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The Extreme-Q Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by Rockwise, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    Hey All EQ Aficionados!

    Found a new use for my EQ, and it works perfectly in its role. I use my EQ in combination with the pieces of the CannaCaps Kit to make really strong and reliable CannaCaps!
    The EQ is a perfect decarboxylator.

    Now I never worry if I am headed towards a non-vape friendly location or one where I may not be able to sneak off for a vape. I just bring along my premade cannacaps and enjoy the day!

    With the kit, you have all that's needed to make these caps and receive the same great effects from each cap made. (Of course, same rules apply if you switch strains... Strain is a bit more potent till you get used to it....).

    Anyhow, drop by my site and check them out! May even be a blackfriday special lurking, who knows?

    CannaCaps & Micro-Dosing!

    Came up with a new way to use the EQ that has nothing to do with Vaping. Using it to make Perfect Edible CannaCaps. Why the EQ? To decarboxylate the herbs before putting them in the caps.

    Stealth and consistent effects, every time!

    Kit comes with everything you need to make these beauties! (except coconut oil and a desire to have awesome edible caps any time you wish!).
    (Kit can also be used as the main part of a micro-dosing regimen!)

    Kits come with a digital milligram scale included.... 0.001g accuracy!

    Got questions? Fire away!

  2. UnevenPizza

    UnevenPizza I dream of Pizza

    Mount Improbable

    Mind = Blown.

    I can't stop thinking of times when having a micro-edible would be so useful/convinient/awesome.

    Especially when baking with Cannabis I've always found it to be somewhat hard to find the right amount or get a consistent effect, even within the same dish, like brownies, where one part may have much less potency than another.
    And of course then there's the smell. This way you don't even have to wash any dishes! Ka-ching!

    Thank you for this!
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  3. hoptimum

    hoptimum Well-Known Member


    That looks interesting, dDave. Any reason you believe the EQ works better than other vapes in this process? Do you have a favorite ratio of herb/coconut oil?
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  4. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    @hoptimum The EQ was perfect for this task.

    The process I used, which turned out to be repeatable and effects predictable..
    • Load cold EQ adapter with desired quantity of herb.
    • Plug top of adapter with glass plug from kit.
    • Turn on EQ, auto timer at 1 hour, temp at 200c.
    • Heat slowly ramps up, maintains, then slowly cools down.
    Even if I loaded her and forgot, the activated infused herb was waiting for me in the morning. Then at that point, easy to load into caps. However, best to allow coconut oil moistened herb sit overnight for most potent effects.

    Amount of coconut oil, just enough for the herb to soak up. Too much and you end up with leaky caps and didn't notice any further benefits.

    Would other vapes work? Probably, once you identify the right set of steps for a particular vape.
  5. UnevenPizza

    UnevenPizza I dream of Pizza

    Mount Improbable
    @hoptimum the way I understand it, any Vape that allows you to place a bowl closely over the heating element for a long time would work, if that bowl can be closed. I think you could only do this with a desktop though, if it has to be on for 1 hour.

    I guess you could also do this with a Log? I know the E-nano has an Aromatherapy cup, which maybe you could seal somehow, and let it decarb your material. I guess a piece of Cork would close it, but I don't know if that is non-permeable enough to keep the good stuff inside.

    Some potential issues I'd see are that the log doesn't have an auto-shutoff timer, so if you forget your herbs may burn or...something like that.
    Also the EQ has a 1° temperature control, the logs "only" have numbers from 1-10/11 (mine goes to eleven :p) as far as I know, so you may need to experiment a little.
    My e-nano is also a bit prone to tipping over unless I have it in my diy-stand, so that is also something to guard against.

    I guess if @DDave or someone else made something similar to the EQ's cyclone bowl and a glass plug (like in his microdosing kit) that fits onto the Log's heater, it could work?
  6. Vaporcussion

    Vaporcussion Well-Known Member

    I have two units, both need fixing, plus a slew of power adapters and glass pieces. Anyone interested? Thinking of giving it all away and moving on. No offense to this vape; I just have too many! Volcano is perfect for me, plus my portables...
  7. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    Lots of new eq owners about lately...

