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Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by Roger D, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Little Bill

    Little Bill Well-Known Member

    @Mr Mellish yes their service is very good. Even with the price drop to $279 the Crafty is still at a premium but worth it to me. The biggest nuisance is having to draw often or hit the power button to keep it on for a session. I tend to rush the sessions because of limited battery life. I'm getting a Solo2 for when I want to relax and draw less often.

    @Joaon you nailed it! I even disable the vibrate function on my Craftys in the hope they will survive longer.
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  2. Mr Mellish

    Mr Mellish Well-Known Member

    Brand new Crafty received with all the goodies! Love these guys.
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  3. cloudsosmoke

    cloudsosmoke Well-Known Member

    re going out using with battery/powerbank

    normally id vape the first capsule
    and only then then put it on the powerbank

    - battery after first bowl ~80%

    took me a while to realise that

    if i plugged it into the powerbank before i started that first heat up
    the powerbank would then bear the brunt of first energy drain

    - battery after first bowl ~90%

    so battery is then ~10% fuller than it would have been

    fuller battery gives better heat up times
    which i find useful in public places

    so its the timing of when you connect to start recharging
    (..and if you dont mind using it plugged in)

    hope that makes sense
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  4. UniqueCrafty

    UniqueCrafty ☆☆☆☆

    New unit 2yrs warranty again?
  5. Mr Mellish

    Mr Mellish Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking not. That could have a huge impact on their long term viability.
  6. Crafty Vaper

    Crafty Vaper Ain't easy being green

    Hi fellas! :wave:My Crafty reached 260 hours with original battery! Still 3 sessions on 180/195°C. Vape on!:rockon:
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  7. biohacker

    biohacker Fucking Combustion Since 2006

    How in the world is that even possible? What is your heatup time from 20c to 180c? That's impressive, but i've owned about 7 or 8 of these babies, and they all went downhill after about 30 hours or so. And when I say downhill, I mean the startup time started to become absurd in the neighbourhood of 3 mins and more. And maintaining temperature was a struggle...basically just SLOW SLOW SLOW. My usage would be 190/210. And I would charge it when it was still warm.

    Guess the Crafty isn't right for a heavy user like me, same with the Grasshopper sadly, which is why replaced my Crafty/Mighty. Now I feel like i'm going backwards to the Solo 2, but what can ya do.

    I've also been reading alot on reddit, and someone took a tour of the S&B facility or some shit, might be a rumour, but not much info was released other than S&B are working and admitted to something new, rumoured to be the Crafty 2. It doesn't seem impossible to me, as it's been their thorn more than the Mighty.

    And even though i've owned more than a 1/2 dozen Crafty's and 1/2 dozen Mighty's, not a single one had to ever be RMA'ed, and I USE my devices hard... never broken plastic ribs or bowls or anything.
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