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The Grasshopper

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by midgetsanchez, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. guyonthecouch

    guyonthecouch Well-Known Member

    Air moving through the chamber path, this is much more noticeable with the new WPA. When you insert it into your glass piece there's a little poof of vapour. From my testing, I'm seeing zero conduction happening. The effects definitely provide the purest convection feeling i've come across as well. The material doesn't burn off if you let it sit in the chamber and turn it on. If anything there could be a minute amount of heat conduction passing through the material itself once it gets clumped up towards the front end near the end of the bowl when rippin er hard but who knows. I'll accept the 100% convection claims.
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  2. Elac

    Elac Silly rabbit trips are for kids

    Lol, when my son and I watched that review way back we had a good laugh, came up with a nick name for rhe Critic.... Pussy lips.
    And to this day that is how we refer to him.
  3. slcbdco

    slcbdco Brewer, Lobbyist, Vaporist

    Boulder, Colorado
    The hopper is 100% convection. If someone is seeing vapor without taking a draw there would be a few possible reasons.

    1. Extremely oily product (and i mean extreme, if you don't KNOW your product is super oily then it's not) it's possible for that oil to smokder

    2. Somehow material is contacting the heater, either poking through the screen or particulate has fallen through the screen. It could be as simply as some keif making its way and it should boil off no problem. Let me guess the vapor you see is only on the first hut and subsequent hits you don't see vapor without drawing.

    How do I know becaus I was at HL yesterday testing hoppers and designs and I did see on a few units some smoldering, each of those units did NOT have a screen, regardless the variation in temperature or heater design.

    Unless you don't have a screen the most likely reason for smoldering is material has found a way to contact the heater.

    Otherwise a properly functioning hopper with a screen, you can put fresh greens in a hopper click it on and let it sit, it will not even have enough conduction effect to vape at all without a draw.

    There is a difference between smoldering and conduction effect. If you have smoldering it's either the material or material touching the heater.

    If you have conduction you have a problem, and need warranty, that is indicative of a runaway heater.
  4. Lou Taylor

    Lou Taylor Well-Known Member

    New Mexico
    loving my grasshopper. the only limitation seems to be my lung capacity. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed the removable ovens in the Haze vaporizer until I started filling and emptying the grasshopper. I kinda wish the grasshopper had this feature It would both be easier to fill (no funnel required) and would make keeping the gh clean a lot easier. I wonder how many warranty claims are a direct result from users attempting to clean that interior screen?
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  5. biohacker

    biohacker fully melted

    Seriously? My 3 RMA GH's are "in testing"! What's taking so damn long? :brow: Kidding obviously...kinda.

    Thanks for the great explanation on the convection properties....could very well be kif because my grind has a bunch of it and i'm quite carefree about it.

    Whatever the voodoo may be, there is a big difference between a convection vape like the GH, and the MiniVap....huge difference....same with something like the vriptech heat wand. I think radiation takes over huge once the hit gets going, and same with conduction from the bowl. This isn't so much the case with some other convection vapes.
  6. guyonthecouch

    guyonthecouch Well-Known Member

    shout out to @biohacker, been using the term "dirty duction" for the past couple weeks :lol:
    such a dirty vapour.. only for sundaze
  7. JCat

    JCat Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Ontario, Canada
    Agree about the MiniVAP ... the Teflon core makes a huge difference vs. SS from a matter of staying cool and preventing conduction ...
  8. biohacker

    biohacker fully melted

    Nothing wrong with conduction vapes, they just aren't my cup of tea anymore, same with hybrids like the s&b portables, I just detect nasty flavour profiles even on the first hit at my preferred vaping temps that's all. I'm getting pickier and pickier with time...

    Especially when using the flexicone modules and not even having direct contact with the bowl. That's what true convection means to me....hot air over biomass.... the herborizer would be another great example.
  9. MoltenTiger

    MoltenTiger Well-Known Member

    Terra Australis
    Nice work GrandWazoo, good job keeping the cell alive

    100% convection heater, but if the chamber is at equilibrium with the heater (as would be ideal for the hopper) there is faster transfer of energy from the side walls to the herb than there is from the air to the herb. This effects the profile of the vape.

    It's very similar to the Arizer EQ in this regard, which is an adaptable hybrid device that heavily tends towards convection.
    Again the heat source is 100% convection oriented, but residual heat is a reality and everyone knows this from the flavour.
    I would say the same for the GH.

    Did you sign a nin-disclosure agreement?? :brow:
    (I want more insider tester info) :D

    What I really want is a GH WPA though, keeen

    Yeah, different systems different emmisions. An elevated and insulated chamber that is solely heated by air is 100% convection, there is no way the GH is all convection in dynamic.
    The walls might not be as hot as the air that is also heating them with convection, but the transfer rate would be hugely better and that is solely conduction.