    Would that have been mine...???

    This was achieved by loading the cyclone, starting at 200 on fan1, and ramping up with a couple of stirs in between... finishing at 220...
  8. vfrman1

    vfrman1 Member

    wow !!!! just wow !!!!!
  9. swanka

    swanka Member

    Just got my EQ the other day. Coming from portables, the paraphernalia that comes with it seems a little excessive. I am currently trying to figure out the best way to keep everything together.

    I have a (good to have) problem now. I can now get medicated far before the material is done. The first load was a small amount of straight cbd bud in the elbow and I've never felt that way with a portable, I felt it in the first hit. The other baffling thing is that I probably used no more than I would with a portable. I know these are revelations for people who have used desktops, but it's something that didn't quite come across to me when I was only using portables.

    The second day, I had some regular blue dream in the cyclone bowl and, TBH, felt pretty samey to my air. The main difference being that the vapor was cold and didn't irritate my throat at all. I suppose the relative lack of restriction of airflow is a plus too. Oddly, I think that I got bigger clouds with the cyclone pack than I did with the elbow, but I think the elbow works better.

    I plan to get the @DDave kit, but I want to get better at the stock stuff first. Also, isn't there supposed to be a new version coming soon? Or has it already been out?

    Something I am not sure that I have seen yet, but how long (using it like once daily) do ya'll get on a whip before you replace it, or do you ever replace the tubing? Is it washable?
  10. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    Congrads on picking up the EQ. A really great versatile vaporizer!

    If all things except the vaporizer hardware itself was the same (herb batch, size of dose, temps/techniques etc), then you can surmise that the EQ is a more efficient herbal extractor than your portable was. Unlike combustion, vaporizing is a combination of many more factors to create the end result you experience. If that were not the case, there would not be so many vaporizers that vary in performance characteristics as there are now.

    In its stock form, the EQ was known to use a bit more herbs than other units, so imagine how efficient it will be once you start with improvements.

    Tips for stock session improvements:
    • PreHeat your glass at desired temperature at least 10 minutes prior to having a session. This is by far the most common error in EQ usage. The display of the EQ comes up to your set temperature way before the glass pieces do. The EQ is a vaporizer that does not mind being left on, regardless of temperature. My EQ is a 2013 model, on for 16 hours a day minimum as I keep it on hot-standby so it's ready when I am. Sometimes she's on across a weekend. Still running strong.
    • Grind your herbs finely. With the mesh of the basket screens, you can grind your herb quite fine. The stock EQ prefers this and will generate the most satisfying clouds this way.
    • Keep your screens clean. Both the one in the cyclone bowl and your basket screens.
    There have been a few recent updates to the kits:
    • The cyclone bowl replacements (there are 4 models) have just been improved. New artisan glass supplier commissioned to create pieces with much stricter quality controls. Unlike dhgate, ebay, or other bulk sources, when you get adapters from me they will be the same specs and quality as all other buyers. You can expect the same performance and results as you've read others posting about, as they will be using the same pieces you'll receive. How is this accomplished when glass is hand made and hand made items are subject to variances (called tolerances)? First, I am very demanding on tight tolerances. Many a glass supplier has stopped dealing with me because of this, as they complain my requirements are too tight. But small tolerances are not enough. I also require my supplier to visibly verify each piece. Pieces that are even the slightest bit out of my specifications are discarded. Do I pay more for this service? Absolutely! Is it worth it? Same answer, absolutely! This allows me to provide kits that perform with confidence.
    • V3 Glass Filtered Pieces. These are newer and for a very specific purpose. Flavor skimming your herbs. Basically, using low temperatures and course or no grinding of the herb, you skim the flavors from your herbs. One, maybe two draws only. Then put the skimmed herb into a container to revape later at high temperatures (for stronger, more sedative effects....)
    • CannaCaps (Cannabis Capsules) Kit for EQ: This is the newest offering. I always look for different ways to use things. So in my quest to make powerful micro-edibles, I began researching methods of activating THC in the herbs, called decarboxylating. What I found were either a bunch of messy unpredictable methods or really expensive devices made specifically for decarbing way more herb than I'd have need for. Then I looked over at my EQ as it started back at me and said, "Look no further...".. I was quite pleased at the discovery that I had a controllable automatic heating device that could possibly be used to decarb enough herb to make a small batch of caps. After a bit (ok, a bunch) of trial and error, came up with a repeatable process that resulted in really strong CannaCaps. After a bit more trials, I nailed the perfect dosage for me and now have a stealth pocketable solution for those times I am unable to vape. I micro-dose anywhere from 0.005g to 0.025g and have great results with the same quantities of activated herb inside a CannaCap. [Unfortunately, I forgot the golden rule of edibles... Once eaten, strap in for the ride! I had filled up an entire 00 capsule with activated herb. About an hour later I was at the park with the wifey sitting on the grass watching radio controlled speed boats being driven on the lake. Then the single capsule hit and kept hitting! I spent a good portion of that afternoon watching the geese talk to each other, and sadly I thought I was understanding the conversation! haha To put it simply, I was BAKED for somewhere between 4-5 hours before I even noticed any possibility of coming down. And that was off only one cap.]
    • Lastly, just sourced new silicone whip tubing. Just as thin as my previous tubing, but far less prone to kinking during use. (Always looking to improve upon kit components).

