tube and a vvps made of the same (hopefully pics sometime later).

    I have a few other HIs but never got a vvps, so I'm a newbie to that. Just starting to use it a bit for fun, but I do have a few questions for the more experienced. First off, just wondering how long people think it takes for their HI to respond when they change voltages? Say your going from 11.5 to 12.0v - how long before you think the HI temp responds?

    Also, whats the highest voltage you'll bring it to before it starts to taste bad, in your opinion?
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  4. mestizo

    mestizo Well-Known Member

    Hi @Alan,
    I have purchased two HIs in the past and one of them was made out of Osange Orange, I know there are precautions to be taken when the wood is fresh because it could cause skin irritations, is that correct?
    I have aquired some Chechen wood burl pen blanks that will make nice accessories, is there any care or precautions to be taken with dry wood since Chechen wood is known to be handle with care while fresh?
    @Snappo, or @Ed's TnT can jump in the conversation if you guys have any info on the subject, I looked online but could not find any.
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  5. Snappo

    Snappo Caveat Emptor - "A Billion People Can Be Wrong!" Accessory Maker

    If the wood has been air-dried for several years, or professionally kiln dried, there should be no problem whatsoever with skin irritation or any other allergenic reaction.
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  6. Alan

    Alan Master JedHI Manufacturer

    The wood body is made from afzelia burl. Great to turn.

    Glad to hear it arrived safely. I would give the HI a minute or so to heat from 11.5 to 12.0.
    If you can draw fast enough through the tube, the voltage can be quite a bit higher. When the air flow is not good, the taste can get bad too. I don't generally go above 12.5 with the HI.

    There are some woods (like cocobolo) that I need to cover my arms since the dust can be irritating. That would be a good idea with chechen wood too. A respirator is also a good idea when turning or sanding. Hope the project goes well.
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