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The HI

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by Alan, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. SF Giant

    SF Giant Reluctant vape collector

    So if i understand correctly these have much more free airflow than a traditional log and have the heating capability to keep up with a quicker draw speed? If this is the case it may be time for me to upgrade logs
  2. THCMuscle

    THCMuscle Well-Known Member

    And I JUST bought an RZ, fuuu. This thing looks perfect.
  3. SF Giant

    SF Giant Reluctant vape collector

    Me too lol
  4. Soulhunter

    Soulhunter Active Member

    Yes, this thing realy looks perfect ;)
    So smal, and with no heater core I am guessing no heat up time. No more than a couple minutes for the ceramik heater to get hot that is.

    Is this vaporizer also designed to be plugged inn 24/7?

    Edit : Lol, short time memory loss anyone :p
    Well, this thing is going to be my first log vape :) I love how smal it is, akd the short heat up time makes it the perfect vape to bring over to friends.
    Thank u for makin this vape :)
  5. Ed's TnT

    Ed's TnT Woodsman Manufacturer

    Very nice Alan!
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  6. momofthegoons

    momofthegoons vapor accessory addict

    placetime, I think you've got Alan pegged! :lol: One thing I've learned about him is that he is never satisfied with how things are. Something can always be made better and safer. And look what we have here! Great work Alan! I'm looking forward to trying this myself.
  7. DrPiff

    DrPiff Born To Rage

    Bottom Of The Map
    Looks like I'll be picking up my first log. This thing is looking all types of awesome.

    Will any kind of warranty be offered?
  8. J.R.R.Tokin'

    J.R.R.Tokin' Wych Doctor Manufacturer

    South Coast UK
    Looking good Alan. Keep up the innovations. At this rate of development you'll have them making tea soon!
  9. weedemon

    weedemon enthusiast

    Ontario, Canada
    yeah man I think it's great you have taken an existing vape and made it into something innovative and fresh.

    5 min heat up time on a log vape, with no cooling from continuous use? ?! haha very nice man!

    also like it can be made out of any wood now too.
  10. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Fantastic work.
    If you guys think that Alan just whipped up some tubes for roasting herb, you are very wrong
    Alans tube designs are a result of much innovation, alteration, and trial and error!
    Keep your eyes open, for an upcoming video about Alan's Roasting Tubes!
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  11. al bundy

    al bundy Vaporist

    Looks real nice, how's the abv come out?
    Light,dark? Basically when the stem is done is there anything left?
    I don't like to save abv. I love the short heat up time.
    And the size any smaller and we could just hold the heating core. :peace:
  12. Alan

    Alan Master JedHI Manufacturer

    Thank you everyone. Placetime is pretty close to how I think. I do like to take things to the extreme sometimes to see what will happen. Safely of course. You just never know until you try. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    Thanks DRFiff. The warranty will be the same as with the Toasty Top. Limited Lifetime. If I broke it, I will fix it. If you broke it, I will still fix it but it will cost you.

    They sort of make tea / coffee now. The ABV is much like roast coffee. I have even used it to make coffee in my Aeropress. Not much effect as everything had been roasted out.

    Hoping for some good light today.
  13. placetime

    placetime Well-Known Member

    I look forward to it. I'd love to see a Vitolo video about those, as I'm sure others here would too. :)
  14. darkrom

    darkrom Great Scott!

    Cool. Any major fundamental differences between this and the Underdog?
  15. biojuggernaut

    biojuggernaut Snob

    Seattle, Washington 98133
    Replaceable heating element and little charring of the wood due to island design.
  16. mistergyro

    mistergyro Well-Known Member

    these look great! would love to see a video
  17. Alan

    Alan Master JedHI Manufacturer

    Here is a video I took this morning using a Turbo Tube in my new MIO. Clouds up quite nicely.

    HI Test

    As far as fundamental differences with the Dog. I don't believe that the outer sleeve on the Dog gets hot enough to char the wood. Dave's design has that covered. No worries there.
    The main difference is there are no star washers.
  18. THCMuscle

    THCMuscle Well-Known Member

    I'm impressed. :o
  19. tuscan tins

    tuscan tins Active Member

    Wow, that's excellent! I'm convinced, I'll get one of these once I can pay for it :D.

    One quick question TV, how long does one "bowl" (is that what these are called? I'm new to log vapes :p) last? Just one draw? Or is it similar to the PD?
  20. max

    max Out to lunch

    It's a bigger bowl than the PD I believe, so I'd think you'd at least have to use it with a bong to make it a one hit bowl. It'll be a higher temp as well, so that aspect will lower the number of hits required.
  21. Alan

    Alan Master JedHI Manufacturer

    Thanks. The bowls sizes are a little different on my various tube configurations. They all give numerous hits depending upon how full you fill them and how slowly you roast. The Turbo Tube has an adjustable bowl size. Just move the silicone sleeve on the poly tubing to get the screen the distance from the end that you like. The more you load into a bowl, the more likely it will give a harder draw toward the end. As the material breaks down, it becomes finer and finer which fills in all the open air passageways.
    My old style Toasty Tubes are probably comparable in size to the PD. The Turbo Tubes can hold around twice as much. I've never been able to get just one hit out of a tube, unless there is just a very tiny amount of material in it.
  22. AGBeer

    AGBeer Lost in Thought

    Deep in my lungs
    Wow... Now this I dig!

    I really do miss my Zap which has been collecting dust since I got 'moved' to the shed. :/ (Take this as a lesson kiddies - compromise is one of the reasons Ive been married so long) :p

    The short heat up time, and the look/feel of a direct draw vape is very appealing to me. :p Ive got my eye on this one :D
  23. mrfloopa

    mrfloopa Vappy

    :o I kept telling myself there's no way that thing is 1-1/2." I even measured it out and thought it was tiny, but that video proved it. And you weren't kidding about whole milk compared to skim. :lol:

    Great design, great work, Alan! And I love that your products are all so affordable. If I understood an earlier comment correctly, we could use the stems from other log vapes no problem on this as well? (From the earlier pic, I can't tell if the hole looks big, or if it is just because the unit is so thin.)
  24. Alan

    Alan Master JedHI Manufacturer

    Thanks mrfloopa. I have been enjoying the new glass. It was necessary for testing. The TT, UD, and stainless steel Zap stems will all work with the HI. The PD, WZ, and brass Zap stems may be too small.
  25. steiner666

    steiner666 Serial vapist

    Lost in the clouds
    I like that video, it looks even easier to use with bongs than most logs, which are still pretty damned easy. Which stem type is that with? The turbo tube one you mentioned? Do your toasty tubes fit a (what im guessing is) 14mm joint the same way, by going inside of it and staying there between hits?

    Are there any other noticeable difference in usage between the two stem types? I know size of load changes things but i mean like, if the same amount is used in each. Hit density, thoroughness/evenness of extraction, etc

    lol do you have your kitties in there with you?

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