    The "how long" portion of this question is very subjective. Depends on your dosages, vaping temps, herb quality, etc. However, cleaning the whip tubing is a possibility.

    Methods of cleaning:
    • Rolling Pin Method: Lay your tubing on a counter top, one that is flat. Take a rolling pin, or similar, and press it into the middle of the whip tubing, then proceed to roll it towards one end. Be ready to catch the reclaim that exits out, as you can revape this and it's powerful stuff! Then proceed to do this again, starting from just past the middle of the whip tubing in a section you've already pressed and roll towards the unpressed section... Again, catch the reclaim. This will leave your whip in more of a "clear" state, rather than clean.
    • After performing the steps above, you can run ISO or other safe solvent through the tubing. Don't allow it to soak for long periods of time, but maybe 1/2 fill your whip tubing and swish the liquid around internally. Do this enough and you'll end up with clean whip tubing.
    • Or, to save that trouble, follow the first step to avoid losing the reclaim. Do this as long as desired, then replace the tubing.

    Welcome to the thread and the EQ family! :rockon:
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  11. sickmanfraud

    sickmanfraud Well-Known Member

  12. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    Thanks @sickmanfraud

    The charts they've created are nice. I don't have access to lab equipment to test percentages, so I went by effects of capsules made by various temps/times and only counted those which I could repeat consistently.

    I experimented with tons of variables and kept track of effects vs. methods.

    I provide instructions with this new EQ CannaCaps kit that provide a good baseline with which one should be able to get a good running start with the process. The EQ units vary a bit in actual temperatures, so one should experiment a bit before settling in on a permanent routine.

    One thing I noted during testing is capsules made using a slow ramping up to temperature - remaining at temp - then a slow cooldown.... these caps were by far the strongest. The EQ as a heating device for this purpose is perfect as you can load a cool adapter, put it on the EQ, turn the unit on with an Hour auto-shutoff set, then allow it to cool after the heat cycle. That gives the herbs a slow heat up and slow cool down (which allows the herbs to reabsorb the activated cannabinoids).

    When I tried to rush the process, either by loading fresh herb into a preheated adapter or by removing herbs from the adapter while it was still hot... those capsules were hardly as strong as those I created with the slow heat up and slow cool down method.

