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"The Hi" Vs "e-nano" Vs "Underdog"

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Kenzie, Jun 26, 2014.

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  1. Kenzie

    Kenzie Well-Known Member

    Im interested in purchasing a log vape. I have done a bit of research but was wondering if anyone owned all 3 of the units or even 2 and was able to tell me how they function differently from one another? I use all my Vapes through a mobius matrix ion/clear or a swagger hydrotube are all these units good for use through water?
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  2. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    Yes they are good for water. i would suggest a dog since they are readily available.
  3. EveryDayAmnesiac

    EveryDayAmnesiac Well-Known Member

    How soon are you looking to buy? You might know already that the HI has quite a waiting list, and you need to get on the list and wait a while until your turn comes up.

    Nanos and UD's can be readily purchased. UDs, probably the fastest.

    I've owned these 3, and have greatly enjoyed each one. They're all pretty, they're all efficient, and they're all handy to have around the house.

    To the best of my knowledge, the Nano is AC powered and has an open core with an aluminum casing inside surrounding the heater to keep heat from reaching the wood too much, and it has a ceramic heater. The UD is DC powered and a closed core with insulation. The HI is DC powered and an open core that does not use/need insulation...

    As far as I know, both the v2 Nanos and UDs use glue in their construction. This is completely isolated from the airpath and shouldn't be a problem, but I think it is something worth knowing. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here.

    The Nano can be more convenient, with its built-in temp control knob, but IME, you have more precision / control using a vvps to change your temperature with a HI / UD.

    I've never had any trouble milking any of my glass or anyone else's glass with the Nano, HI, or UD. If you really like to milk a piece, the Nano might have the most power. And you'd want a SS heater cover HI, not the glass heater cover. Any UD will make milk.

    All of them provide excellent customer service, so you can't really go wrong there, IMO. And all of them offer plenty of stem options, with the HI possibly offering the most...

    I have never found to have much preference as far as their draw resistance goes. They all hit fine and smooth and dandy to me... :shrug: Based on what I can recall, the UD always hit me hardest...

    The craftsmanship on all three are great. Lookwise, obviously, you're getting into matters of personal preference.

    I currently have only a Heat Island, but can see myself with another log or two somewhere down the road...

    Whatever you decide, I say you should contact Alan of Heat Island and put your name on the waiting list, as it's free to do so and you never know what you might want later on down the trail. Even if you're not ready when your time comes, you can keep your place until you are ready.


    EDIT: More can be found here:

    DOUBLE EDIT: You can buy wood for any of these logs from @Snappo here on FC...
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2014
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  4. z9

    z9 Well-Known Member

    The E-Nano and UD are always available, there's a year wait on HI's. Having had all three I can say that I prefer the E-Nano to the UD when using a water path, however I can't fairly compare them against my HI because I have a glass core unit and it does not reach the temperatures that a stainless steel core would. They're all great a conserving herb due to their small bowl sizes. The E-Nano runs on AC power and comes with temperature control, the UD and HI run on DC power and will need a variable voltage power supply to control temperature although I believe that UD is offering them now. The UD core and HI core are the same size so stems and gong's will be interchangeable (except the glass core HI). The E-Nano core is smaller and therefore hits harder with less material when using a gong/stem from my experience. A stainless steel roasting tipped gong/stem with the HI/UD will provide a similar effect however I prefer glass roasting tips and the E-Nano seems to outperform the others in this regard.

    You can't go wrong with any of them and like @EveryDayAmnesiac said you should buy an E-Nano or UD now and get yourself on the HI wait list.
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  5. btka

    btka Well-Known Member

    I orderd today my first log vape a nano... so i can t compare with the ud and others but... one of my reasons for nano was the fast heat up time of 2 min. compared to ud... if iam wrong please feel free
    to correct me...
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  6. Kenzie

    Kenzie Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the speedy reply people, I have contacted Alan and am on the waiting list (about a year ) but Alan also said he had a few of the older SS vapes if i would like to buy one now. Im in Australia do you think a step down converter would work. And would the VVPS be able to be plugged into the step down converter then the log or do they only work on batteries? Im leaning towards e-nano and the Hi. Is the Hi substantially smaller?
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  7. EveryDayAmnesiac

    EveryDayAmnesiac Well-Known Member

    You're not wrong about the Nano's heat-up time. But I think that the UD Twigs can warm up really quickly too. Less than 10 minutes maybe? Don't quote me on that one!

