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The Dipstick Vaporizer

Discussion in 'E-cig Based Portables' started by Mister G, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. paytonpenn

    paytonpenn Level 30 Nature/Healer

    I believe the issue was their starting price. Also not very efficient or great with cleaning, it seems they have improved with their Dipper.. But 150 is still overpriced in my opinion.

    NewVape seems cool with carrying items that appear to be China based. I think the Dipstick at less than 50 is decent, I wouldn't suggest people to spend more than 35 on it but I'm frugal and don't think people should pay too much for old, outdated tech.
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  2. AlphaOmega420

    AlphaOmega420 New Member

    Ive started using the Dipper and it gets the job done as a vape pen, but the nectar collector has a tendency to stick to the sides of the atomizer, but the amount of reclaim you get from that attachment is pretty insane, atleast 50+% back as reclaim which is impressive. Then quartz double coil atomizer vape pen mode hits alot better, overall this piece is expensive but atleast replacement atomizer are very affordable.

    I think you guys should give the Dipper another chance, it produces very good clouds and is extremely portable and easy to charge. I never used the older model, the dipstick, but the new Dipper gets the job done for me. I still use my oil rig from time to time though.

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