    There are numerous kits already out in the wild. Shouldn't be long before some feedback shows up... ;)
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  13. sickmanfraud

    sickmanfraud Well-Known Member

    I don't know why I did not ask this question first: Isn't the Extreme Q a convection vaporizer? If yes, how would a decarb work if there is no airflow?
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  14. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    The F/F adapter gets as hot as the EQ heater cover. At that point in my process, it's radiant heat that does the job.

    An hour's time on the timer gives enough time for the herb-loaded adapter to come up to temperature and decarb the herbs. After the hour expires, I advise in my instructions not to touch the unit at all until the adapter is cool. (That avoids as much air movement as possible and allows the herb to reabsorb the goodies.)

    In the kit, I provide a glass plug that stops the airflow that would occur from hot air rising. Without it, the hot rising air would slowly bleed off the goodies, leaving little in them for the capsules.
  15. UnevenPizza

    UnevenPizza I dream of Pizza

    Mount Improbable
    TL;DR: The CannaCaps/Microdosing Kit from DDave turns your Extreme Q or V-Tower into a silent, stealthy edible maker. Affordable. Consistent. If you have an EQ but don’t use it much to vape, this is a great way to re-purpose it!

    Updates will be at the bottom.

    The review/first impressions got pretty long, so maybe now would be a good time to turn on your vapes?

    Also, let me know if this is the wrong place to post this, any mods can feel free to move it to the proper place/thread. I don't know how to compress all this into one post, so I had to reply 3 times. Sorry if anyone got spammed!


    I hadn’t used my EQ a lot, even when I first got it, replacing it with my now beloved E-nano only a few weeks afterwards. Since then it’s been standing on a shelf, being rarely used, two times in the last 8 months, for some Bags (I got inspired to use it again after watching Troy use it on Getting high with Vapes.)

    The bags where not as dense as I had hoped, but they got me pretty baked, plus if you plug a bag into a Bubbler you can get massive hits with basically no draw resistance (can be done with stock glass).

    I keep it on my Desks’ shelf now, but didn’t really feel like using the whip or bag, since that seemed like too much work/hassle. I didn’t want to wait for it to heat up. I usually vape through water, and my e-nano seemed to do everything I needed better.

    Then, one day when I was browsing reddit, a post by none other than the Vapor Wizard himself, DDave caught my eye.

    He was introducing a new Kit that could transform the EQ into a stealthy edible maker, using a plug in the Bowl, Vegan Gel-Caps and a Digital Scale that can measure up to 3 spaces after the comma (1,234g for example. I think these are called significant digits or something? I should really start studying for that chemistry exam...ah well.)
    Some users didn’t seem to think much of it, and I think the r/vaporents thread didn’t seem to attract too much attention.

    After some initial confusion, I started to understand how it worked, and was immediately fascinated!

    After making some enthusiastic comments on reddit and FC, DDave wrote me a message asking if I’d like to give the kit a try, free of charge.
    I was totally shocked. Even after telling him I’m outside of the states he assured me he would take care of everything.
    After what I can only assume was some kind of vapor-wizardry enhanced priority shipping, my Kit arrived only 9 days later.

    I already saw so many potential applications before I even knew I would be getting one, I knew this could really turn that old EQ/V-Tower some of us have into a ninja-edible making machine. I immediately made a batch, and am going to be testing them to the best of my abilities today and in the near future.

    Items Included:

    The whole Kit is only 30$, , and includes:

    • 100 vegan kosher gel capsules (perfect for my meshuggenah meat-free needs!)

    • 1 x MilliGram Scale (0.001g) (with weighing dish, accuracy weight – for calibration, plastic tweezers)

    • Hot Adapter Clamp (Metal tongue type thing for adjusting the bowl)

    • Glass Adapter for EQ/VTower (with pre-installed screen!)

    • Glass Plug

    • 10 x Reusable small Ziplock clear envelopes.