    It's not a snob race though, it's about quickly heating up a herb sample, and the conduction in this instance helps it and is only the most minor aspect of the signature (heaps better flavour than the EQ, heaps)

    EDIT: if anyone is interested to see inside the GH charger brick
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  10. chris 71

    chris 71 Well-Known Member

    i just came across this post and wanted to ask you guys ,

    ok so when i got my grasshopper one of the two batteries i got had a tiny bit of the wrap scraped a bit . i didnt think nothing of it i dont know too much about batteries , and have been using it anyways . should i get rid of it and get a new one is this dangerous ? i would post a pic but cant right now the spot were its scraped is about halfway on the battery body it like scraped up a bit and the silver battery is exposed ?
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  11. MoltenTiger

    MoltenTiger Well-Known Member

    Terra Australis
    electric tape it uuup
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  12. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada

    Grasshopper testing night ONE!

    Charged up the batteries and loaded some Shark's breath into the GH.
    Used my GR8TR with a fine plate since i only own the one plate...LOL!
    Set the GH on 5 and hit the button, few seconds to BLUE!!
    WOW this thing is FAST.... Faster than the Herbalizer!!
    First hit was whispy but tasted great!!
    Second hit was out of this world with vapor production!! I had to click off before the load was done and even then, i could not clear the GH or the WT!!
    That second hot tasted kind of burnt towards the end and the ABV had some very dark specs in it.

    There is a slight learning curve with this vape in regards to grind and how hard you should draw.
    Still figuring out the draw... This vape packs a punch and makes testing hard...LMAO!!

    All in all i had 3 bowls last night in the GH and that was enough! The 2nd and 3rd bowls were not fully packed either.
    I tried temps from 3.5 all the way up to 5 and have not found my ideal setting yet.
    5 is like the kamikaze setting!! You better have huge lungs to clear the bowl!

    Now to the important stuff for me!
    Flavor!! This vape is a flavor beast!! It is like my RooR Vapor in regards to flavor and then like my Sublimator with regards to clouds and density!
    Easy to pack and unload and so far the threads seem to be nice and clean!
    I wipe out the bowl after every bowl with a q-tip and then blow out the nosecone and give it a wipe as well.

    One thing i absolutely hate is exchangeable batteries in a vape!!
    My Milaana did not last too long because of this issue as well...
    Will see how i do with the GH over time but i am assuming i will keep it due to it's raw power!!!
    I am also loving the NO HOTSPOTS in the load!!! Nice and even ABV!

    There was a lot of talk about using external charges that are damaging batteries.
    This is what i have been doing:
    I have the Nitecore D4 charger and set it to LOW when i add the GH batteries.
    The charger screen says they are at 4.20V when complete.
    I then place the batteries one at a time in the Hopper and complete the charge using the magnetic charger. The batteries charge for a few minutes more with blinking RED and the i get the blinking BLUE light. So it seems that the D4 actually undercharges a bit and the GH charger tops them off nicely.

    Will be testing again later today and will see how the batteries are liking this charging method.
    So far so good with the GH!
  13. biohacker

    biohacker fully melted

    So nice to see you bro, welcome to the party! I used to use q-tips as well, but found too many cotton strands sticking to the inside of the bowl, qtip brand anyway.... but precision qtips apparently work well. I just use a tiny piece of cotton cloth now.

    Great idea! I wonder if that few mins extra charge on the oem usb will just give it that little bit of extra oomph? Or perhaps prevent my 2nd click syndrome...hmmm....more testing!!!!

    Give your SCS 3 piece a whirl....see how it stacks up to the super fine grind of the gr8tr fine plate! I think you'll get even better flavour!
  14. ElPic

    ElPic Take my money

    Lucky you!!!
    Still waiting for my unit !
    Good review!
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  15. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    wrt to battery charging current, nice article here:

    C = mAh of the battery
  16. Vapor_Eyes

    Vapor_Eyes unfiltered

    On Demand Convection Land
    I couldn't agree more. You have to take into account the chamber design and material which can introduce small amounts of conduction. If you just turn on the Grasshopper and let it sit, it won't cook your material. However, once you start to take the first hit the chamber walls heat up which adds a small amount of conduction to the process. Taking one hit at a time will lessen this effect but it is still there. Taking multiple hits in a row will increase this effect and allow for a little more extraction from your material.

    There is also radiant heat to consider. This is mostly affected by the distance from the heater to the chamber.

    Most vapes that are 100% convection in theory are probably more like 90-95% convection. A log vape, for example, has the material very close to the heater introducing more radiant heat, and the stems are glass, which provide some conduction, or stainless steel which provides extra conduction and slightly bigger hits. Even the Evo will cook an ELB if you leave it in the bamboo for a while.

