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The ethnobotanical thread

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by Acolyte of Zinglon, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. It was really simple how i did it with peppermint: At this time i didn't know anything about the different boiling temperatures, i just experimented with stuff i found in the garden. The amount of mint in my mixtures was very low dosed, so to me it was quite enjoyable. I didn't observed any combustion (maybe i was just not realising it, because the amount of mint i used was so small).
    I never had an eye on the Davinci IQ. Sounds interessting. Further investigation on my side is needed.

    For my part, i am really happy that i stopped consuming tobacco and i am not interested to start again after a little bit more than 10 years of combusting it. Still i will use it for spiritual reasons from time to time.

    Also i am looking forward to have some camomile in my garden next year. Just planted some seeds this autumn.

    @galumar do you ever vape cannabis, or do you stick to tobacco and other plants?

    So long,

    Thanks for sharin, keep on vaping

  2. galumar

    galumar New Member

    Dear @breiter_fighter

    I was a smoker too, not an hard one, but a smoker, so i switched to vaping for deleting combustion and seems it really works great. So my experience on vaporizing dry herbs started for that reason.
    I start with tobacco and than mixing other herbs, and now as explained i have a little group of herbs that i vaping daily mixed with tobacco. It's just organic natural tobacco flavored with some amount of organic natural herbs. No chemicals no additives, just the vapor and the flavor.

    In this forum there is a thread "vaporizing tobacco (not e-cigs)" in which I wrote a lot together with much friends that did the same journey for quit with smoking.
    But of course if you don't use tobacco from many years you surely don't need to try it now again, even if vaping it is a healthy way. Continue with the spiritual cannabis and just flavor it with something good when you like ;)

    I was also a cannabis smoker, than i quit for many years and now I'm re-enjoyng it through vaping.
    I'm vaping cannabis alone without other herbs basically because of the temperature issue, but i'm also tasting the rich flavor itself and i like it so pure.

    But if i should try to flavor it, i will surely do it with the IQ.
    So yes, you should try it, in my opinion is the best choice for vaping cannabis with some other herbs for flavor, so you will not need to mix it and having combustion issues or anyway temperature ranges to manage. You put your cannabis in the chamber and the lavender (or everything you like) in the separated flavor-chamber, and that's it!

    If you just want to enjoy other herbs not necessary mixed with cannabis you don't need a DaVinci IQ, just pay attention to the correct vaping temperature of each herb, are all different.

    Let em know if you try it.



    P.S.: here is a guy trying the IQ with cannabis and various herbs for flavor it, not properly a smart one, but enough for get an idea
    Click to play YouTube Video
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
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  3. There is a little missunderstanding - i combusted tobacco (and ganja) for around ten years, and since April 2018 i am not combusting anything anymore. So it is not soooo long time ago that i used tobacco. My lungs are really happy.

    And if I use tobacco nowadays, i do it for spiritual reasons, like in some ceremonys.
    My use of cannabis is somewhere between medicinical and recreational :cool:

    Thanks for the video, it is great to watch. I love this guy, he seems to be very sympathic.

    Maybe someday i have the chance to try an IQ, maybe in netherlands or somewhere. Where I live, not many people own vaporizers, sadly. Personally i try to limit myself to not buy every month a new vape - which is kind of hard, because there are so many beautiful ones.

    So long, thanks for the help and enjoy the beautifulness of flowers.

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  4. galumar

    galumar New Member

    "Personally i try to limit myself to not buy every month a new vape - which is kind of hard, because there are so many beautiful ones"
    I perfect know that problem :D
    I'm vaping from 2 months and i already have three devices...!
    But for the moment i'm okay [i hope].

    About misunderstanding doesn't change the substance of my words. If you're far enough from tobacco and combustion, just keep so.

    I wish you to have the chance to try the IQ, it's a very good device, even apart from the additional flavor chamber, that anyway seems perfect for what you're searching. It's my home-device, on the go i use the MIQRO and/or the Pax. And, yes, i know, where i live i'm actually the only citizen with a vaporizer!
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  5. Dynavaper

    Dynavaper Karma Farmer

    Vaporizer owners are the Vegans of the Cannabis world.
  6. Haha. so true.
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