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The E-Cig party is over

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by randybishop, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. randybishop

    randybishop Member

  2. Skeena

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    Vancouver, BC
    They didn't say what brand they tested, or how diluted it was. I bet it was 100% pure.
  3. max

    max This space available Staff Member

    Sure I'll buy that nicotine alone is as bad as smoke containing thousands of chemicals. Makes perfect sense to me. :rolleyes:
  4. hoptimum

    hoptimum Well-Known Member

    Sadly, for many people ecigs are synonomous with vaporizers
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  5. stephenpowns

    stephenpowns Vape Enthusiast

    North Carolina
    Read up on this more. They used cells that were already pre-cancerous.
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  6. CentiZen

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    Good god, I was hoping to at least see a decent source of information linked - but VICE? Just stop reading that ridiculous publication. Their fringe coverage used to be decent but now they are just a joke. I recommend reading the actual study abstract instead of that editorialized piece of garbage; and you'll find that this is just another example of yellow journalism on VICE's part.

    To quote the study abstract (emphasis mine):

    It goes on to explain that a "higher concentration", which is never elaborated upon except to say that it is to represent the anticipated nicotine delivery profile of a cigarette smoker - can cause some malignant transformation when cells are exposed to it for ten days straight.

    Even the NATURE article that VICE cites does not support their claims, they write clearly near the end of the article:

    Considering that the cells they used were cultures generated from bronchial tissues that had already exhibited cancerous mutations, anyone trying to use this study to support an absolute assertion one way or the other is full of shit.

    The only thing I agree with that writer on is that there is a real need for more research on this topic. Too bad all the researchers are hesitant to release their findings now because they know all these so called journalists are going to twist their work any way they please.
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  7. max

    max This space available Staff Member

    They are vaporizers. Just like the mj variety, they use heat to produce vapor and avoid smoke. Hopefully the term 'e-cig' will stick so that 'mj' doesn't have to be added to 'vaporizer' in order to convey the proper meaning.
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