    • 2 x Coconut Oil dropper bottles (oil not included)

    • herb capsule loading funnel
    The Glass Adapter is also (from what I understand) the standard bowl replacement DDave offers (“the DDave Mod” people keep mentioning), so even if you don’t end up making CannaCaps with your EQ (or only make them occasionally), you can still utilize the enhancement the Adapter brings to Whip or Bag usage – 3 for 1 Value!

    If he hadn’t generously offered to send me one for free, I would definitely have purchased a kit.

    The Scale, and the other items are things you can use for many other things vape related, I feel like the price is really nice for what you get. I didn't really use the tongues/clamp, since if you do everything according to plan you only would touch the bowl/glass when it's cool.

    This Kit really turns the EQ/V-Tower into a stealthy edible maker. And with the accessories included, you can get much more consistent results than with AVB edibles or other forms of edibles (like baking). I don’t want to knock those methods of course!

    This is just a way to do it with consistency and semi-accuracy. Obviously, medicine used by doctors is much different, because they need to know the exact milligram amount of every ingredient present in their medication before giving it to a patient.

    The EQ and this Kit are obviously not suited for pinpoint accurate medical use. But for anyone willing to experiment a little, you can surely fine tune it to your needs. And since the heating/decarbing is more or less always the same in the EQ, a lot of potential screw ups or variance can be avoided. Basically, you can change the quality of your material and/or how much you put in a cap.
  16. UnevenPizza

    UnevenPizza I dream of Pizza

    Mount Improbable
    (I used too many characters, so I had to split this up into three posts...I don't know how to fix this?)


    Instructions are included, they are easy to follow and include some FAQ’s. They also cover how to use the Kit “only” for microdosing, meaning you can also weigh out fresh herbs, fill them directly into the gel caps, and then dump that precisely weighed out amount into your vaporizer of choice so you know how much you’re vaping. You can then re-use the caps in the future.

    The Kit utilizes his already well-known Cyclone Bowl replacement, which lowers screen closer to the EQ’s heating element. The herb is loaded into it, then the bowl gets sealed with the Glass Plug included in the Kit.

    Set to 200°C, and the auto-shutoff timer to 1 hour.

    This way, the material is slowly heated up, and allowed to decarboxylate. After the hour is done, the Vape shuts off, and you let your Material (and the glass) cool, for at least 90 minutes. This way, any vapor/particles/aerosol/cannabinoids can seep back into the plant matter.

    DDave has said that he tried a lot of different methods/variations, including trying to speed up the process by pre-heating the Glass, or using higher temps. But these didn’t seem to affect the potency, in fact trying to speed it up seemed to deliver less potent results.

    The slow heat up time, and the 90 minutes resting time seem to be important in making effective loads.

    The whole process is silent (the fan isn’t needed, which is why you can even use your V-Tower to make them!), and there is no smell (at least I couldn’t make out any). While the EQ is a convection vape, the Heater is is close enough to the bowl to decarb the load without any air being pulled (It just rises naturally).

    I can just see how useful this kind of setup would be useful to someone who wants to make edibles but doesn’t want to stink up the kitchen (as making cannabutter in large amounts on a stovetop, or even good ol’ firecrackers, can).

    Or if you’re in a College Dorm for instance, this could be used in a Closet or out of sight and no one would be privy to what’s going on.

    After everything’s cooled off, you can measure your dosage and fill them into the Gel Caps (of which 100 are included). Then you use the included droppers to drip a little bit of coconut oil onto the herbs, enough so that they get saturated, but not an excessive amount, otherwise the caps may leak.

    The Oil I have is in a solid state, so you need to melt it. For my 5 caps, a tablespoon would have been enough, I used too much the first time. But since you use the droppers to drip it onto the herbs/into the caps, it is a lot less messy than you may think.

    The Pipette/Droppers come in a small brown glass bottle. I think it’s better (and recommended) to melt your oil in a separate pan or dish and just use the pipette to draw oil up from there, rather than filling the oil into the tiny bottle. They’re better to just store the pipette when you’re done.