    My Hybrid HI can be ready in two. I believe it's closer to 5 min. with the stainless steel core HI.

    However, back when I had my Nano, and now with my Hybrid HI, I find that while you CAN get it going that fast and take a decent hit, it's MUCH more satisfying to just set it at your opening temp and give it 5-10 minutes (5 for Hybrid, 10 for Nano). Assuming you have the time, of course.

    But if it's like SERIOUS go time, you can indeed get that Nano going in a hurry.

    Can't answer your electronics questions, I'm afraid, but I can tell you that the difference in size between a Nano and HI is negligible, IMO.
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    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    I would think you could buy a DC power supply made for Australia since you all actually use electricity now Down there. People were using a vvps made for a tattoo gun so they ought to be available locally for you. but IDK.

    on a side note
    EveryDayAmnesiacs UD is still hitting hard, it just moved south for some Rude fun-in-the-sun vapor action.

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  9. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    Welcome fellow Aussie:

    The HI is made by @Alan (by the way bro, I just remembered about the Roasting tubes, expect a PM soon!), the man knows his stuff, I have spent time talking vape design with him before and found it always to be enthralling. I have never used one in person, but I am given to understand that it is a great vape. Load size/placement etc are more of a factor on a non temp controlled vape - you can get temp control electrically through a VVPS as others have mentioned.

    Enter the Nano, which is a 120vAC powered device (YOU NEED A STEPDOWN, A GOOD ISOLATED ONE!) log with a voltage control (rotary dimmer) built in. I can't remember the voltage of the HI, but I do remember the Underdog is 12v, so you could run that straight off a car cigarette lighter jack with the right adapter/cable.

    However, I have run my Nano in the car with a power inverter, the clouds were insane.

    Basically, informed vape purchasing involves asking yourself the context you want the vape to be used in, and what material you will be using as well as how often you would use the device. Then to determine what kind of function you want out of the device. Always on? Huge clouds? Best flavour?

    You have chosen 3 vapes with IME deservedly good reps around here, and I own the Nano and can vouch for that being incredible, as well as for Andy being one of the best vape vendors around. However, I can also hugely vouch for Alan being a great dude who is very knowledgable and helpful too :D

    Basically, from my learning here, these 3 logs are what you get if you wanna do flowers (and concentrates with some SS wool), a lot, with great taste/clouds, through water or dry but only in the home for us Aussies who need it tethered to a great big stepdown converter - but don't want to shell out the extra on an Evo or Herbie lol.

    The UD being 12v will not need a stepdown I believe, I may be wrong.
  10. Magic9

    Magic9 Plant Enthusiast

    Middle of the Map
    From the top dog himself @underdog

    "The current generation Underdogs don't use any 'glue' though a dab of high-temp silicone is still used on the outside of the core to hold the heater assembly in place. This is outside the airpath and the core is sealed by the heater assembly. The purpose of the silicone is to prevent the heater assembly from moving, rattling and to ensure the core remains sealed so people aren't exposed to wood dust.

    Previous generation UDs were built the same way with the above mentioned silicone and also, in non-Twig models, a very small amount of 'glue' applied to the power plug during installation. Because of the sealed nature of the core and it's physical location at the bottom of the vape the 'glue' has always been outside the airpath in these older models."
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  11. Madcap79

    Madcap79 Jack of all trades, master of none.


    Here is a pic of all three. My UD is a early gen twig so it's skinnier than most twigs I believe. This is probably too late but just fyi.

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  12. Meooooooow

    Meooooooow Well-Known Member

    After watching some videos of the E-Nano, I am impressed! I'm also looking to get a vape that works well with glass.

    Click to play YouTube Video

    Click to play YouTube Video
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