    Being less than 100% convection isn't a bad thing, it gives vapes their unique signature and effects profile. My Sticky Brick vapes are the purest convection I've experienced. The chamber is made of wood which conducts almost no heat to your material. The heat source, which is the butane flame, is also far away from the chamber and above it, introducing little radiant heat.
  17. kato1234

    kato1234 Well-Known Member

    Hawk found this a while ago and these wraps seem to be the right size. Youtube has videos showing how to use it. https://www.amazon.ca/Long-17mm-Shr...19020&sr=1-16&keywords=pvc+heat+shrink+tubing
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  18. Icon13

    Icon13 Serial Vapist

    The purpose of a lithium charging bag is not to contain the gases, but to contain a fire. The bags are flame retardant. That is why you would use one. It will prevent your house from burning down.

    I think you missed my point. Charging at the low rate, regardless of how many batteries you are doing, is pretty much pointless. All of the charge rates that your charger can provide are considered low and in the grand scheme of things, you will be just fine always charging at the higher rate, and you will not have to wait for your batteries to charge as long.

    Furthermore, what charger you use is far more important than 500mAh vs 1Ah. A good charger will slow the charge down significantly towards the end of a charge, and never actually charge the cell to its fullest capacity. Example, my charger cuts my batteries off at 4.15 V. They never get to 4.2 V. Overcharging is actually very bad for batteries and will reduce their life.
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  19. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada
    Time for a video update!!
    This was to test it's vapor output using my RooR 9" tube! Lots of volume to fill!

    Grasshopper 1 - Me 0

    Click to play YouTube Video
  20. Chose

    Chose Well-Known Member

    Happy birthday my hopper will be one year old tomorrow I've got her a present two new battery's
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  21. almost there

    almost there Well-Known Member

    Your hopper says it wants a sibling, lol:lol:. happy birthday!
  22. biohacker

    biohacker fully melted

    Happy Birthday to your little one! And how has your GH's health been over the first year?
  23. Mr. Me2

    Mr. Me2 Well-Known Member

    Hoppy birthday!
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  24. Chose

    Chose Well-Known Member

    Good Iv had a hot back end and flickering lights right out the box but no warranty claim
    The first few months I always felt stressed it may fail couldn't stand the thought of not having it for a month or two
    I live in the uk so I didn't want to send it back after a two year wait to be told your back end is within tolerencre
    And waiste time
    So no major problems that can't be irond out with user best practice
    I find poor performance comes from battery deteriation
    And have gone through about ten to twelve batts
    Battery's have bean the only thing I would say have disappointed me I wish there was a power adapter for this device for home use
    So my year long review would say
    Stealth can't beet it Iv used it in bars at the beach in restaurant s in plain view right in front of CCTV cams no one batts an eye lid ultimate stealth vape
    Also no smell at all you can use it getting a beer from the fridge ten to fifteen seconds done
    Nobody will ever now you've had a quick vape awesome
    Now that pre orders are down
    To a few Weeks and the tech is more current
    Once they hit emediate shipping I ll order that purple ti I've wanted and held back on and I then will send my ss to the lab for inspection
    Think il load a chamber and chill with my old hopper
    I hope this post makes sence I find it hard to write posts I am dyslexic
    And proud
    So bear with me
    Some times I can't understand it myself
    So yes the hopper is a great vape let's hope they can work out the bugs then I would say every one who vapes should get one
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2017
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  25. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada
    Night 2 with the Hopper and we are now getting along like old friends!
    I start at just past 4 and finish off at 5.
    That first hit has so much vapor output, it actually outperforms my Cloudenstein vape!
    Flavor is pretty good at that temp, much better with lower settings.
    Second hit is kind of meh with not much going on, it's all in the first hit.
    Learning to load the oven according to temp setting is crucial for one hit extractions.
    I find i maximize everything this way, flavor, effects and of course, this is the Grasshopper after all, clouds upon clouds!!!
    If i plan my hit carefully and use the cycle through a load method of clicking on for a hit and then off and finish hit and continue at that setting till no vapor, i can keep the hit in and only exhale a tiny puff of vapor. This tiny vaporizer can have extreme medicating effects when used correctly!

    Still making my mind up about these batteries!
    For one session i use 2 1/2 batteries and then it is full halt and charge everything again.

    I was chatting to @biohacker about this the other day:
    Imagine a new back end that had the temp dial as well as a fake battery, all this is connected to an external power source.
    A true Hybrid vape!
    A killer desktop as well as a portable with batteries and regular back end!
    I thought that would be sweet!

    Anyway this vape has two thumbs up even with the battery issue! LOL!
    Cloud chasers, flavor chasers and anyone in between will enjoy this vaporizer!

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