    Put the caps together, and let them sit overnight.

    I guess you could eat them right away, but I don’t know how important it is, or if it creates a noticeable difference in effect. I think if you added too much (hot) oil, you may injure yourself? Just be safe & rational people.

    To aid me in this, I made a crude stand out of some glued together cardboard, with holes drilled/poked into it.
    If you really don’t have any cardboard, you could also use the Box he ships everything in. Just make a small hole with a sharp object and then use some scissors to increase the diameter until the larger half of a Gel Cap fits snug inside. You also don't "need" a drill, but I just got one for my birthday and was itching to try it out, even if it was only on a few stacks of cardboard haha!.

    It lets me stand the filled caps upright, until I’m ready to drip the oil on. The actual filling of the caps is done differently, using the included steel loading funnel. You just slide half a cap through it from top to bottom, so that it’s hanging out of the bottom. Fill your accurately measured herbs and pull it out.

    I only weighed the Material before decarbing it, not afterwards, so my calculations where a bit off. I put in 0.252g Fresh herb, and in the end got 2 Caps with 0.063g and 3 with 0.031. Some of that was lost on my countertop, unfortunately, but I think some water weight gets lost during the heating phase, so next time I’m going to measure before and after heating.

    These may seem like small amounts, but that has to do with the intended use. I’m looking to make something that will give me a little buzz, or even just enough to notice some beneficial medicinal effects, without feeling totally “lost in space”, an effect edibles sometimes propel you into. Although this is definitely possible, just load more into the cap or take several at once.

    But as with any edible, and as anyone who has had too much on their first time will tell you, start slow and low.

    The Vegan Gel caps supposedly take longer to dissolve, about 45 minutes, so you may need to wait longer to feel something.

    I guess the onset of any effects has to do with your metabolism, and what/how much you’ve eaten that day, as well. And your tolerance will also determine how much you will need to use.

    I’d say on average I use in 0.05 when vaping, I usually eyeball it without weighing, sometimes more, sometimes less. I think it would be good to use a little less than you usually would put into your vape. I say “use less” because edibles are much more intense than “just” vaping.

    Also, this is not AVB!

    The bud you use is decarboxylated, I guess you could say “primed” for use (or “activated”, although I think that means a little something different in the vape world, I think with regards to live-resin or so...but we don’t have fancy stuff like that out here so I wouldn’t know, haha). When I make AVB edibles, I usually need 3-4g. admittedly, my nano extracts almost everything from whatever I throw at it, so I need more, your methods may vary?

    Some Potential Downsides:

    • Main Components are made of Glass, which can break if you’re clumsy. It does seem thicker/sturdier than the Stock glass though. And as we have learned, Stock don’t rock!

    • The Scale is very accurate & easy to use, but can be skewed slightly if you place your material unevenly, clumped up, or lopsided. It’s best to distribute your material evenly, or to center it in the little dish that comes with it as far as possible. (This is more of an “advanced” problem for those of us who are a bit obsessive about that last digit haha, I think most users will be fine having 0.064 and not 0.063 or whatever.)

    • No AVB or anything left to re-use. Not really an issue but I guess it could be seen as a downside?

    • Eventually you may will run out of gel caps, or “misplace” them (tends to happen, maybe some fellow vaporents will have encountered this problem? ). They’re dirt cheap online though, and probably won’t break the bank if you buy them locally. Alternatively you could use a piece of rolling papers (like zigzags), or even just mix it into some high fat yoghurt/food. The Caps are really just a good way to keep a pre-measured dose ready for use.
  17. UnevenPizza

    UnevenPizza I dream of Pizza

    Mount Improbable
    3/3 - I'm sorry if this is spammy to you. I didn't feel like I used more than 10k Characters? I copied&pasted this (more or less) from my reddit post, so maybe that messed up the formatting somehow?

