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The 420 CBD Rosin Press Challenge

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by choclabs, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. choclabs

    choclabs New Member

    Many of the rosin press manufacturers already demo their products at marijuana oriented, marketing events and grower’s day functions throughout the United States in pot legal territories. It is most likely that the majority of press owners use their machine for extracting full spectrum rosin, which contains both THC + CBD.

    Why? Because that is where the most money is at and the market has shown a strong affinity for wanting to buy full spectrum rosin products.

    As of the 2018 federal “Farm Bill”, hemp cultivation is legal in all 50 states. Each state can now craft guidelines for farmers who wish to grow hemp for the medical marketplace or for industrial use. Some states are already voting on bills to create and regulate these opportunities. However, most of all the states that have had legal medical marijuana laws on the books for a while, already have commercial growers that focus on growing medical grade hemp strains with high levels of CBD and less than 0.3% THC. And the majority of those growers also have their crops inspected as per individual state requirements. In addition, these growers also advertise that they will ship direct to you upon placement of an order for hemp buds or products.

    What I am suggesting that the press manufacturers do, is to also aggressively promote their products for use in squishing “medical grade” CBD rosin. By using the term “medical grade” CBD rosin, what I am intending to establish is that “medical grade” be used to identify any CBD rosin product that can be documented to have been derived from any hemp crop which has passed the proper state quality testing regulations.

    And what I would like to challenge the private owners of presses to do is to consider reaching out to any medical marijuana users that you know and offer to produce a few free squish sessions for them every so often.

    My vision is to have areas set up at marijuana festivals that are specific to “medical grade” CBD pressing. As an example, set up rosin press manufacturers booths at these events that will offer to press CBD hemp buds that attendees own for free, obviously with some quantity restrictions in place. Or even local squish days could be coordinated with your reseller/dispensers so that maybe a local medical hemp grower could attend with some hemp bud for sale and the dispenser could work with the press manufacturer to press hemp buds for the attendee’s personal use.

    But the central idea is to get USA medical marijuana users to recognize that they can get high grade CDB products for their use by pressing their own rosin. Better quality control due to buying high quality hemp and pressing their own rosin for their own medical uses.

    Please take a little time to consider the potential for all of this positive energy to be released if all of you who currently manufacture or own rosin presses would offer to help medical marijuana users squish some potent, clean and tested medical grade hemp for their personal use. A few free squishes of hemp buds for those in need every now and then is such a little effort in relation to just how much healing that could be done.

    In summary it is my opinion that there is a huge unrealized opportunity which exists to expand the use of high grade, “medical grade” hemp based CBD rosin for therapeutic purposes. The availability of mail order, “medical grade” hemp flowers throughout the US is a reality. The evolution of rosin presses, combined with the experience gains in perfecting the rosin press techniques has resulted in a large acceptance of this technology and procedure within the marijuana user community.

    My premise is that if the use of “medical grade” CBD rosin were marketed as aggressively as the THC based rosin, then the manufacturers of the presses would be able to sell more presses. The pressing techniques would become more refined, high product quality will be maintained and many more people would benefit from improved health conditions.

    Imagine that once marijuana is de listed from Schedule 1 downward, that the amount of medical research projects which will stream forward for both full spectrum, THC + CDB and CDB specific rosin products will soar. Since one of the limiting factors in medical marijuana R&D is the lack of quality control from end to end, then the fact that an entire single batch crop of hemp can be grown, harvested, tested, bagged and transported to the rosin producing location is a big win in this area. Also, the fact that a press introduces nothing into the extraction of the natural rosin product, and this could perhaps be considered the most controlled production environment for quality control in the production of rosin.

    Perhaps increased QC measures in rosin production will result in rigid peer reviewed and double blind controlled medical marijuana studies? We already know the fact that therapeutic results seen with the use of CBD is usually in concentration levels which make going down to your local vitamin shop and buying a strong enough concentration of CBD product off of the shelf, financially unreasonable.

    The bottom line is that at this time it is now possible to assist in accelerating the study of medicinal uses of marijuana in the health care marketplace. This opportunity exists due to the availability of raw product, (high CBD content hemp flowers), rosin presses and mentors to help promote the proper extraction techniques of rosin.
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