    Closing thoughts:

    I’ve been trying to reduce my usage a bit, since things got a little out of hand during the summer. I usually have at least 2 days a week where I don’t vape at all, and the days I do, I start later and usually only need 1-2 bowls with my Nano per night, and I’m good to go.

    So if you’re a heavy user, you may need a bit more. (Even with aspirin there’s some variance between humans) The effects also tend to last longer with edibles, so if you’re gonna be stuck somewhere you can’t vape for several hours, this could be just the thing for you.

    I guess you could also eat any caps you have on you to avoid being caught, in a sticky situation. Just try to get out of it before they kick in! xD

    When I made AVB PB&J's, I noticed my Body Odour had a distinctly herbal scent. :cool:
    Sweat, Farts, Feces, and Burps may give you away if you're trying to fly under the radar with that. But I was using between 3 to 4g of AVB, so maybe that is why. I'll of course update this after I have some initial tests done, but I assume less than 0.1g total won't make much of a stank.

    Thank you for reading my first impressions/thoughts/ramblings.

    Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid or forced at gunpoint to write this review ;)

    DDave sent me the Kit for free, to try it out.

    I may seem over-joyous, because I think the Idea is just so damn clever! I really am glad that my EQ isn’t just collecting Dust any more.

    I also think a lot of users who want to get baked and/or microdose, but who live in an environment where that is very complicated (RA down the hall, Parents in the house, etc) could utilize the EQ and this Kit very well.

    The EQ itself is not really subtle (or at least hard to explain away to scrutinous authorities, if you ask me), so if you really are afraid of being caught, then you should also consider a place to store everything in while not in use. Or you could use it as an Aromatherapy device for essential oils/herbs during the day, but then at night…you get the picture.

    The EQ is the perfect device for this, because you can just turn everything on and forget about it. Even if you let everything sit overnight nothing will happen. Just make sure you have your auto shutoff set to 1 hour, I had turned mine off. The light below where it says “timer” should glow green if you have it on.

    Cheers to all of you who read this wall of text, and thank you so much to @DDave for letting me try it out!


    I took a 0.063g Cap about 2 hours ago, and will try to make some updates or some sort of timeline.

    Not feeling much yet, but I am sick at the moment and possibly some of the medicine is dampening the effects. I wanted to originally only take half that amount, but grabbed the wrong cap. Whoops!

    I usually notice my AVB toast edibles within an hour, I guess it takes a while for a) the cap to dissolve and b) its content to be absorbed. I definitely feel a little tingly already. If I don’t feel anything more in a bit, I’ll try another 0.031g Cap. Of course I may have also not done something properly, like use enough oil. And I think I should eat some more food first. I definitely feel not-sober, maybe you can relate?

    I am in a different timezone than most of you (literally, not some kind of stoner braggadocio), so if I don’t reply or post any more updates, I didn’t die or anything, I’m probably just sleeping like a baby.

    Update 2

    It's been almost 3 hours since the first 0.063 cap, I certainly feel something but it's subtle. I'm also home alone, if I was in a crowd of people or talking to others I may not be as collected haha.

    I took a 0.031 cap, and am going to have a pizza soon. I was thinking that my immune system/liver/digestive tract is already kind of occupied with my cold/sickness, so that may be why I'm not feeling the boom like other edibles.

    I might have not used enough oil. And I definitely didn't eat a lot today.

    I am glad I did this though, I think it's important to take notes so you have some knowledge to build on every time you use the Kit/caps.

    Update 2.5

    Didn't listen to my own advice about taking it slow at first, I guess :myday:. Am starting to feel more of the first cap. The second one was only a few minutes ago, so think this is from the first cap, which was stronger...Also looking back at the last few hours, I can see I spent much longer doing things that usually take me a few minutes. Still haven't made that Pizza, because I've been "wanting to take a shower" for the last hour xD

    I think It's gonna be a fun night!

    Update 3

    Definitely feel it. I think the first cap is still rising, and the second one will probably start in about 40 minutes. That is if I wrote down the right time I took Cap Nr. 2, but now I'm not sure. I also had some Soup and am about to enjoy a lovely cheese Pizza, just for me!

    I've been talking out loud, giggling, like an actor who keeps flubbing his lines. Feelin' nice! I'm the host tonight xD

    U. 4

    Had that shower, real nicely intense experience. I'm not sure if the second cap is working yet, but I do feel a bit as if I'm walking in slow motion haha. My Torso is of course very agile, but my legs seem to be a bit sloggish, as quicksand or mud is.

    Going to play some video games now and try not to melt! ;)

    Update 5 from phone. Am on bed. Very mellow. Video games were too intense. Spent a lot of time zapping through TV. The buzz evened out as I have come to experience with edibles, now time for heavy sleep. Cheers everyone, have a nice day /night!
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2017
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  18. ataxian

    ataxian PALE BLUE DOT

    Pacific Ocean
    Tomorrow I will set-up the Q with a @DDave kit.

    Never had a bag?
    I will try one?

    @kellya86 know's how!
    @CuckFumbustion know's for sure!
  19. Krizzle

    Krizzle Hi Very high

    The Coast of Britain
    Hey FC, I am struggling a bit with my new EQ. I think my only option now is to get the @DDdave kit.

    I let my unit heat for 10-15mins at 220C then turn it down to 210. Fill a full cyclone bowl full of finely ground herbs, let it warm for 2mins before attaching the bag and setting fan speed 1, i get a balloon full of thick, tasty vapor :ko:

    But then balloons after that the vapor production drops to very wispy :( If i try fan speed 2 or 3 i get even worst results. Is fan speed 1 optimal?

    Any quick tips i am missing here? I am stirring the bowl in between bowls.

    I have just tried it with finer ground material :nod:

    I have also tried herb in the elbow, granted it uses less but its only giving me one very wispy balloon and looking at the herb in the chamber it only seems to cook the middle which is why I only use the cyclone bowl but it needs a LOT of herb.

    Even with fine ground and normal ground it produces same results. Is this vape a one balloon wonder? Seems a lot of herb to throw in it if is:uhoh:
    sorry for the waffle, baked.com :rockon:

    P.S yes i am reading the last 400 pages of this thread...
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  20. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    Greetings Friend,

    Your preheat routine seems on point. You are experiencing one of the limitations of the stock cyclone bowl, possibly also some clogged screens.

    If you use balloons primarily or solely, the Arizer balloon filling glass wand is good, but you could use a cyclone bowl replacement to really see an improvement.

    With that adapter, you can either load the adapter or basket pack your herbs and the extractions will be far more even.

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  21. serialtoker

    serialtoker Still here Still

    up here
    A very interesting read through in this thread, last few pages especially, and this one's had a bit of a twist as well, truly inspired, DDave 2.5 kit ordered, I await eagerly, don't know what the time frame will be to UK?..... Hurry up.
    The canna caps next time, because experimentation is good.
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  22. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    Greetings Friend, quickest trip to UK was 7 days, I believe. Will get it packed and shipped out so you can get to experimentation as soon as possible.

  23. serialtoker

    serialtoker Still here Still

    up here
    Sound ma man you shipped mine today, I look forward to delivery x2, one by the postie, one by improvement.
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  24. Krizzle

    Krizzle Hi Very high

    The Coast of Britain
    I take back any previous bad words or negativity I had about this vape.

    It turns out my previous weed was a bit shit but the new strain I picked up now fills up white balloon fulls of deadly potent vapor...I am scared to start my second balloon here:uhoh: as that first completely decimated me :ko: at 210C.

    Put a fork in me please I am done :razz:
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2017
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  25. Chickenhawk

    Chickenhawk Member

    Newb to vaping in general and the EQ. I've been mostly using the bag and I'm wondering how often I should be switching to a new one.

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